Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a supervisor to apply to the Professional MEng?

  • As the Professional MEng program is a course-based program, a supervisor is not required in order to be admitted.

The system will not let me apply for the project-based Professional MEng program

  • An Applicant wishing to be considered for the project-based Professional MEng program, must first apply to the course-based program. Upon admission the student must secure a faculty member to supervise a project in the 2nd term and inform the Professional MEng Coordinator. Each student must then complete the paperwork to the status of their field from course-based to project-based.

If I provide my CV and GPS, will you tell me if I qualify for admission?

  • We do not evaluate individual inquiries without the proper documentation and information. We are unable to provide a preliminary answer unless an application is submitted (along with all required supporting documention) and your file is assessed.

I want to apply to several different programs - can I submit just one application?

  • As each programn/department is separate, you must submit a separate application to each program/department in which you wish to be considered.

Here is my university contact information - you can contact them about my documents.

  • We do not contact universities regarding an applicant's documentation. As an applicant to our program, it is YOUR responsibility to provide the documentation in the manner requested.

I uploaded documents that were assessed by an evaluation organization (such as World Education Services.

  • We do not accept evaluation reports from other agencies as valid documentation. Transcripts are evaluated based on conversion scales as per Western's regulations.

A Professor or the Head of my Department has signed my transcripts /and/or diplomas.

  • All transcript and diploma documentation must be signed and issued by the Registrar of the issuing university, and forwarded to us directly from the issuing university in a sealed, stamped/signed university envelope.

Do I require a GRE score?

  • Our program does not require a GRE score.

I failed my TOEFL/IELTS by only 1 point - can I still be accepted?

  • ALL international applicant's must meet our MINIMUM overall and individual section levels. If you have not met the minimum requirement, you must re-take the test and make arrangements to have a new official score report forwarded to our university.

Will you accept a re-assessment of my score if I contact the TOEFL/IELTS test center?

  • We do not accept re-assessments regarding minimum individual section scores. If you do not meet the minimum (individual and overall), you must re-take the test again and re-submit a new score report.

Can I receive a waiver or conditional admission regarding my English Proficiency?

  • We do not grant waivers or conditional admission regarding English Proficiency.

I was taught in English - why do I have to provide an English Proficiency score?

  • We require ALL international and Permanent Resident applicants to submit an English Proficiency score, regardless of the medium of instruction in your university.

I can only provide hard copies of my reference letters - will you accept them?

  • We do not accept hard copies of reference letters. Each referee MUST submit his/her reference through our secure GEARS system.

When will my application be considered?

  • An application is not considered until we receive ALL required supporting documentation, in the manner we request.

When will I know about my application?

  • Due to the high volume of applications received, it takes time to review and assess each application. Please be patient and we will inform you as soon as possible. Please refrain from sending multiple email inquiries to the department.

My application is complete - why haven't I received an offer?


If you are experiencing difficulty with the electronic application, please email

or contact the dedicated phone line 519-850-2341