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  • Western Engineering Toboggan Team 2014

    Western Engineering Toboggan Team at GNCTR 2014 : Civil Engineering alumni and students successfully hosted the 2014 GNCTR at Boler Mountain.

  • Video of graduate students

    Graduate Studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Check out our video for more information

  • Professor Gregory Kopp

    Can we build disaster resilient communities?: Western Engineering professor Gregory Kopp shares stories of storm chasing and the results of his ongoing research on how to build disaster-resilient communities at TedxWesternU.

  • Civil Engineering people posing at 2013 CSCE conference

    Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, and Alumni at the 2013 CSCE Conference in Montreal.

News & Events

New storm patterns require new wind engineering
Thomson Reuters Foundation | October 29, 2013
This week’s hurricane-force winds across the UK and northern Europe, the worst in a decade, have mercifully resulted in only a handful of deaths. However, the disruption and chaos they have caused serves as a warning for the future.
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Team looks to steel tower power against storm
Western Engineering News | October 10, 2013
Ashraf El Damatty, along with Engineering professors Eric Savory, Horia Hangan and Girma Bitsuamlak, eight graduate students and two postdocs, have initiated a research program with Hydro One to mitigate future failures of transmission line structures during severe weather strikes.
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Engineering professor builds a cleaner future
Western Engineering News | September 26, 2013
Western Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Ernest Yanful is confident residents of remote African villages will be able one day to pour clean drinking water.
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