Combined Degrees

The combined degree of engineering and law gave me the opportunity to pursue an uncommon field of study that I have a great interest in. With this program, I have the ability to use my qualitative engineering skills and communicative legal education to impact the industry in a unique way.

Paige Newman

Engineering and Law Student


Western Engineering offers opportunities that allow you to graduate with two full degrees in less time than it would take to complete them individually.

A combined degree gives you a competitive edge towards a rewarding career. You will have the engineering skills and knowledge to become a successful problem solver who is prepared to find solutions to current and future problems around the world in a traditional engineering career or profession of your choice.

Engineering and Ivey HBA

Addressing today’s global, economic, and environmental challenges requires people who are able to find creative yet practical solutions. In just five years, you are prepared to be a technology-proficient leader by combining an Honors Business Administration (HBA) degree at the Ivey Business School with your Bachelor of Engineering Science (BESc) degree.

Engineering and Law

Unique in Canada, the combined degree with Western Law allows you to complete a Juris Doctor (JD) with a Bachelor of Engineering Science (BESc) in six years. This program gives you the legal and engineering knowledge and skills to meet industry demands and solve societal problems.

Biomedical Engineering

We offer degrees that combine Biomedical Engineering with Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical or Mechatronic Engineering. These combinations extend core engineering disciplines to the design and analysis of medical devices and the application of engineering to solve problems in medicine and biomedical sciences.

Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering

Want to help solve global engineering problems using Aritificial intelligence algorithms? We offer degrees that combine Artificial Intelligence Systems with Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical or Mechatronic Engineering. Develop an advanced skill set to ensure that to understand the characteristic behaviour of AI models and be capable of providing accountability in Professional Engineering environments.


Engineering and Your Passion

We offer more than 50 other Concurrent degrees involving a major module in faculties such as Science, Music, Social Science or Arts & Humanities so you can pursue all of your passions in life.