Excel as an innovative leader

"The flexible nature of Western’s engineering program has allowed me to pursue a business opportunity that spawned from an engineering co-op position. My product was validated by Western Baseball and in the engineering labs, and is now the subject of my fourth-year engineering thesis and will be incorporated into my future capstone project."

Mitchell Godkin


Mitchell Godkin is the creator of Leadbury Bat Co. a premium baseball bat manufacturer. Developed and tested at the General Dynamics lab at Western Engineering, his innovative drying method is reinventing baseball bat manufacturing.

Bring your ideas to life through entrepreneurship, design and technical expertise.

Accelerate Your Startup

Western is home to the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, a consolidated entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings research, education and programming created at Ivey Business School to students in all disciplines, and to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

"Western has a great entrepreneurial community and many alumni to support students. Taking Integrated Engineering has taught me the foundations of design innovation and Propel has supported me greatly towards earning my first sale. I am looking forward to seeing how I can grow my business so that I can give back along with the other alumni."

Josh Reding


Josh Reding is the founder of MakerBars, an energy bar company that uses a “meal-kit” to reunite customers with their love of cooking while also providing tasty and affordable bars sourced from Canadian partners.


Engineering Leadership and Innovation Certificate

Enhance your undergraduate education with entrepreneurial knowledge and innovation skills by earning the Engineering Leadership and Innovation Certificate. Students who complete this certificate will acquire practical experience in the creation of new products and services, within startups and established companies. Students will learn how business and engineering perspectives reinforce each other to create long-term value and benefit through the implementation of emerging technologies.