Greg Kopp receives Engineering Medal in Research and Development


Western Engineering professor Greg Kopp (Jacob Arts/Western Engineering photo)


Western Engineering professor Greg Kopp has been awarded the Engineering Medal in Research and Development by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. This medal recognizes professional engineers who have improved our quality of life through the ingenious application of their engineering skills. 

The Engineering Medal in Research and Development is given to association members who have used new knowledge in developing useful, novel applications, or advancing engineering knowledge or applied science, or discovering or extending any of the engineering or natural sciences.

“I am truly grateful and honoured that my research has been recognized in this way. It would not have been possible without the amazing support from many colleagues and partners like ICLR and ImpactWX, together with the contributions from many talented, hard-working students,” says Kopp, who is also the co-founder and leader of the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP). 

Kopp has been at the forefront of wind engineering, pioneering solutions to mitigate damage from extreme storms and enhance public safety. Throughout his research career, Kopp has demonstrated a commitment to safeguarding buildings and infrastructure against severe weather impacts.

Kopp has transformed our understanding of tornado occurrences in Canada. Under his guidance, the NTP has become the go-to authority for assessing tornado frequency and intensity, providing vital data to inform building codes and standards.

His efforts have not only bolstered public safety but also resulted in tangible reductions in storm-related losses and damages. A significant milestone in his career includes championing Canada's inaugural consensus-based design standard for tornado-resistant wood-frame houses, a benchmark with global implications for bolstering building resilience.

In addition to his research accomplishments, Kopp has also held key leadership roles in professional organizations and collaborated actively with charities to aid in disaster recovery efforts.  Through partnerships with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), Kopp has bridged the gap between research and practical solutions, fostering the creation of tornado-resilient communities.