Students in Progress

MESc Students

  • Joshua Brown, "Novel industrial applications of smouldering remediation." Experimental studies of new processes with novel remediation technology [collaborator: G. Grant, Savron Ltd.].

  • Alexandra Duchesne, Thermal treatment of perfluorinated compounds."  OGS Award.

  • Taryn Fournie, "Emissions and byproducts of smouldering reactions."  CGSM Award.

  • Nicholas Head, "Pilot field test comparing three remediation technologies."  Comparing remedial performance of three clean-up technologies [collaborator: D. O'Carroll].

  • Ainsley Inglis, "Electrokinetically-enhanced mobility of remedical amendments." Evaluating field performance of new approach for delivering fluids and nanoparticles. OGS Award, Chung Award 2017 [collaborator: D. O'Carroll].

  • Cody Murray, "Characterization and optimization of STAR emissions." Exploring the factors controlling emissions during STAR treatment [collaborator: G. Grant, Savron Ltd.].

PhD Students

  • Tarek Rashwan, "In situ heterogeneity influences on remediation." Experiments and modelling to optimize remediation in the presence of subsurface heterogeneity. Collaborator: Prof. Jose Torero, University of Queensland.

  • Marco Zanoni, "Predicting STAR from fundamental principles." Modelling research to simulate the smouldering kinetics underlying STAR processes. Collaborator: Prof. Jose Torero, University of Queensland.

Research Engineers

  • Joshua Brown, "STAR industrial projects."  Full-time research engineer leading all industrial contracts and collaborative research projects.