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O. Remus Tutunea-Fatan wins Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor Tutunea-Fatan has been recognized with the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching.

MME Capstone Design Day: Engineering students display their problem-solving prowess
Western Engineering News| March 30, 2023

From a horticultural Snözelen Room to robotic packing systems, MME students got a chance to show off their problem-solving prowess.

Western reimagines the future of batteries
Western Engineering News| March 17, 2023

Engineering researchers have been working to reimagine the future of “next-generation” batteries to solve current challenges related to energy storage.

Faculty members earn senior awards and fellowships from the Engineering Institute of Canada
Western Engineering News | February 2, 2023

Professor Floryan has been awarded the 2023 John B. Stirling Medal and the 2023 K.Y. Lo Medal, respectively by the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)

Innovative joint replacement research at Western Engineering receives funding from Arthritis Society Canada
Western Engineering News | January 20, 2023

Western Engineering professor Jim Johnson has received an Ignite Research Grant from Arthritis Society Canada (ASC) to rethink how we're replacing arthritic human joints with artificial implants and what can be done to reduce their stiffness.


Western Engineering receives $4 million in funding to improve urban climates
Western News | November 29, 2022

Professor Kamran Siddiqui leads a new project developing new tools and technologies to improve accuracy of building energy and climate models, which was awarded $4 million by the Canadian government to advance science and technology to fight climate change.

Western researchers are developing a tool to detect wrist injuries sooner to prevent wrist arthritis
Western Engineering News | August 4, 2022

Emily Lalone, a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering, and her team are developing a new tool to improve x-ray imaging of the wrist - the Technique for Effective Assessment in Radiographs of the Scapholunate Ligament (TEAR-SLL).

Big step forward in researching knee pain
Western Engineering News | July 8, 2022

Professor Ryan Willing part of $2.3M grant testing sensors to prevent repeat knee replacements.

Karen Henry earns award for outstanding achievement
Western Engineering News | May 20, 2022

Karen Henry, Administrative Officer, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, is the 2021 recipient of the Sharon A. Ling Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement by a Staff Member.

Western Engineering unveils the Dr. John S. Sheasby Corrosion & Wear Laboratory, with microscopic metallurgy advancements
Western Engineering News | May 10, 2022

Western Engineering unveiled the Dr. John S. Sheasby Corrosion and Wear Laboratory in the Spencer Engineering Building on April 20 in honour of the late Professor John Seymour Sheasby who served the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Western from 1966 to 2005.

Western engineering professor and nuclear materials expert weighs in on Zaporizhzhia siege
Western News | March 5, 2022

Professor Hamid Abdolvand, whose research focuses on the deformation and failure mechanisms of nuclear materials, provides his perspective on the Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia.


Students place 3rd at international precision engineering competition
Western Engineering News | November 11, 2021

A team of Western Engineering students recently took part in the American Society of Precision Engineering (ASPE) Student Challenge competition, a professional society that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in design, manufacturing, and metrology.

Key to safer hockey helmets: Mitigating for angle and 'torque' of impact
Western News | November 10, 2021

A Western Engineering team, led by Canada Research Chair Haojie Mao, ran a simulated human brain through a battery of tests and found the latest in helmet technology could be improved to withstand blows coming indirectly.

Water detectives: Scientists test wastewater for signs of virus
Western News | August 17, 2021

A new international collaboration, that includes assistant professor Chris DeGroot, investigates how wastewater can be used to detect signs of an emerging virus in a population.

An early warning system: Testing wastewater for COVID-19
Western News | April 1, 2021

Professor Chris DeGroot leads a study collecting wastewater samples from a number of strategic locations in London, Ont. and analyzed at Western’s ImPaKT Facility.

Western engineer explores 3D printing in space
Western News | March 18, 2021

Western Engineering professor Jun Yang's current project – a mix of space flight and medical applications research – is about perfecting artificial intelligence-enhanced methods for 3D printing in outer space.

New international study extends ‘lifetime’ of materials used in cars and nuclear reactor
Western News | February 2, 2021

Professor Hamid Abdolvand and his collaborators discovered important factors into the deformation of metals used in automobiles and nuclear reactors, and developed new models to predict the lifetimes of these materials.


‘Inside-the-box’ technology solves organ and vaccine transport issue
Western News | October 5, 2020

A team of researchers from Western University has designed, developed and constructed a new portable temperature regulating device, which can be used to transport a wide array of temperature-sensitive items including organs, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Curling researchers dig deep into sweep science
Western News | September 29, 2020

Curler and Western Engineering PhD candidate Megan Balsdon co-authored a study that may explain why some broom heads affect a rock's curl.

Research touts lower-cost, longer-life battery
Western News | August 17, 2020

New materials engineering research led by professor Andy Sun could translate into significant real-world benefits like longer battery life for cell phones.

Feds fund innovative Western research
Western News | August 14, 2020

Professor Hamid Abdolvand is among those at Western who will share almost $3.6 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund.

Engineering researchers receive COVID-related grants
Western News | July 24, 2020

Professor Eric Savory receives funding for partnership research project that will help understand and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Floryan inducted into Canadian Academy of Engineering
Western Engineering News | June 15, 2020

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Professor Jerzy Floryan was among the 52 new Fellows inducted into the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE).

Tutunea-Fatan honoured for Excellence in Teaching
Western Engineering News | May 11, 2020

Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) professor Remus Tutunea-Fatan is this year’s recipient of the R. Mohan Mathur Award for Excellence in Teaching.

‘Cough chamber’ shows six-feet not far enough
Western News | April 14, 2020

A recent study led by Mechanical and Materials Engineering professor Eric Savory says two meters might not be far enough away if someone lets an uncovered cough loose in your direction.

Future-focused network to boost industry
Western News | February 19, 2020

WIN 4.0 (Western’s Industry Network) is utilizing the latest industry revolution – cyber-physical systems – to give businesses the ability to anticipate what will happen in their facilities and address problems even before they happen.


Researchers recognized for high citations
Western News | November 21, 2019

Professor Andy Sun and Lab Manager Ruying Li have been lauded for their multiple highly cited research papers by the Web of Science Group.

Research extends life of rechargeable batteries
Western News | November 18, 2019

Western-led research may ‘charge up’ consumers by addressing their frequent complaint that rechargeable batteries gradually hold less charge over time.

Willing earns fellowship for promising technology

Mechanical and Materials Engineering assistant professor Ryan Willing has been awarded the Peter C. Maurice Research Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering.

Western Formula Racing team hits the track with new EV
Western Engineering News | July 16, 2019

Western Engineering’s Formula Racing Team recently competed at the Pittsburgh Shootout with a brand new 2019 Electric Vehicle - the 2nd fastest EV of the competition.

Engineering in a Global Context
Western Engineering News | June 5, 2019

Western Engineering’s technical elective course, “Engineering in a Global Context” (MME 4490), provides students with an interest in manufacturing the opportunity to internationalize their student experience and, in turn, gain global awareness.

Hellmuth Prize 2019 awarded to Sun
Western News | May 22, 2019

Sun recognized as a faculty member with an outstanding international reputation for his contributions in research – one of the defining hallmarks of a university. 

Professor Jun Yang honored for Excellence in Research
Western Engineering News | April 29, 2019

Letters of support for Yang’s nomination from colleagues and students touted Yang for his passion, creativity and significant work in the field.

Graduate Coordinator Joanna Blom awarded for outstanding achievement
Western Engineering News | April 29, 2019

Blom received a co-nomination from MME professor and department chair Dr. Tony Straatman and CBE professor and department chair Dr. Ajay Ray, who both praised Blom for her professionalism, dedication, compassion and attention to detail.

New investment sparks next-gen battery research
Western News | April 11, 2019

Dr. Sun welcomed to campus members of the China Automotive Battery Research Institute Co. Ltd (CABRI), to celebrate the opening of GLABAT Solid-State Battery Inc., located in the Western Research Park.

New self-powered, smart implant may greatly reduce knee replacement surgeries
Western News | January 31, 2019

Dr. Willing, in collaboration with an international research team, has developed a novel technique that harnesses friction from an individual’s own movements to charge smart knee implants.


Western's Baja SAE team earns 2nd place in Louisville Competition

Western Engineering News | November 13, 2018

Engineering students compete in Louisville, KY and finish 2nd overall.

Alumni tapped for Governor General honours
Western News | October 8, 2018

Two Western Engineering graduates are among the three Western graduates who have received this year's Governor General’s Academic Gold Medals for their outstanding scholastic achievements.

Grant to CREATE new opportunities for students
Western Engineering News | July 26, 2018

Led by Dr. Jeff Wood, a composite materials and technologies team will CREATE more opportunities for the next generation of engineers thanks to $1.65-million grant from NSERC.

Introducing Dr. Jeff Wood as Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Western Engineering News | July 9, 2018

Effective July 1, 2018, Dr. Jeff Wood assumed the role of Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Engineering for a five-year term.

Andy Sun receives $4 million grant toward solid-state battery research
Western News | May 22, 2018

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Professor Andy Sun recently received a $4 million grant from the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) for his work in developing solid-state batteries used for electric vehicles.

Engineering student bats in entrepreneurship game
Western News | April 12, 2018

Third-year Mechanical Engineering student Mitchell Godkin is hoping to hit a homerun with his latest entrepreneurial endeavour, the Leadbury Bat Co., a premium baseball bat manufacturing company located just north of Seaforth.

Golf-grip study may reduce pain, improve play for those with arthritis
Western News | March 8, 2018

Ground-breaking work by Western Engineering researchers may soon help golfers with arthritis get a better grip on playing with less pain and more control.

Mechanical Engineering alumnus is Olympic Gold Medalist
Western News | February 18, 2018

Alex Kopacz, BESc’13, and teammate Justin Kripps captured gold for Canada’s third-ever Olympic medal in men’s 2-Man Bobsleigh.

Students win top prizes at Ontario Engineering Competition
Western Engineering News | February 8, 2018

Western Engineering undergraduate students won first place at the 2018 Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) in the Senior Design and Programming categories.

‘Science, Action!’ contest puts research in motion
Western News | February 6, 2018

Western Engineering PhD student Jake Reeves has made one of the top 75 videos for the Science, Action! video contest, sponsored by NSERC, to highlight how research improves our daily lives.

Engineering a solution for brain trauma
Western News | February 1, 2018

Western Engineering’s Haojie Mao is working to understand traumatic brain injury and improve brain health with better protection, diagnostics and therapies.

Alex Kopacz, BESc'13, will represent Team Canada in Bobsleigh at Pyeongchang Olymics
Western News | February 1, 2018

In five years, Alex Kopacz went from a 23-year old Western undergrad who had never seen a bobsleigh to a Team Canada Olympian waiting his turn on the international stage in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Prof engineers a new craft brew
Western News | January 25, 2018

Mechanical & Materials and Electrical & Computer Engineering professor Michael Naish has poured his love for suds into Storm Stayed Brewing Company with business partner, Justin Belanger.

Decoding key materials’ stress loads in new ways
Western News | January 12, 2018

Mechanical and Materials Engineering professor Hamidreza Abdolvand has discovered never-before-seen deformation and stress levels in two technologically important materials – titanium and zirconium – used in the aerospace and nuclear industries.


Professor Jun Yang is looking to push the 'paper' envelope when it comes to printable electronics
Western News | November 23, 2017

Mechanical and Materials Engineering PhD student Tengyuan Zhang shows off a battery-free self-powered LED light, fabricated here at Western.

Mechanical and Materials professor Takashi Kuboki recently began a collaborative research project
Western News | November 23, 2017

Dr. Takashi Kuboki collaborates with northern Ontario-based mining company to develop an enhanced polymer composite with potential benefits to the automotive and aerospace industries.

Engineering student designs a time capsule to commemorate Canada's 150th birthday
Western News | November 2, 2017

Ethan Kellough created and designed a one-of-a-kind time capsule to help the university celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

Four scholars named among nation's elite
Western News | September 7, 2017

Dr. Haojie Mao named one of Western’s Canada Research Chairs (CRC).

Professor Price awarded Maurice Fellowship to investigate Smart Contact Lenses for the Early Detection of Glaucoma
Western News | August 30, 2017

MME Professor Aaron Price was recently awarded the Peter C. Maurice Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering to pursue the development of Smart Contact Lenses that harness smart polymer technologies to enable earlier detection of glaucoma in high risk populations.

Western Engineering welcomes four new faculty members
Western Engineering News | July 31, 2017

Dr. Ryan Willing and Dr. Haojie Mao both joined the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering July 1, 2017.

Professor Price awarded funding for eLearning innovation
Western News | March 16, 2017

The funding awarded by eCampus Ontario will establish an open badging platform compatible with the Sakai learning management system at Western, well-suited for recognizing skill-based competencies in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.

Bone anatomy shows one size doesn't fit both
Media Relations | June 29, 2017

Western Engineering professors Timothy Burkhart and Emily Lalone part of ground breaking research at Western's Bone and Joint Institute.

Engineering grad student revved up for motorsport
Western News | June 22, 2017

Crossan receives a one-year placement to work at the Renault Formula One Team’s Technical Centre and Infiniti’s European Technical Centre, UK

Young researchers get boost from provincial honour
Western News | June 7, 2017

Dr. Louis Ferreira, recipient of Early Research Award for "Development of Mechatronic Systems for Joint Replacement Surgical Applications".

Next gen batteries powered by Western-industry team up
Western News | June 7, 2017

Xueliang Sun gives his research a charge by partnering with a Beijing battery research company.

Claire Naudi honoured for going above and beyond
Western Engineering News | June 5, 2017

Western Engineering congratulates Claire Naudi, the 2016 recipient of the Sharon A. Ling Award of Excellence.

Professor Jim Johnson honoured for research contributions
Western Engineering News | April 18, 2017

Western Engineering announced recently that Jim Johnson, a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, is this year’s recipient of the Engineering Award for Excellence in Research.

Professor Price featured in Scholar’s Showcase Magazine
February 22, 2017

Aspiring author and medical sciences student Elena Kum has featured Dr. Aaron Price's efforts to discover new smart materials for bioprinting in the Winter 2016 issue of Scholar’s Showcase Magazine.

Western Engineering Toboggan Team set to compete in Winnipeg
The Gazette | January 26, 2017

The Western Engineering Toboggan Team (WETT) competes at the annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) in Winnipeg.


Four new professors set to join Western Engineering faculty
Western Engineering News | November 23, 2016

Dr. Hamid Abdolvand and Dr. Emily Lalone will both join the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering (MME) as Assistant Professors effective January 1, 2017.

Andy Sun named among Royal Society elite
Western News | September 7, 2016

Xueliang (Andy) Sun was named named among the 89 new RSC Fellows.

Andy Sun named CAE Fellow
Western News | June 27, 2016

MME professor Andy Sun has been named a Fellow the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) for his distinguished achievements and career-long service to the engineering profession.

Western Engineering students honoured at CME Annual Recognition Night
Western Engineering News | May 19, 2016

Two MME students were recognized for their contributions to the Internship Program at Western Engineering and their demonstrated interest in manufacturing.

Professors Jiang and Yang awarded NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplements

Two MME Professors awarded $120,000 over three years in recognition of their leadership and innovative research programs.

MME Entrepreneur awarded $5000 in pitch competition
Media Relations | April 13, 2016

The 2016 installment of the Seed Your Startup entrepreneurial plan and pitch competition has awarded its $5,000 top prize to MME graduate student entrepreneur Alan Kalbfleisch to help launch and grow his venture Pascal Press.

Sun awarded over $500,000 in NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants competition
Western News | March 9, 2016

MME Professor Andy Sun has been awarded $536,800 over three years for this project entitled "Atomically controlled Pt-based electrocatalysts with high stability and ultra-low loading for PEM fuel cells,” which applies nanotechnology to address key challenges in the development of next-generation fuel cells.

Klassen and Altahan recognized for their teaching achievements

MME Instructors Robert Klassen and Walid Altahan have been named to the 2014-2015 USC Teaching Award Honour Roll in recognition of their outstanding achievements in teaching.

Straatman elected to Faculty Senate

MME Professor Anthony Straatman has been elected to represent the Faculty of Engineering in Western’s Faculty Senate from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018.


Yang’s Sketchable Elastic Circuit technology featured in Chemical & Engineering News

Researchers in Dr. Jun Yang’s group have developed a new silver-based ink that enables users to jot electrical circuits using conventional ballpoint pens.

Price featured in CSME Bulletin, New Faculty Spotlight

MME Faculty member, Dr. Aaron Price, works to discover new smart materials for biomechatronic systems.

Student Recognition

The Fall Awards Ceremony was held on November 19th, 2015 and 13 students in the MME programs were among the recipients.

Banner Year for Western Formula Racing
Chris Kornas & Sameh Khan | September 20, 2015

Western Formula Racing team reports 2015 as the most successful season ever.

Floryan elected Fellow of the American Physical Society
Western News | October 8, 2015

A Council of Representatives from the American Physical Society have elected J.M. Floryan a Fellow of the Society.

Vanier Celebrates Nation's Finest Graduate Students
Western News | October 8, 2015

Tengyuan Zhang, a graduate student in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, has been named among four Western PhD candidates to receive the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Ralph Buchal named a teaching fellow at Western’s Teaching Support Centre
Western News | September 3, 2015

Ralph Buchal, Engineering, will develop tools to engage students in computer-supported collaborative knowledge building in face-to-face, blended and online courses, using a design-based research methodology.

Nectro: drawing functional electronic circuits by hand | August 4, 2015

PhD student writing new circuit solutions
Western Engineering News | July 29, 2015

Tengyuan Zhang, a PhD student in Mechanical and Material Engineering, recently developed Nectro, a conductive pen that can be used to draw electric circuits quickly and with ease.

CANCAM 2015: Bringing together world leaders in the field of mechanics
Western Engineering News | July 9, 2015

Between May 31 and June 4, the Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering held the 25th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM 2015) at Western. CANCAM is a biennial engineering conference started at the Université Laval in Québec City in 1967.

Formula Racing team stays on track
Western News | June 18, 2015

Western Formula Racing placed first among Canadian universities, and 10th overall.

CASI recognizes Floryan for contributions to aerospace industry
Western Engineering News | May 26, 2015

What do J.M. Floryan, Western Engineering’s department chair of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and Chris Hadfield have in common? They both shared the stage at the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) Aero 2015 Conference.

Engineering students apply their education to real-life issues
Western Engineering News | April 17, 2015

Students across Western Engineering capped their final year by completing their fourth-year capstone design projects to showcase their innovative and impactful engineering design work.

Working to cut weight from vehicles
Western Engineering News | March 31, 2015

Jeff Wood, an associate professor in Western’s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and his research team are trying to take some weight off the shoulders of General Motors Canada employees.

Price brings international experience to teaching, research program
Western Engineering News | February 27, 2015

Aaron Price works in uncharted territory by developing smart materials for industrial applications, while bringing international industry experience to both the classroom and research laboratory.

Two Western Engineering students named among elite future entrepreneurs 
Western News February 12, 2015

James Crocker and Evan Ferguson are part of a group of just 38 students from across Canada chosen to take their entrepreneurial ideas to the next level.

Three Western Engineering researchers tapped for NSERC Strategic Project Grants
Western News | February 12, 2015

Professors Hugo De Lasa, Andy Sun and Denis O'Carroll were three of 78 grant recipients announced this week at the University of New Brunswick.


Mechanical and Materials Engineering Mechatronic System Design Robotics Competition
Western Engineering News | December 3, 2014

Fourth-year Mechanical Engineering students enrolled in the Mechatronic System Design course participated in a competition on Dec. 2, which required teams to design, construct and demonstrate fully-functional, semi-autonomous exploratory robots.
[View the gallery]

Engineering adds new dimension with 3D printers
Western News | November 27, 2014

If you dream it, you can build it. This is not just a mantra; it has become a reality for Mechanical and Materials Engineering students thanks to a new 3D printing lab.

Western Formula Racing 2014 - A Season of Excellence
by Matthew Crossan | November 18, 2014

Western Formula SAE earns the title of fastest car in Canada.

Striving for lifelong mobility
Western Media Relations | November 7, 2014

Western Engineering professor Jim Johnson is among the researchers of Western's new Cluster of Research Excellence in Musculoskeletal Health.

Western student making a splash on sport's biggest stage
Western News | September 25, 2014

When Gamal Assaad doesn’t have his head buried in his Mechanical Engineering books, you’re likely to find the second-year student in the pool.

Western Aero Design Soars over Competition
by Nathan Curiale & Arun Ravi Shankar | October 8, 2014

Western competes in the 2014 SAE Aero Design East Competition in Fort Worth, Texas.

Western SAE Baja Competition Results
by Doran Avivi | September 14, 2014

Western performs in Baja SAE competion in Kansas.

MME student projects place third in student design poster competition
Western Engineering News | July 2, 2014

Two Mechanical and Materials Engineering undergraduate design projects tied for third place in the Student Design Poster Competition at the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2014, held June 1-4 at the University of Toronto.

In memoriam - Doug Shinozaki
Western Engineering News | April 28, 2014

Western Engineering is saddened by the news Mechanical and Materials Engineering Professor Emeritus Doug Shinozaki died on March 23, 2014 at the age of 68. Shinozaki retired from Western in 2011.

Xueliang (Andy) Sun upgraded to Tier I Canada Research Chair
Western News | March 28, 2014

Xueliang (Andy) Sun had his Chair upgraded to Tier I Canada Research Chair in Development of Nanostructured Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion. Sun is developing nanotechnologies to address challenges in use for clean energy.

Professor charges toward better electric vehicle battery life
Western News | March 27, 2014

While you may see a Chevrolet Volt here, or a Nissan Leaf there, the future of the electric car has a way to go when it comes to safety, cost and, especially, performance. However, Engineering professor Andy Sun may have an answer to that final challenge.

Lab findings put patients on sound footing
Western News | March 13, 2014

Imagine being able to look inside the body in motion, and see not only the biomechanics of bones and joints, but also their interaction with the outside world. Working in Western’s Wolf Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory, at the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, Jenkyn, the lab’s co-director, used a dozen cameras to capture a patient’s movement to understand conditions ranging from joint problems to sport injuries.

Advocate for women in engineering to present Lynda Shaw lecture
Western Media Release | March 11, 2014

Cristina Amon is known as a trailblazer and titan of engineering on both sides of the border. The Dean of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and Alumni Professor of Bioengineering in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering since 2006, Amon will deliver the 2014 Lynda Shaw Memorial Distinguished Lecture at Western University on Thursday, March 13 at 12:30 p.m. in the Spencer Engineering Building, Room 3109.

Western-led study reveals new surface chemistry in electric vehicle batteries
Western Media Relations | March 5, 2014

In a new study, published in Nature Communications, Western Engineering researcher Xueliang (Andy) Sun and his team of collaborators have shown for the first time ever that carbon coating not only affects conductivity and performance of electric car battery materials, but also alters the chemistry of the battery material's interactive surface.
[Metro News London article]

Three projects tapped for NSERC Strategic Project Grants
Western News | January 16, 2014

Projects led by Abdallah A. Shami, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Jun J. Yang, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, are among 77 scientific teams receiving more than $43 million in Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) programs. The projects are funded through the Strategic Project Grant.


Breakthrough adds a new dimension to printing
Western News| November 21, 2013

Mechanical and Materials Engineering professor Jun Yang along with graduate student Tengyuan Zhang are developing a new approach to printing 3-D materials with easy-to-modify surfaces.

Tony Straatman, 11th president of the CFD Society of Canada
Western Engineering News| November 13, 2013

Mechanical and Materials Engineering professor Tony Straatman was named the 11th president of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Society of Canada at the 2012 annual conference in Canmore, Alberta. His term will end in 2014, when the next president will be elected.

Team looks to steel tower power against storm
Western News | October 10, 2013

Ashraf El Damatty, along with Engineering professors Eric Savory, Horia Hangan and Girma Bitsuamlak, eight graduate students and two postdocs, have initiated a research program with Hydro One to mitigate future failures of transmission line structures during those events.

Scientists discover how to build cheaper, more efficient fuel cells
Fuel Cell Works | May 27, 2013

Using the Canadian Light Source (CLS) synchrotron, researchers have discovered a way to create cheaper fuel cells by dividing normally expensive platinum metal into nanoparticles (or even single atoms) for use in everything from automobiles to computers. The research findings, led by Western University’s Xueliang (Andy) Sun and Tsun-Kong (T.K.) Sham, were published recently by Scientific Reports, Nature’s online, open access, multidisciplinary publication: Single-atom Catalysis Using Pt/Graphene Achieved through Atomic Layer Deposition.

Eighteen students will gain hands-on engineering experience around the world this summer
Western Engineering News | May 2, 2013

Eighteen Western Engineering undergraduate students are traveling the world this summer as part of their engineering education at Western.

Jenkyn research team receives CFI funding
Government of Canada | January 15, 2013

The multi-disciplinary team led by Mechanical and Materials Engineering professor Tom Jenkyn and Western researchers David Holdsworth and Trevor Birmingham received $1,342,675 to better understand how joints move under normal conditions and after therapy.

Engineering class builds its own high-speed race car
London Free Press | January 14, 2013

A group of Western students have the wheels turning on plans to build a formula race car from scratch before the end of the semester.


Fraunhofer ICT and University of Western Ontario open research facility in Canada
Composites World | November 10, 2012

The 12,000 ft2 (1,115m2) Fraunhofer Project Centre (FPC) for Composites Research will focus on volume production of lightweight composites for transportation, construction, industrial and aerospace applications.

Western, Fraunhofer celebrate launch of lightweight composites centre
Western News | November 6, 2012

A full house of local, national and international leaders helped Western and Germany's Fraunhofer Society launch the Fraunhofer Project Centre (FPC) for Composites Research at Western at the centres Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) location on Monday.

German giant Fraunhofer sets up shop in the Forest City
London Free Press | November 6, 2012

Hanging chads in Florida and U.S. presidential politics may have played a crucial role in how a futuristic research facility landed in London. German giant Fraunhofer shared a stage Monday with politicians and officials at Western University, at a facility that already has big clients in Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.

Harper government supports advanced manufacturing partnerships
Government of Canada News Release | November 5, 2012

Manufacturers in southern Ontario working on the production of innovative lightweight materials will benefit from Western University's new Fraunhofer Project Centre and a centre for commercialization of advanced manufacturing technology, thanks to an investment from the Harper Government.

FedDev pumping $10 million into London Fraunhofer Project Centre
London Free Press | November 5, 2012

More advanced manufacturing research, and the jobs that come with it, are coming to London.A London research centre will get more than $10 million from FedDev Ontario Monday, creating 20 direct research jobs making lightweight manufacturing materials.

CTV News | November 5, 2012

[Watch video]

The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western is "officially open for business"
Western Engineering News | November 5, 2012

Officially opened Monday, Nov. 5, the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western is North America’s latest industry-scale production environment for developing, testing, validating and characterizing new lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing processes. [See photos]

Driving the future: Western, Fraunhofer partnership answers 'The Why'
Western News | November 1, 2012

What brought Tobias Potyra, Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology manager of operations, and his company to Western, and its Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), will not only be celebrated next week, but hopefully resonate at the university for years to come.

Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western
Western University | September 29, 2011

[Watch video]

New surgeons use robots to train
London Free Press | August 29, 2012

Practice makes perfect, even with a robotic arm. Western Engineering professors Dr. Louis Ferreira and Dr. James Johnson, co-directors of St. Joseph's Hand and Upper Limb Centre, expect surgeons-in-training to soon be going at cadavers using surgical simulators and computer-guided tracking systems and robotic arms.

Meet the monster press
London Community News | July 11, 2012

It looks like a support tower for a bridge and if dropped, the resulting shockwave could damage nearby buildings. The monstrous Compress Plus 2500T press is the centerpiece of the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composite Research (FPC), a collaborative research project between the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), a German research and development firm, and Western University.

Western projects get internal boost
Western News | June 21, 2012

Four Western Engineering researchers are one step closer towards moving their work toward commercialization with awards from the Western Innovation Fund. Electrical and Computer Engineering professors Jin Jiang and Jayshri Sabarinathan, and Mechanical and Materials Engineering professors Kamran Siddiqui and Jun Yang are among the award recipients.

Material Gain
Business London | June 2012

When science fiction comes true, the process often lean more toward evolution than big bang. Tobias Potyra, manager of operations at the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western and Jeff Wood, associate professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, discuss how the research facility will make London an international hub for composites research and development.

Shuhui Sun awarded 2012 Governor General’s Gold Medal
Western Engineering News | June 13, 2012

Western Engineering alumnus Shuhui Sun, PhD'11, has been honoured with the 2012 Governor General’s Gold Medal for graduate study at Western University. These medals recognize students who have completed their graduate studies at the highest level of academic standing.

Building research success
Western Engineering News | June 6, 2012

Western University's Advanced Manufacturing Park is starting to take shape with the ongoing construction of the WindEEE Dome and the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western. Watch the progress unfold through photos of the construction.

24th Canadian Materials Science Conference
Western Engineering News | June 5, 2012

Western Engineering is hosting the 24th Canadian Materials Science Conference on Western’s campus from June 5 – 8, 2012. The theme of the conference is: Materials: Atoms to Applications. For more information, please visit the conference website.

Automotive research gets direct injection
Western News | May 31, 2012

Research led by Western Engineering professors Jeffrey Wood, Xianbin Wang and Weiming Shen is among three Western-led projects targeting smarter systems, better materials and safer roadways benefiting from a $22 million investment by Canada's automotive research program, the AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence. [Metro News article]

Perfect summer running down perfect storms
Western News | May 24, 2012

This won't be a summer at the beach for Maryam Refan. Three weeks into a summer-long stay in ‘Tornado Alley’, the Mechanical Engineering PhD student plans to spend her holiday chasing tornadoes – all in the name of research.

Western Engineering students trade textbooks for plane tickets this summer
Western Engineering News | May 8, 2012

From the United States, Russia and India to China, Tanzania and Madagascar, several Western Engineering students will be traveling abroad this summer to conduct research and gain hands-on experience. Some of the students will be blogging about their activities.

Johnson appointed Graham King Research Chair at Schulich
Western Engineering News | January 25, 2012

Jim Johnson, director of Biomedical Engineering and professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, has been appointed the Graham King Research Chair in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry for a five-year term.

Research led by Sun and Zhou receives CFI funding boost
Western Engineering News | January 24, 2012

Two projects led by Western Engineering researchers Xueliang (Andy) Sun and Wenxing Zhou were among five at The University of Western Ontario and Lawson Health Research Institute to receive $1.2 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).
Here comes the sun: Novel solar technology helps track sun’s movement
Western Engineering News | January 18, 2012

Solar farms are sprouting up across the country at an exponential pace and this push for harvesting greener energy has prompted a Western Engineering researcher to figure out a way capitalize on daylight hours. Kamran Siddiqui, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, along with his graduate student Hassan Hassan, has developed a smart solar tracker and a load compensator for solar collectors.  [See London Free Press article and video]