Student Organizations

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Society

The Mechanical & Materials Engineering Society is comprised of MME students from years 2 through 4 who work together for the betterment of the student body. The main purpose of the club is to promote student/faculty relations through social events, promote interaction of students within the discipline through social events and as well to provide students with the opportunity to discuss academic issues with the department Chair.


2nd Year: Matthew Hebbert <>

3rd Year: Sherif Elmaghraby <>

4th Year: Lily Meyer <>


2nd Year: Rahul Kulasekran <>

3rd Year: Lucas Peiris <>

4th Year: Jay Henley <>


2nd Year: Benjamin Rowatt <>

3rd Year: Jay Henley <>

4th Year: Kylie Paliani <>


2nd Year: Lily Meyer  <>

3rd Year: Uzair Cheema  <>

4th Year: Vaughan DeGurse  <>


2nd Year: Hannah Waters  < >

3rd Year: Kylie Paliani  <>

4th Year: Cassy Jaffray  <>


2nd Year: Kylie Paliani  <>

3rd Year: Angelica Tilli  <>

4th Year: Broderic Clement-Thorne  <>


President: Reid Schneider <>

2nd Year: Omar Ezz <>

3rd Year: Broderic Clement-Thorne <>

4th Year: Peter Serles <>


President: Josh LeClair <>

2nd Year: Robert (Blake) Ramsden <>

3rd Year: Sameh Khan <>

4th Year: Ronald Stevens <>

5th Year (dual w/Ivey): Katelin Spiler <>

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Western

CSME Western endeavours to enrich the experience of MME students by providing opportunities for them to strengthen their relationships with faculty and engage with industry. Through facilitating various events, the aim of CSME Western is to further bring the engineering experience outside of the classroom.


Megan Cockburn - President


Madison Posluns and Quinn Potts - President


Madison Posluns and Quinn Potts - President


Jessica Benitah and Amandine Drew - President


Reid Schneider - President


Mohamed Elazabawy - President

Jessica Benitah - Vice President

Amandine Drew - Director of Marketing

Adnan Hafiz-Zadeh - Director of Professional Development

Alex Saiciuc - Director of Industry Relations

Alessandra Lozada - Director of Social Media and Communications

Ahmad Mashhour - Director of Socials

Marco Convertini - Director of Conferences and Competitions

Antonio Bosnjak - Treasurer

Karam Sadek and Chris Roberts - Member-At-Large

Dr. Kamran Siddiqui - Faculty Advisor


Reid Schneider - President

Mohamed El-Azabawy - Vice President

Rebecca Jones - Director of Student and Faculty Relations

Greg Dony and Garrett Toews - Member-At-Large

Raveena Berde - Director of Professional Development

Matthew Noorloos - Director of Industry Relations

Cassy Jaffray - Director of Marketing and Communications

Jessica Benitah - Secretary

Dr. Kamran Siddiqui - Faculty Advisor


Josh LeClair - President

Sameh Khan-  Vice President

Ron Stevens - Director of Student and Faculty Relations

Katie Spiler - Member-At-Large

Connor Sutton - Director of Professional Development

Matt Kurmis - Director of Industry Relations

Mohamed Elazabawy - Treasurer

Danlei Chen - Director of Marketing and Communications

Jason Ng- Director of Competitions and Conferences

Reid Schneider - Member-At-Large