Experience Western Engineering

Western Engineering does not just provide world-class academics - we develop innovation-ready students through experiential learning, train capable professionals with our co-op programs and research opportunities, and build a strong community with our many clubs and teams.

Become an engineer ready to take on global challenges.

First Year

Your future starts here

Build you future with engineering foundations courtesy of our common first year.

Western Engineering offers you unique possibilities and unparalleled support. You can build your future at Western with co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities.


Get Involved

Try something new. Expand your skill set. Make a difference.

Each year more than 500 Western Engineering students participate in faculty-based groups, clubs and teams.

Western Engineering is described as a 'team sport', so it's no wonder that so many students join our clubs, groups, and teams. By participating in extracurricular activities, you will develop leadership skills, gain hands-on engineering experience, and build a new network of friends.



Accelerate your startup

Bring your ideas to life through entrepreneurship, design and technical expertise.

Western University is home to the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, a consolidated entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings research, education and programming created at Ivey Business School to students in all disciplines, and to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.


Combined Degrees

Gain a competitive edge.

Western Engineering offers opportunities that allow you to graduate with two full degrees in less time than it would take to complete them individually.

A combined degree gives you a competitive edge towards a rewarding career. You will have the engineering skills and knowledge to become a successful problem solver who is prepared to find solutions to current and future problems around the world.



Advance the frontier of knowledge

Start your research journey as an undergraduate student. You will have ample opportunities to participate in research.

At Western Engineering, we conduct research directed towards benefitting society. Our leading-edge research provides the foundation for undergraduate learning and graduate student training.


Opportunities Abroad

Learn and Grow Overseas

Studying abroad, international research opportunities, or faculty-led international programs. Western offers a multitude of ways to gain international experience.

Western makes it easy to gain international experience. With a number of programs to choose from and scholarships to help you get there, we want you to grow as a person through amazing overseas experiences.


Connect with a Student Ambassador

Abbey Slawich

Fifth Year

Electrical Engineering with Long-Term Co-op

Lily Prendergast

Fourth Year

Integrated Engineering with Long-Term Co-op

Joshua Karbi

Fifth Year

Computer Engineering and Ivey HBA

Abby Di Laudo

Second Year

Civil Engineering