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Why Civil and Environmental Engineering at Western?

Civil & Environmental Engineering at Western is renowned for its excellence, nationally and internationally, due to its outstanding academic curricula, award-winning professors and state-of-the-art facilities. The capstone fourth-year design course involves students in real projects, identified by the City of London, advised by faculty and external consulting engineer advisors. Our department offers a range of programs to choose from with an even wider range of concurrent programs. Special to the program at Western is the undergraduate program in Civil Engineering and International Development which introduces Western Engineering students to the complex societal, environmental, political and economic issues impacting engineering.

Civil Engineering and International Development

A unique civil engineering degree program that started at Western in September 2007. The traditional role of the civil engineer is to design, plan, and construct the built environment for the well-being and progress of society. However, there is an increasing need for the civil engineer to play a further role in poverty reduction and sustainable development, both in Canada and abroad. This change in emphasis requires engineers with different skill-sets and knowledge beyond the familiar civil engineering sub-disciplines. This program has been designed to fulfill this demand by introducing the learner to the complex societal, environmental, political and economic issues impacting engineering activities in less developed communities in Canada and abroad. On completion of the degree, graduates will have the ability to cope with broad ranging international challenges from poverty to climate change to human security.

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