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Hamid Abdolvand named Tier 2 Canada Research Chair

Professor Hamid Abdolvand has been named Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Low-Emission Energies.

A '4R' framework for bringing sustainable e-textiles to scale

In a perspective published in Nature Materials, HaoTian Harvey Shi proposes a sustainable circular economy for e-textiles

Collaboration is key for Frugal Biomedical Innovations program

How to do more with less. This simple solution – some would say mantra – is the driving force behind frugal innovation.

CSME names Maciej Floryan recipient of Stachiewicz Medal

The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering presented Dr. Floryan with the Jules Stachiewicz Heat Transfer Medal at the 2023 CSME International Congress held at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sherbrooke, QC.

Western names Andy Sun as Distinguished University Professor

Andy Sun is one of the latest recipients of Distinguished University Professorships awards, joining a select group of faculty members recognized for exceptional scholarly careers.

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