Micro and Nano Systems

The research in this area includes synthesis, modelling and experimental testing of nanostructures and materials, MEMS and NEMS, batteries and fuel cells, printing technologies, laser microfabrication, nano-photonics, micro-optics and bioelectronics imaging arrays.
The following faculty members are involved in this area:

Micro and Nano Systems

The following faculty members are involved in this area:

H. Abdolvand, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Queen's University, Canada), Associate Professor 

Mechanics of materials across length and time scales- both modeling and experimental; fatigue, fracture, and (irradiation) creep; finite element, crystal plasticity, and dislocation dynamics; synchrotron x-ray, neutron, and electron diffraction/tomography.

 L. Y. Jiang, Ph.D., P.Eng. (University of Alberta, Canada), Professor

Nanocomposites; Nanomechanics; Carbon Nanotubes; Multi-Scale Modelling; Micromechanics; Composites; Functionally Graded Materials; Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis of Materials; Smart Structures; MEMS and NEMS; Health Monitoring of Engineering Materials/Structures.

E. Johlin, Ph.D, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Assistant Professor

Research focus on developing new devices, materials, and understanding of optoelectronics, particularly in relation to the creation of clean energy and photovoltaics. He specifically focuses on the use of nanostructures to both improve performance, as well as create new functionality otherwise not possible in nanophotonic devices.

R. J. Klassen, Ph.D., P.Eng. (University of Toronto, Canada), Professor

Relationship between mechanical properties and microstructure of ductile metals and metal matrix composites. Experimental techniques for measuring the stress- and temperature-dependence of plastic strain rates of nano-scale volumes of material. Nanoindentation testing, wear testing, and microstructural characterization using optical- and electron-microscopy. Numerical modeling of plastic deformation processes.

G. K. Knopf, Ph.D., P.Eng. (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), Professor

Research activities are directed toward the development of innovative optical sensors and imaging systems. Current interests include fibre optic sensors and systems, polymer-based optically driven micro-actuators, and light-sensitive bioelectronics. Recent research projects have focused on surface-geometry measurement using an unconstrained range-sensor head; modeling and analysis of the material removal process during laser machining; design and fabrication of a nickel-based micro-gripper; and the development of protein-based optical sensors and imaging arrays.

J. T. Wood, Ph.D., P.Eng. (McMaster University, Canada), Professor

Experimental and numerical investigations of composite systems for energy absorption applications. Mechanical properties of metals: strengthening mechanisms, deformation processing, multi-phase systems. Multidisciplinary modeling of process-structure-property relationships in high-pressure die-casting.