Faculty Awards and Honours 2022/23


Please note that the below award information is updated annually in July/August. For more information, please contact Office of the Dean.

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Vebleo Fellowhip

Ayan Sadhu, CEE

Ethiopian Academy of Sciences

Kibret Mequanint, CBE


Canadian Society for Civil Engineering: P. L. Pratley Award
Ashraf El Damatty, CEE

EEE Canada Fellowship

Xianbin Wang, ECE

Engineering Institute of Canada: K.Y Lo Award
Jingxu (Jesse) Zhu, CBE

Engineering Institute of Canada: John B. Stirling Medal
Jerzy M. Floryan, MME

Engineering Institute of Canada Fellowship
Abdallah Shami, ECE
Charles (Chunbao) Xu, CBE

The Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellowship

Ken Coley, MME

Ajay Ray, CBE

Kibret Mequanint, CBE

Greg Kopp, CEE

Hanif Ladak, ECE

Sohrab Rohani, CBE

Moncef Nehdi, CEE

George Nakhla, CBE

Hanping Hong, CEE

Chemical Institute of Canada Fellowhip

Ajay Ray, CBE 

Chemical Institute of Canada: Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award
Elizabeth Gillies, CBE 

Royal Society of Canada Scholar

Arghya Paul, CBE


Ontario Professional Engineers Award: Engineering Medal for R&D
Ajay Ray, CBE

Western University

Faculty Scholar Award
Ying Zheng, CBE

Wenxing Zhou, CEE