Application Information


In order to have a successful application, it is important to understand the application process in our department.

The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure all documents required are submitted by our deadline. Please carefully review all responses.  Once an application is submitted, it is not possible to make changes unless you contact The School of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies or The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Each applicant is only considered for the degree to which he/she applies to. It is an applicant's responsibility to make certain to apply to the correct degree (MEng or MESc), as we do not switch after application submission.

Admission Criteria for each Degree

Consideration to the Professional MEng

  • Minimum four (4) year honours (or equivalent) Bachelor's degree in Engineering from an accredited university.

General Criteria

  • 70% or B- (North American Equivalent) in order to be considered admissable for the Professional MEng Program.

  • Assessment is based on the last two years of full-time study, or the last twenty courses.

  • Equivalency conversion to Western's scale is taken from various university grade conversion scales as per university regulation.

  • Factors that may also be considered may include publication record, industrial experience, and merit.

  • Note there is no financial remuneration provided by the department or university, for students accepted into the MEng program. 

  • Application to our program does not guarantee admission.
  • An application file is only considered for the degree to which an applicant applies to.

The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure all documentation required is submitted prior to the posted deadlines:

Financial Support (MEng)

  • The Professional Meng program is a self-funded program, in which reumuneration is not provided.


Tuition Fees



If you are experiencing difficulty with the electronic application, please email

or contact the dedicated phone line 519-850-2341