The Engineer's Impact


Your inside look at faculty’s research and its effect on society

In this Q&A series, we’ll feature Western Engineering faculty members to gain a succinct overview of their research, understand its impact on society, and discover intriguing little-known facts.

Associate Professor M.R.Najafi aims to understand the effects of climate change on extreme weather events to help mitigate associated risks.

Assistant Professor C.T. DeGroot is focused on creating value from waste to help mitigate the harmful effects of climate change.

Assistant Professor Mohamed Zaki is focused on advancing sustainable mobility & improving smart transportation infrastructure.

Assistant Professor Yimin Yang's research is focused on improving machine intelligence.

Assistant Professor Ana Luisa Trejos is focused on the design, integration, and evaluation of robotic devices that support medical care.

Assistant Professor Soodeh Nikan is developing explainable AI strategies for autonomous vehicles that can imitate human brain perception reasoning.

Assistant Professor Harvey Shi is creating an advanced additive manufacturing platform that self-learns to build energy storage materials of tomorrow.

Assistant Professor Fang Fang is focused on intelligent wireless communication networks, as well as edge computing networks.

Associate Professor Ayan Sadhu is developing smart monitoring technologies with AI to make structural inspections more efficient and safe.

Assistant Professor Naomi Klinghoffer develops processes to make renewable fuels and chemicals from biomass, waste, and CO2.

Assistant Professor Yang Zhao’s research on the development of next-generation batteries could be a strong sustainable energy solution.

Assistant Professor Firouz Ajaei is focused on systems that aid the integration of renewable energy resources and storage systems in the power grid.

Assistant Professor Emily Lalone is researching joint movement in the hand and upper limbs to help develop new strategies for regaining function after injury.

Professor Maged Youssef is aiming to understand the behaviour of structures exposed to extreme events to help ensure public safety.

Assistant Professor Bing Li's research monitors and characterises geological energy applications such as volcanoes and mining.

Associate Professor Remus Tutunea-Fatan's research focuses on the design and manufacturing of functional surfaces.

Assistant Professor Katarina Grolinger aims to make better use of IoT data by devising machine learning solutions for a variety of domains.

Professor Wenxing Zhou develops methodologies and tools to ensure the structural integrity of oil and gas pipelines under different threats.

Assistant Professor Ryan Willing has been involved in biomechanical engineering research for more than 10 years.

Kelly Ogden joined Western Engineering in 2019, and is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Our inaugural faculty member is software engineering associate professor Aleks Essex, who specializes in cybersecurity.