Graduate Professional Program

Mechanical Engineering MEng programs are structured to assist qualified engineers in the advancement of their professional careers and to provide students with the skills necessary to address key technological challenges.

We are currently offering the following MEng programs in Mechanical and Materials Engineering:


The MME department offers a Course based MEng program: 10 courses required, and a Project based MEng program: 8 courses required plus a research project.

The duration of the Mechanical Engineering MEng program is one year (3 terms) of full time study.

The Faculty of Engineering also offer the Engineering in Medicine MEng program, which combines expertise from the departments of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CBE), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME). This program offers qualified engineering graduates the opportunity to better understand the role of engineers in modern medicine.

The duration of the Engineering in Medicine MEng program is one year (3 terms) of full time study.

MEng + GDip

The Faculty of Engineering offers a Combined Master of Engineering (MEng) Graduate Diploma (GDip) in Engineering Leadership and Innovation.  It is a 4-term (16 month) program where students concurrently take courses in both MEng and GDip programs.  Students registered in this option must complete the requirements for both MEng and GDip programs. Once completed, students receive both a MEng degree and Graduate Diploma.  Students registered in any technical field of the MEng program in the Faculty of Engineering could opt for this option as this option does not affect or alter the technical course requirements of a particular MEng technical field.

TUITION FEE: MEng tuition fees are applied to student accounts three times per year at the beginning of each term (January 1, May 1, September 1). As the Combined MEng-Graduate Diploma program is classed as a four-term graduate program, students will be required to pay tuition for four consecutive academic terms. The per-term rates of tuition for the Combined MEng-Graduate Diploma program are assessed at the same tuition rate as the stand-alone MEng program. To view current graduate program fee schedules, please visit the Office of the Registrar website.

Program Structure (Combined option)
Students are required to complete 8 technical courses OR 6 technical courses and a project (as per the MEng program in which they are registered).  Students are required to complete 2 professional courses, which are cross-listed as GDip elective courses.  Students are required to complete 4 courses of the GDip program (3 core courses and one elective course).

For more information about the GDip program in Engineering Leadership and Innovation, please visit the Thompson Centre website.


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