Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering

Gain the skills to use and apply AI algorithms to solve engineering problems

This is a combined degree program that will be done in conjunction with one of five fundamental engineering programs:


Career Possibilities

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist

Robotics Engineer

Business Intelligence Developer

Software Engineer


Mathematical and Computing Fundamentals

Graduates of Western Engineering’s AISE program will understand the characteristic behaviour of AI models and be capable of providing accountability in Professional Engineering environments.

They will develop advanced skill sets to ensure that their models are understood and deployed safely and responsibly, while also being able to evaluate the applicability of their model’s predictions.

How is AISE Unique from Western Engineering's Other Programs?

Western Engineering’s AISE program has the advantage of not being a stand-alone program with each student also enrolled in a core engineering discipline.

AISE students develop the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) skills/fundamentals through 7+ specialized AI/ML courses that prepare students for emerging careers.


Develop your Artificial Intelligence fundamentals

Computing and Software Development

Machine Learning and Data Engineering

Iot Networks and Systems

Signal Processing and System Design

Applied Probability and Statistics


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