Opportunities Abroad


Travel. Learn a new language. Gain global experience. Help people in need.

Engineers often work for multi-national companies and face opportunities that require a broader vision, communication across cultures, disciplines and languages, and an understanding of other societies and cultures. There are many paths at Western Engineering to prepare you for global impact.



Global and Intercultural Engagement Honor

Western Engineering students have experienced international engagement by travelling to China, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Peru, and other countries.

Once achieved, the Honour will appear on the student's official transcript upon graduation.

Civil Engineering and International Development Program

In this program you will explore the complex societal, environmental, political, and economic issues associated with building safer communities in the developing world. Students can participate in an optional placement opportunity working in developing countries or in-need communities in Canada.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders promotes human development through increasing access to technology to help communities around the world improve their standard of living. Western’s branch has a great variety of portfolios, including advocacy, fair trade, youth and public engagement, as well as a fantastic creative team.

International Experiences

You can complete part of your degree overseas by participating in courses with international components. You will have the option to travel and live abroad while pursuing your studies through academic international exchanges.

International Learning Award

At Western, the world is your classroom. Every student with a cumulative average of at least 70% with a full-time course load at the end of the most recently completed term will be eligible to receive a $1,000 award to help complete an international learning experience.