Approved Upper Year Non-Technical Elective Courses

The following courses are approved non-technical elective half courses that do not have first year prerequisites. Note that some courses may not be offered in a given year.

Please choose 1.0 credits (one 1.0 credit or two 0.5 credit) courses from the 1000 level and one 0.5 credit from the 2000 (or higher) level.

If you wish to take a course that is not on the list, your choice of elective must be approved by the Associate Dean, Academic (or designate) in the Faculty Engineering. Language courses and courses with a science focus cannot be approved according to CEAB guidelines. This includes the following courses: Economics 2122A/B, 2123A/B, 2141A/B, 2142A/B, Classical Studies 2700A/B, 2700A/B, 2710A/B, 2800A/B and all language courses (learn-to-speak).

American Studies

1020 - An Introduction to American Studies


1020 - Many Ways of Being Human
1025F/G -
 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology 
1026F/G - Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology 
1027A/B - Introduction to Linguistics

Centre for Global Studies (Huron University College)

2340F/G - Mapping the Middle East
2341F/G - Perceptions of the Middle East
3001F/G - Applied Research Ethics for Global Studies
3002F/G -
Participatory Research Methodologies
3003F/G -
Gender and Development
3004A/B -
International Development Project Management
- Contemporary Critical Theory in Global Studies

Classical Studies

1000: Classical Civilization
- Crime and Punishment in Ancient Greece and Rome
2302A/B - Greek and Roman Education
2350A/B - Roman Conquests and Cultural Identities
2440A/B - Alexander the Great
2500A/B - Ancient Cities in the Mediterranean
2810A/B - Ancient Greece on Film
2850A/B - Ancient Rome in Hollywood Epic Films

Comparative Literature and Culture

1020 - From Homer to Picasso: Western Culture Across the Ages 
1040 - 
Ideas and Apps that Changed the World
- Utopias and Visions of the Future
2115F/G - The Irrational in 20th Century Literature and Art
2120F/G - The Grotesque
2130F/G - International Children’s Literature
2150F/G - The Languages of Europe
2191F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*
2192F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*
2193F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*
2194F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*


1021A/B - Principles of Microeconomics 
1022A/B -Principles of Macroeconomics

Economics 1021A/B and 1022A/B or 1020 is a prerequisite for all of the following courses:

2111F/G - Economic History of Canada I (King’s)
2112F/G - Economic History of Canada II (King’s)
2114F/G - Asian Economies (Huron)
2116A/B - Economic History of Canada I
2117A/B - Economic History of Canada II
2120A/B - The Financial Economics of the Firm (Huron)
2121A/B - The Firm and Financial Markets (Huron)
2124A/B - Economic Development I
2125A/B - Economic Development II
2126F/G - The International Economy in Historical Perspective I
2127F/G - The International Economy in Historical Perspective II
2128A/B - Economics of China
2129A/B - Managerial Economics
2150A/B - Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I
2152A/B - Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I
2154A/B - Money
2156A/B - Labor Economics-Bargaining
2157F/G - Urban Economics
2160A/B - Public Finance - Revenue
2161F/G - Income Distribution and Poverty
2166F/G - Economics of Air Transportation
2167A/B - International Economics
2169F/G - Economics of Health Care
2171F/G - Comparative Economic Systems
2172A/B - Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
2182A/B - Economics of Sport
2186A/B* - Special Topics in Economics*
2189A/B* - Special Topics in Economics and Economic Policy*
2190A/B* - Special Topics in Economics and Economic Policy*
2196A/B - Economic History of the United States I
2197A/B - Economic History of the United States II

Engineering Science

3330A/B - Engineering Innovation I: New Venture Creation
- Engineering Innovation II: Managing the Innovation Process
4466A/B - Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation (*note: corequisite is BUS 2257 or BUS 2299)
4480A/B - Engineering Innovation III: Leadership & Corporate Entrepreneurship
4481A/B - Engineering Innovation IV: The Entrepreneurial Environment


1020E - Understanding Literature Today
1022E - 
Enriched Introduction to English Literature
1024E - 
Forms of Fiction: Introduction to Narrative 
1027F/G - 
The Storyteller’s Art I: Introduction to Narrative 
1028F/G -
 The Storyteller’s Art II: Topics in Narrative
2018A/B -
The Culture of Leadership I
2019A/B -
The Culture of Leadership II
2021F/G -
Science Fiction and Religion (Brescia)
- Literature and Film (Huron)
2028F/G - Topics in Literature and Film (Huron)
2071F/G - Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction
2072F/G - Speculative Fiction: Fantasy
2073F/G - Speculative Fiction: Utopias & Dystopias
2074F/G - Mystery and Detective Fiction
2075F/G - Cultures of Blood: The Contemporary Gothic
2091F/G* - Special Topics*
2092F/G* - Special Topics*

Film Studies

1020E - An Introduction to Film
1022 -
 Introduction to Film Studies
- Contemporary American Cinema
2153A/B - American Television and Culture
2158F/G - Contemporary Canadian Cinema
2191F/G* - Special Topics in Film Studies*
2198a/b* - Special Topics in Film Studies*

First Nations Studies

1020E - Introduction to First Nations Studies


2110F/G - Contemporary European Culture: France
2111F* - Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture in English*
2112G* - Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture in English*
2113F* - Special Topics in Francophone Cultural Studies*
2114G* - Special Topics in Francophone Cultural Studies*
2115F* - Special Topics in Language Studies*
2116G* - Special Topics in Language Studies*


1100 - Fundamentals of Geography
1300F/G - 
Physical Geography 
1400F/G - 
How Humans Interact with the World 
1500F/G - 
Environment and Development Challenges
- Geography of Canada
2011A/B - Ontario and the Great Lakes
2020A/B - Latin America and the Caribbean: Landscapes of Inequality
2030A/B - Africa South of the Sahara
2040A/B - Geography of East and Southeast Asia
2041F/G - Geography of China
2045A/B - Russia and the Former Soviet Union: The Legacy
2050A/B - Western Europe
2060A/B - World Cities
2071A/B - World Rivers
2090A/B - Space Exploration
2131A/B - The Natural Environment
2132A/B - Digital Earth
2133A/B - Climate Change
2142A/B - Geopolitics
2143A/B - Foundations of the Geography of World Business
2144F/G - Geography of Tourism
2152A/B - Geography of Hazards
2153A/B - Environment, Economy, and Society
2156A/B - Animal Geographies
2162A/B - Planning Sustainable Cities
2191A/B* - Selected Topics in Geography*
2192A/B* - Selected Topics in Geography*


2140F/G - German-Jewish Literature
2160F/G* - Special Topics in German Studies*
2161F/G* - Special Topics in German Studies*

Health Sciences

1001A/B: Personal Determinants of Health 
1002A/B: Social Determinants of Health


1401E - Modern Europe, 1715 to the Present: Conflict and Transformation 
1601E - 
Survey of East Asian History 
1803E -
 Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce 
1805E -
 Science, Technology, and Global History
1807 -
 The History of Business
1810E -
 Wars that Changed the World
2122A/B -
Building Modern Canada, 1845-1945
2124F/G -
Sounds, Sights & Bits: Explorations in 20th Century Canadian Popular Culture
- Canadian Business and Labor History
2126A/B - Editorial Cartoons in Canadian History (Brescia)
2127F/G - Toward Today's Canada: Selected Themes, Postwar to Present
2129A/B - Why is Canada so Big?  A History of Canada's Size
2131A/B - The Presidency in American History
2132A/B - From Coney Island to The Real Housewives of Beveryly Hills: The History of American Popular Culture
2145A/B - Twentieth Century Totalitarianism
2147A/B - Nazi Germany
2149A/B - Medieval Lives
2158A/B - Food in World History (Brescia)
2163A - Korean Social and Cultural History Before 1900 (King’s)
2165B - Korean Social and Cultural History Since 1900 (King’s)
2168A/B - Tackling Nature: The Environment in Canadian History (Brescia)
2170A/B - Parks, People and Power (Brescia)
2182A/B - Social History of Women in Canada
2183A/B - Women in the Work Force 1700-1990
2190A/B - Crime in North American Society (King's)
2193A/B - Conspiracy Theories in American History (King's)
2194A/B - America at Bat: US History Through Baseball (King's)
2195A/B - Epidemics in North America (King's)
2197A/B - Origins of Global Capitalism (King's)
2296F/G* - Selected Topics in Canadian History*
2299F/G* - Selected Topics in Canadian History*
2303F/G - The Crucible of the Modern World: The United States and the International Community, 1935 to the Present
2415F/G - The History of Crime
2604F/G - European Imperialism in Africa 1830-1994 (Huron)
2067F/G - The History and Civilization of Modern Islam
2608F/G - The History of the Modern Middle East
2703F/G - The Cultural Mosaic and the Melting Pot
2707F/G - Crime and Punishment in Nineteeth Century US, Canada and UK (Huron)
2708F/G - Crime and Punishment in Twentieth Centure US, Canada and UK (Huron)
2709F/G - Race, Rights and Revolution: The Atlantic World in the Eighteenth Century (Huron)
2807F/G - Entrepreneurship in the United States and Canada since 1800
2810F/G - Gender and Modern Europe, 1789-1989 (Huron)
2814F/G - The History of Aviation


2241F/G - Italian Popular Films


1028A/B - Linguistics: Applications and Extensions
2185A/B -
Introduction to Languages in Canada
- Introduction to Language and Gender
2187A/B - Introduction to Language Science

Media, Information and Technoculture

1020E - Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture 
1021F/G - Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture I
1022F/G - Introduction to Meida, Information and Technoculture II-
1050A/B - Navigating Our Media Landscape: #mediaculture

Medieval Studies

1020E - Introduction to Medieval Studies
1025A/B - Introduction to the Medieval World
1026A/B - Introduction to Medieval Cultures and Literatures


1102A/B - Listening to Music 
1170A/B - 
Music in Global Contexts I 
1710F/G -
 Music History: Introduction 
1711F/G -
 Music History: c.900 to c.1600 (prerequisite is Music 1710F/G)
1730A/B -
 Introduction to Popular Music and Culture (prerequisite is Music 1710F/G)
1800A/B -
 Introduction to Music Education
2171A/B -
Music in Global Contexts II
- Post World War II Popular Music
2701A/B - Musical Theatre
2702A/B - Introduction to Jazz


1020 - Introduction to Philosophy 
1022E -
 Advanced Introduction to Philosophy
1100E -
 Philosophy from Antiquity to the 20th Century 
1130F/G -
 Big Ideas 
1200 -
 Reasoning and Critical Thinking
1230A/B -
 Reasoning and Critical Thinking
1260A/B -
 Talking Philosophy
1305F/G - 
Questions of the Day
- Architects of Reason
2010F/G - Philosophy of Food
2026F/G - Philosophy of Economics
2033A/B - Introduction to Environmental Philosophy
2035F/G - Nature, Ecology and the Future
2043F/G - Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
2065F/G - Evil
2072F/G - Bioethics (King’s)
2073F/G - Death
2074F/G - Business Ethics
2075F/G - Business Ethics in a Global Context (King’s)
2077F/G - Gender and Sexuality
2083F/G - Terrorism
2091F/G - Philosophy in Literature
2111F/G - Oriental Philosophy (Huron)
2112F/G - Chinese Philosophy (Huron)
2200F/G - Ancient Philosophy
2202F/G - Early Modern Philosophy
2230F/G - Philosophy and the Arts (Brescia)
2235F/G - The Reel and the Real: Philosophy of Flim (King's)
2253A/B - Introduction to Decision Analysis
2260F/G - Introduction to Philosophy of Language
2400F/G - Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
2410F/G - Issues in Philosophy of Emotions
2500F/G - Introduction to Theory of Knowledge
2553F/G - Forerunners of Existentialism (Huron)
2555F/G - Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
2556F/G - Phenomenology and Diversity
2630F/G - Feminist Philosophy
2661F/G - Philosophy of Religion
2662F/G - Topics in Philosophy of Religion
2663F/G - Ethics and Christianity (Brescia)
2665F/G - Introduction to Jewish Philosophy 1: From the Beginnings to the Italian Renaissance (Huron)
2667F/G - Introduction to Jewish Philosophy 2: Early Modern to Contemporary (Huron)
2668F/G - Introduction to Islamic Thought (King’s)
2670F/G - Philosophy of History (Huron)
2700F/G - Introduction to Ethics and Value Theory
2702F/G - Modes of Normative Reasoning I
2703F/G - Modes of Noirmative Reasoning II
2710F/G - Reproductive Ethics
2715F/G - Health Care Ethics
2720F/G - The Ethics of Professional Relationships
2730F/G - Media Ethics
2740F/G - Philosophy of Human Nature and the Person (King's)
2750F/G - Ethics in Action
2800F/G - History of Political Philosophy
2801F/G - Contemporary Political Philosophy
2810F/G - Global Justice and Human Rights
2812F/G - Cultures, Values, and Human Rights (Huron)
2820F/G - Philosophy of War and Peace (Huron)
2821F/G - Philosophy of Law
2822F/G* - Topics in Philosophy of Law*
2991A/B* - Special Topics in Philosophy*
2993A/B* - Special Topics in Philosophy*
2996F/G* - Special Topics in Philosophy*
2999F/G* - Special Topics in Philosophy*

Political Science

1020E - Introduction to Political Science
- Capitalism and Democracy
2103A/B - Current Issues in Canadian Politics
2133A/B - The Provinces in the Canadian Federation
2135A/B - Canada Abroad
2140A/B - Globalization: Competition and Cooperation
2191A/B* - Selected Topics in Political Science*
2192A/B* - Selected Topics in Political Science*
2200F/G* - Selected Topics in Political Science*
2201F/G* - Selected Topics in Political Science
2220F/G - Government Policy (Brescia)
2255F/G - Women in Political Life (Brescia)
2276F/G - The Politics of Health Care (Brescia)
2277F/G - Education Policy (Brescia)
2286F/G - Policy Analysis
2288A/B - Odd Government (Brescia)


1000 - Introduction to Psychology
- The Human Mind
2011A/B - Altered States of Consciousness (King’s)
2012F/G - Psychology and Diversity (King’s)
2015A/B - The Psychology of Perception
2020A/B - Drugs and Behavior
2021A/B - Addictive Behaviors (King’s)
2030A/B - The Maladjusted Mind
2031A/B - Psychology and Law (King’s)
2035A/B - Psychological Aspects of Life-Skills
2036A/B - The Psychology of Physical Health and Illness
2040A/B - Child Development
2042A/B - Exceptional Children: Behavioral Disorders
2043A/B - Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders
2054A/B - Psychology of Eating (Brescia)
2062A/B - Educational Psychology
2070A/B - Social Psychology

Religious Studies (Huron, King’s, Brescia)

2101A/B - The Hebrew Scriptures (King’s)
2103A/B - Lost Scriptures (King's)
2112F/G - Spirituality Old and New (Huron)
2113F/G - Modernity, Postmodernity and Religion (Huron)
2114A/B - Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Huron)
2122F/G - Introduction to the Old Testament II: History (Brescia)
2123F/G - Introduction to the Old Testament II: The Letters (Brescia)
2124F/G - Introduction to the New Testament (Huron)
2125F/G - Religion, Morality, and Society (Huron)
2126F/G - The Early Church to the Late Middle Ages (Huron)
2127F/G - The Late Middle Ages to the Modern Period and Contemporary World (Huron)
2161A/B - Jesus: From Nazareth to Hollywood (King's)
2162A/B - Love, Wine and Ecstasy: The Poetry of Rumi (King's)
2164F/G - Historical/Critical Interpretation of the Old Testament: An Introduction (Huron)
2166F/G - Violence and Western Religions (King’s)
2168A/B - Angels, Demons and Magic: Jewish Folklore (King's)
2169A/B - Taming the Passions: Sex and Sexuality in Judaism (King's)
2175A/B - Judaism and Islam (King’s)
2180F/G - Spiritual Quests and Popular Culture (King's)
2185A/B - An Unjust God? Job Through the Ages (King's)
2191F/G* - Special Topics* (Brescia, King’s)
2192F/G* - Special Topics* (Brescia)
2200F/G - Approaches to the Study of Religion (King’s)
2201F/G - The Hebrew Scriptures (King’s)
2203F/G - World Religions: Eastern Traditions (King’s)
2204F/G - World Religions: Judaism and Islam (King’s)
2210F/G - The Johannine Writings (King’s)
2211F/G - The Letters of Paul (King’s)
2212F/G - The Synoptic Gospels (King’s)
2213F/G - Prophecy in Israel (King’s)
2217F/G - Education for Religious and Personal Development (Brescia)
2218F/G - Introduction to Christianity (King’s)
2219A/B - Christianity and Islam in Conversation (Brescia)
2222F/G - Feminist Spirituality Today (Brescia)
2225F/G - Religion, Society and Morality (Huron)
2226F/G - Introduction to Themes of the Old Testament (Brescia)
2227F/G - Introduction the Canonical Gospels of the New Testament (Brescia)
2228F/G - Spirituality Old and New (Huron)
2229F/G - Modernity, Post modernity and Religion (Huron)
2238F/G - Fundamental Moral Theology (King’s)
2239F/G - Christian Bioethics (King’s)
2251F/G - Women in the Christian Tradition from the First to the Twelfth Century (Brescia)
2252F/G - Women in the Christian Tradition from the Twelfth Century to the Present (Brescia)
2253F/G - Women in the Christian Tradition and Society (Brescia)
2254F/G - Biblical Women in Contemporary Art and Literature (Brescia)
2255F/G - The Biblical Wisdom Literature (King’s)
2256A/B - Religious and Spiritual Dimensions of Food (Brescia)
2267F/G - Spiritual But Not Religious? (King’s)
2281F/G - Introduction to Buddhism (King’s)
2283F/G - Introduction to Hinduism (King’s)
2284F/G - Introduction to the Religions of China and Japan
2285F/G - Introductions to Islam (King’s)
2286F/G - Introduction to Judaism (King’s)
2287F/G - Religious Perspectives on Marriage and Family (King’s)


1020 - Introduction to Sociology 
1021E -
 Introduction to Sociology
1025A/B -
 Society and You
1026F/G - 
Controversies in Sociology
1027A/B -
 Life is not Always Fair
- The Sociology of Youth
2133A/B - Public Opinion
2134A/B - Civil Society and Social Movement
2144A/B - Sociology of Education
2151A/B - The Evolution of Cities
2152A/B - Life in the Contemporary City
2167A/B - Class, Politics and the State
2172A/B - Advertising and Society
2173A/B - Problems in Mass Society
2179A/B - Promotion of Community Health
2180A/B - Development and Health Inequalities
2191A/B* - Special Topics in Sociology*
2192A/B* - Special Topics in Sociology*
2212A/B - Women and Third World Development

Visual Arts History

1040 - A History of Art and Visual Culture
1041A/B -
 Art, Visual Culture and Power
1043A/B - Art, Architecture, Fashion and Design
1044A/B - Art, Media and Popular Culture
1045F/G - Collecting Art and Culture 
1051F/G - Revivals in Art and Culture 
1054F/G - Introduction to Visual Culture
2191F/G* - Special Topics in Visual Arts*

Visual Arts Studio

1020 - Foundations of Visual Arts
- Image Explorations
2104A/B - Drawing Explorations
2194A/B* - Special Topics in Visual Arts*

Women's Studies

1020E - Introduction to Women's Studies
1021F/G - 
Introduction to Sexuality Studies
1022F/G - 
Gender, Justice, Change
2139A/B - Social History of Women in Canada
2152A/B - Jewish Women Artists and Patrons of the Twentieth Century
2156A/B* - Special Topics in Women’s Studies*
2157A/B - The Status of Women in Artistic Couples
2158A/B - Women Artists and Their Unconventional Images of Women
2159A/B* - Special Topics in Women and the Creative Arts*
2160A/B - Intimate Relations: Sex, Gender and Love
2161A/B - Women and Popular Culture: Garbo to Gaga
2162A/B - The Body
2203F/G - Future Sex: Sex and Science Fiction
2205F/G - Making Men: Critical Studies in Masculinity
2223F/G - Gender, Sexuality and Disability
2233F/G* - Feminist Topics in Sexuality Studies*
2240F/G - Foundations of Feminist Thought
2243F/G* - Feminist Topics in Sexuality Studies*


2101F/G - Introduction to Expository Writing

The following courses are available at the Affiliated Colleges. Western students may register for these courses during course selection provided they are not restricted to the Affiliated College students. 


Dimensions of Leadership 1000A/B
Dimensions of Leadership 1031 
Family Studies 1010A/B
Family Studies 1015A/B
Family Studies 1020
Foods and Nutrition 1021 
History 1201E, History 1401E, History 1403E 
Philosophy 1130F/G
Philosophy 1230A/B 
Philosophy 1300E
Philosophy 1305F/G
Religious Studies 1025E
Religious Studies 1026F/G
Religious Studies 1028F/G 
Religious Studies 1031E
Religious Studies 1032A/B


English 1035E, English 1036E
Centre for Global Studies 1000E
Centre for Global Studies 1021F/G 
Centre for Global Studies 1022F/G 
Centre for Global Studies 1023F/G 
History 1201E, History 1203E, History 1401E
History 1601E, History 1801E
Philosophy 1100E, Philosophy 1200
Philosophy 1230A/B, Philosophy 1250F/G 
Philosophy 1300E, Philosophy 1350F/G
Philosophy 1370A/B
Religious Studies 1010F/G  
Theological Studies 1020E


Childhood and Social Institutions 1025F/G
Disability Studies 1010A/B
History 1201E, History 1401E, History 1403E, History 1601E, History 1801E
Philosophy 1100E, Philosophy 1150E, Philosophy 1300E,
Philosophy 1305F/G, Philosophy 1360E, Philosophy 1361E
Religious Studies 1022A/B
Religious Studies 1023E
Religious Studies 1027E
Religious Studies 1033A/B
Social Justice and Peace Studies 1025F/G
Social Work 1021A/B, Social Work, 1022A/B

* Students must request Special Permission to take “Special Topics” courses after the course outline is available.