Transfer Students

Are you applying as a current Western University student?

If you are a current Western student interested in transferring to Western Engineering, please book an appointment with our Recruitment Coordinator to discuss the transfer process. Please select Prospective Students, having followed the link. This should be done during the Intent to Register (ITR) period (February-March 2023). The firm deadline for applying to transfer through ITR is March 31st. Please note that as a current Western student you do not need to apply through OUAC in order to transfer. A request to transfer into the Faculty of Engineering will be for the next academic year, starting in September 2023. Acceptance into the faculty is based on academic standing and program availability.

If admitted into the Faculty of Engineering, there are some first-year courses that you will need to take to complete the first-year program. They include: 

  • ES 1050 - Foundations of Engineering Practice
  • ES 1021A/B - Properties of Materials
  • ES 1022Y - Engineering Statics
  • ES 1036A/B - Programming Fundamentals for Engineers
  • BUS 1299E - Business for Engineers
  • NNM 1411A/B - Linear Algebra with Numerical Analysis for Engineers
  • NNM 1412A - Calculus for Engineers I
  • NNM 1414B - Calculus for Engineers II
  • Chem 1302A/B - Chemistry for Engineers
  • Phys 1401A/B - Physics for Engineering Students I
  • Phys 1402A/B - Physics for Engineering Students II

You may be able to receive transfer credits for other courses at Western. Please see the table below.

Upper year courses non-specific to an Engineering department may be taken in consultation with an Academic Counsellor.

Note: The Non-Technical Elective courses will need to be taken from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or Social Science. More information about non-technical electives can be found on the Undergraduate Services website

Other Western Faculty

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

If you are presently in:

You may receive credit for:


Calculus 1000A/B or 1100A/B or 1500A/B Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1412A/B Minimum mark of 70%
Calculus 1501A/B (Note: Calculus 1301B is transferrable with a minimum grade of 85%) Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1414A/B Minimum mark of 70%
Chemistry 1302A/B Chemistry 1302A/B (1024A/B) Minimum mark of 60%
Physics 1201A/B and Physics 1202A/B (the former Physics 1301A/B/1302A/B) or Physics 1501A/B and Physics 1502A/B (the former Physics 1020) Physics 1401A/B and 1402A/B (the former Physics 1026) Minimum mark of 60%
Computer Science 1025A/B or 1026A/B Engineering Science 1036A/B Minimum mark of 60%
Mathematics 1600A/B (the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B) Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1411A/B Minimum mark of 60%
Non-Technical Elective(s) (NTE) *See note below regarding NTE Non-Technical Elective(s) Minimum mark of 60%


Are you applying as an external applicant?

As an external applicant you will need to apply through OUAC as a 105 student. With your application, you would disclose your full education history, including secondary and post-secondary experience. Official transcripts would need to be provided with your application; we simply cannot pre-assess interested applicants’ portfolios. Once the admission committee considers your application and an offer of admission is granted, then you would be eligible for consideration of transfer credits based on your post-secondary history. More details can be found on Western University's Transfer Student page.

If you have any questions regarding transferring as an external applicant, please contact

Scholarships for Transfer Students 

Western offers ten Transfer Student Admission Scholarships, which are awarded to students in the Fall.

These scholarships are awarded to ten students transferring into an upper year of an undergraduate program at Western's main campus from studies at another post-secondary institution.  There is no application required for this scholarship, as it is awarded automatically based on final admission average.