Students in a lab Chemical Engineering

Options: Chemical or Biochemical and Environmental
Make the world a greener place. Chemical engineers design, develop and operate chemical and biochemical processes to make products, such as plastics, polymers, medicines, food, fuels, fertilizers, detergents, cosmetics, and consumer goods, at minimum cost in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.


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Civil students in a labCivil Engineering

Options: Structural, Environmental or International Development
Improve society’s quality of life. Civil engineers make communities a safer place by providing essential infrastructure, solving environmental problems resulting from industrialization and resource consumption, and mitigating natural disasters.

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Student in Electrical LabElectrical Engineering

Options: Information Communication and Transmission, Power Systems, Biomedical Engineering
Power the future. Electrical engineers harness electrical energy for human benefit through applications such as telecommunications, digital electronics, computers, robots, generators, electric power distribution systems, and electric cars.


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Female student in a hard hatIntegrated Engineering

Become an innovative leader. Integrated engineers excel in management, are fluent in the languages of multiple engineering disciplines and are cognizant of innovative solutions. Our Integrated program was recently redesigned to address the innovation gap in Canada by developing engineering leadership and innovation skills.

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Students working on a vehicleMechanical Engineering

Design a better tomorrow. Mechanical engineers use fundamental engineering concepts and contemporary design practices to develop new devices, materials, processes and systems, including smart materials, automotive and aerospace systems, conventional and alternative energy systems, and robotics and controls.

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Students working on an electrical boardMechatronic Systems Engineering

Offer new health-care solutions. Mechatronic system engineers combine mechanical, electrical, computer, control, and systems design to create useful products. These principles help generate simpler, more economical, reliable and versatile systems in areas such as health care and rehabilitation.

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Female student writing codeSoftware Engineering

Option: Health Informatics
Develop the next big thing. Software engineers specify, design, implement, and maintain innovative software systems. They apply both computer science and engineering principles and practices to create, operate and maintain software systems.

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