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December 2012

Green toilet is goal for Western engineering prof
London Free Press | December 27, 2012
What do a Western University engineer, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and a toilet have in common? Creating safe and sustainable sanitation for the 2.6 billion people worldwide who don’t have it — at least that’s the goal.
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Hasegawa’s entrepreneurial spirit ready to tackle ‘The Next 36’
Western Engineering News | December 20, 2012
Lauren Hasegawa is already feeling the pressure. The fourth-year civil engineering student has hit the ground running as one of six Western students selected as part of ‘The Next 36,’ an entrepreneurial business incubator for innovative Canadian undergraduates.
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Western helps Bitsuamlak to do research with impact
Western Engineering News | December 7, 2012
Girma Bitsuamlak felt drawn to Western University and its experts in wind engineering since he was a student; it just took him a few years to get here.
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Book explores the research magic of Alan G. Davenport
Western Engineering News | December 7, 2012
A new book on the life and career of Alan G. Davenport explores how this “Wind Wizard” took to the world stage and shaped the future of civil engineering.
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Building a new life
Giving to Western | December 5, 2013
Civil engineering student Robyn Barr earned the Charles Yip Memorial 125th Anniversary Alumni Award, established by Mr. Henry Yip to honour his father.
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Western prof aims to make us poop green
The Gazette | December 4, 2012
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently granted $2.2 million to an international research team from Western, the University of Toronto and the University of Queensland for their ‘Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.’
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Lauren Hasegawa named among Canada's Next 36
Western News | December 3, 2012
Six Western students from three faculties, including Lauren Hasegawa of Western Engineering, have been selected as part of 'The Next 36' – a search for Canada’s most promising and innovative undergraduates.
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Western Engineering professors team up with Morrison Hershfield and Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Western Engineering News | December 3, 2012
In preparation for the retirement of experienced bridge design engineers, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is working with Morrison Hershfield and professors from Western Engineering to bridge the knowledge gap.
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November 2012

Sustainable toilet research fueled by $2.2 million grant
Western News | November 29, 2012
An international team of researchers, which includes Western Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Jason Gerhard, has received a major grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue work on designing for a waterless, hygienic toilet that is safe and affordable for people in the developing world.
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Toilet research awarded $2.2 million grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Sacramento Bee | November 29, 2012
A University of Toronto engineering team has received a major grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue work on designing for a waterless, hygienic toilet that is safe and affordable for people in the developing world. Western Engineering professor Jason Gerhard is also a key collaborator on the project.
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Software Engineering PhD candidate named Ontario Trillium Scholarship winner
Western News | November 28, 2012
Wilson Higashino, PhD candidate in Software Engineering, is among seven Western University graduate students named recipients of the 2012 Ontario Trillium Scholarships. His work at Western focuses the development of more sophisticated multi-cloud computing applications.
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Western University ad campaign connects back to Western Engineering
Western Engineering News | November 27, 2012
Western University has recently launched a new ad campaign to showcase The Western Experience. The campaign highlights the university’s academic excellence with life-long opportunities for intellectual, social and cultural growth in order to better serve our communities.
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Simonović publishes book on flood risk management
Cambridge University Press | November 2012
Slobodan P. Simonović, Civil and Environmental Engineering professor, has published a new book, titled: Floods in a Changing Climate: Risk Management through Cambridge University Press. The book explores flood risk management as a framework for identifying, assessing and prioritizing climate-related risks and developing appropriate adaptation responses.
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Sightline Innovation, Western University collaborate on SAR2 research project
Cabling Network Systems | November 19, 2012
Sightline Innovation Inc., a Toronto-based technology company, and the Faculty of Engineering at Western University, have released details on the SAR2 research project.
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Elizabeth Gillies: Future of materials
Western News | November 16, 2012
In the field of materials, I think we need to look both forward and backward when we think about what to expect over the next 40 years.
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Franco Berruti: Future of renewable energy
Western News | November 16, 2012
In 2052, it is expected that 1.5 billion people will populate the industrialized world, and 8.5 billion will live in developing countries. The world energy demand has followed a similar, but much steeper trend.
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Fraunhofer ICT and University of Western Ontario open research facility in Canada
Composites World | November 10, 2012
The 12,000 ft2 (1,115m2) Fraunhofer Project Centre (FPC) for Composites Research will focus on volume production of lightweight composites for transportation, construction, industrial and aerospace applications.
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Users can learn when the next LTC ride is coming
London Free Press | November 6, 2012
Two Western University students (including Dan Martyn, a recent graduate of Western’s software engineering program) have created an app — London On Time — that tells you when to expect the bus, right down to the second. Since the free app launched Oct. 15, it’s been downloaded more than 1,200 times, Taylor said.
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Western, Fraunhofer celebrate launch of lightweight composites centre
Western News | November 6, 2012
A full house of local, national and international leaders helped Western and Germany's Fraunhofer Society launch the Fraunhofer Project Centre (FPC) for Composites Research at Western at the centre’s Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) location on Monday.

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German giant Fraunhofer sets up shop in the Forest City
London Free Press | November 6, 2012
Hanging chads in Florida and U.S. presidential politics may have played a crucial role in how a futuristic research facility landed in London. German giant Fraunhofer shared a stage Monday with politicians and officials at Western University, at a facility that already has big clients in Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.
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Harper government supports advanced manufacturing partnerships
Government of Canada News Release | November 5, 2012
Manufacturers in southern Ontario working on the production of innovative lightweight materials will benefit from Western University's new Fraunhofer Project Centre and a centre for commercialization of advanced manufacturing technology, thanks to an investment from the Harper Government.
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German research facility creates 20 new jobs in London
Metro News | November 5, 2012
A German research company moved into a state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot building in northeast London on Monday to become the first tenant of the city’s new Advanced Manufacturing Park.
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FedDev pumping $10 million into London Fraunhofer Project Centre
London Free Press | November 5, 2012
More advanced manufacturing research, and the jobs that come with it, are coming to London.A London research centre will get more than $10 million from FedDev Ontario Monday, creating 20 direct research jobs making lightweight manufacturing materials.
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CTV News | November 5, 2012
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The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western is "officially open for business"
Western Engineering News | November 5, 2012
Officially opened Monday, Nov. 5, the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western is North America’s latest industry-scale production environment for developing, testing, validating and characterizing new lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing processes.
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Driving the future: Western, Fraunhofer partnership answers 'The Why'
Western News | November 1, 2012
What brought Tobias Potyra, Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology manager of operations, and his company to Western, and its Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), will not only be celebrated next week, but hopefully resonate at the university for years to come.
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Engineers Without Borders help smash poverty during annual Pumpkin Drop
Western Engineering News | November 1, 2012
Western University's Engineers Without Borders (EWB) student club hosted its 8th annual Pumpkin Drop on Thursday, Nov. 1 on UC Hill.
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CFI President and CEO delivers Western Engineering Distinguished Lecture
Western Engineering News | November 1, 2012
Gilles Patry, President and CEO of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, delivered the Western Engineering Distinguished Lecture on "Driving Innovation in Canada" on Thursday, Nov. 1.
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October 2012

Charpentier among Ontario’s 2012 Green Chemistry and Engineering Award winners
Ministry of the Environment | October 30, 2012
Paul Charpentier, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering professor, is a recipient of Ontario’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Awards for his nanotechnology research in developing ways to generate electricity from sunlight more cost-effectively and efficiently.
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Adawi receives CPCI Ontario Chapter scholarship for research in precast concrete
Western Engineering News | October 18, 2012
Aiham Adawi, PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been awarded a 2012 Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) Scholarship for his research in precast concrete.
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Young women explore the exciting world of engineering at Go ENG Girl
Western Engineering News | October 15, 2012
Western Engineering hosted Go ENG Girl on Saturday, Oct. 13. The program is an exciting opportunity for young women in Grades 7 to 10 to learn about the wonderful world of Engineering - a Caring Profession!
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Western University racers: We’re Mustangs, too
Metro London | October 14, 2012
The Western Mustangs are known as football, basketball, and hockey teams. But for 25 years, Western has had a formula racing team of engineering students who design, build, and race a new car each year.
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Girma Bitsuamlak named Tier Two Canada Research Chair in Wind Engineering
Western Engineering News | October 12, 2012
Girma Bitsuamlak, associate director, WindEEE Research Institute, has been named a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Wind Engineering. His research combines the use of experiments and computer simulations to uncover the impact of hurricanes, tornadoes and downbursts on buildings and energy infrastructure.
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Western Engineering welcomes international first-year students
Western Engineering News | October 11, 2012
Western Engineering held an event Oct. 11 to welcome international first-year students to the faculty. The students hail from seven different countries, including Barbados, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Tanzania.
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Western Engineering student team wins big at Big Beam Competition
Western Engineering News | October 1, 2012
A team of Western Engineering students has taken a top prize in the PCI Engineering Student Design Award “Big Beam Competition.” The student team received first place in the international zone and won best video.
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Novus aligns with the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory
Western Engineering News | October 1, 2012
The Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group at Western University has partnered with Novus Environmental Inc. to offer a full range of building design services to clients, including wind-tunnel modeling.
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September 2012

Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western
Western University | September 29, 2011
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Western Engineering students committed to revitalizing undergraduate labs and facilities
Western Engineering News | September 28, 2012
The Undergraduate Engineering Society recently created a new fund called the Western Engineering Student Endowment Laboratory (WESEL) Fund, in response to a need to revitalize and update our undergraduate labs and facilities.
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Western Engineering ranks second on Corporate Knights survey
Western Engineering News | September 25, 2012
Western Engineering ranked second place in the 2012 Corporate Knights Magazine survey, claiming the spot for the second year in a row.
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The Gazette | September 19, 2012
This is no go-kart. It’s a Formula racecar. It goes from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in just 3.4 seconds, and it was designed and built by the students of Western’s Formula racing team to compete against other cars designed, built and driven by students from universities around the world.
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Year-long project of the arts and engineering faculties at Western University
London Free Press | September 19, 2012
Arts and engineering students aren’t typically known for collaborating. But a Western University bike racks initiative brought the two faculties — one known for right-brain thinkers, the other for left-brain thinkers — together to give a boost to eco-friendly transportation and public art at the same time.
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James Douglas (J.D.) Hole, BESc’67, to receive 2012 L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal
Western Engineering News | September 17, 2012
An active member of the community and a supporter of educational institutions and the arts, James Douglas (J.D.) Hole, BESc‘67, has been selected the recipient of the 2012 L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal from Western Engineering.
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Unique skills give Moran edge in oil sands industry
Western Engineering News | September 17, 2012
Kevin Moran, BESc’96, has worked in the Canadian oil sands for the past 15 years and is committed to mitigating the environmental impact of one of the world’s largest reservoirs of hydrocarbons.
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Sparking changes across Western's campus
Western Engineering News | September 17, 2012
You can see the handiwork of Bob Gordon, BESc’86 (Electrical), all across his alma mater. The president and senior electrical engineer of Chorley + Bisset Ltd., a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm based in London, Ont., Gordon has overseen the electrical designs of several Western University buildings.
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London, Ontario dome built to explore wind
Daily Commercial News | September 4, 2012
Local storms, like the tornado that devastated Goderich, Ontario last year, are responsible for more than 65 per cent of wind-related damage in North America’s interior, says a Western University engineering professor.
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August 2012

Western Engineering students receive startup seed money for mobile app
Western Engineering | August 30, 2012
Three of Western’s engineering students have been recognized by a startup company incubator for their company, Coachd Inc., a mobile app that uses professional athletes to coach users through their workouts.
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New surgeons use robots to train
London Free Press | August 29, 2012
Practice makes perfect, even with a robotic arm. Western Engineering professors Dr. Louis Ferreira and Dr. James Johnson, co-directors of St. Joseph's Hand and Upper Limb Centre, expect surgeons-in-training to soon be going at cadavers using surgical simulators and computer-guided tracking systems and robotic arms.
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Sanitation: Flushed with pride
The Economist | August 15, 2012
Jason Gerhard, Canada Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Restoration Engineering at Western Engineering, is part of a team of researchers from the University of Toronto who were the third-place recipients of the Reinvent The Toilet Challenge posed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The team designed a toilet that treats urine and feces separately using sand.
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July 2012

Langohr named recipient of Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Western News | July 23, 2012 

Daniel Langohr, biomedical engineering PhD candidate, is a recipient of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, the country’s most prestigious scholarship for doctoral students. His research focuses on the biomechanics of reverse shoulder implants with special interest in impingement and wear. 

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Former Mustangs keep their oars in the water
Western News | July 18, 2012
Glen Burston, BESc’93, MEng’02, along with fellow former Mustang Craig McAllister, have since hung up their rowing oars in the competitive sense, but continue to test the business waters at Hudson Boats Works, a London, Ont.-based manufacturer of Olympic-class rowing shells and world leader in the development of racing hull shapes.
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Meet the monster press
London Community News | July 11, 2012
It looks like a support tower for a bridge and if dropped, the resulting shockwave could damage nearby buildings. The monstrous Compress Plus 2500T press is the centerpiece of the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composite Research (FPC), a collaborative research project between the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), a German research and development firm, and Western University.
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June 2012

Explore engineering with the Western Engineering Summer Academy Western
Engineering News | June 29, 2012
Sarah DeDecker and Mackenzie Atkinson know what it is like to be on the other side of the coin. They both participated in Western Engineering’s Summer Academy and now are helping mentor high school youth as counselors of the program.
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Jiang to be named International Society of Automation fellow
Western Engineering News | June 25, 2012
Jin Jiang, professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been elected fellow of the International Society of Automation (ISA) in recognition of his superior performance and contribution to engineering and science in the field of automation.
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Western projects get internal boost
Western News | June 21, 2012
Four Western Engineering researchers are one step closer towards moving their work toward commercialization with awards from the Western Innovation Fund. Electrical and Computer Engineering professors Jin Jiang and Jayshri Sabarinathan, and Mechanical and Materials Engineering professors Kamran Siddiqui and Jun Yang are among the award recipients.
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Thompson ends term by looking ahead
Western News | June 21, 2012
John Thompson, BESc'66, LLD'94, retired executive vice-chairman of the board of IBM – where he had oversight responsibility for worldwide technology, manufacturing and business strategy – wraps up his four-year term as Western Chancellor this month.
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Rockex appoints new chief executive officer
Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal | June 19, 2012
Rockex Mining Corporation has appointed Edward (Ted) Yew, BESc’04, as president and chief executive officer. The public company is focused on the development of the Lake St. Joseph iron ore deposit in northwestern Ontario.
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Toronto’s Karakatsanis elected president of Engineers Canada
Daily Commercial News | June 15, 2012
Professional engineer Catherine Karakatsanis, the Toronto-based executive vice-president of the building, technology and energy global business unit of Morrison Hershfield, has been elected president of Engineers Canada.
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Western Engineering students take three top prizes at CSCE conference
Western Engineering News | June 15, 2012
Western Engineering students took home three awards at the 2012 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) Conference held in Edmonton June 6-9.
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Material Gain
Business London | June 2012
When science fiction comes true, the process often lean more toward evolution than big bang. Tobias Potyra, manager of operations at the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western and Jeff Wood, associate professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, discuss how the research facility will make London an international hub for composites research and development.
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Shuhui Sun awarded 2012 Governor General’s Gold Medal
Western Engineering News | June 13, 2012
Western Engineering alumnus Shuhui Sun, PhD'11, has been honoured with the 2012 Governor General’s Gold Medal for graduate study at Western University. These medals recognize students who have completed their graduate studies at the highest level of academic standing.
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Engineering researchers win IEEE Best Paper Award
Western Engineering News | June 13, 2012
Western Engineering postdoctoral fellow Weikun Hou and his supervisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Xianbin Wang, have won a Best Paper Award at IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) Signal Processing for Communications Symposium, together with their collaborator, professor Jean-Yves Chouinard, from Laval University.
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Building research success
Western Engineering News | June 6, 2012
Western University's Advanced Manufacturing Park is starting to take shape with the ongoing construction of the WindEEE Dome and the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western. Watch the progress unfold through photos of the construction.
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24th Canadian Materials Science Conference
Western Engineering News | June 5, 2012
Western Engineering is hosting the 24th Canadian Materials Science Conference on Western’s campus from June 5 – 8, 2012. The theme of the conference is: Materials: Atoms to Applications. For more information, please visit the conference website.
4th Annual LANXESS-SSW Symposium on Flexible Organic Materials and Devices
Western Engineering News | June 6, 2012
The 4th Annual LANXESS-SSW Symposium will take place Fri. June 8 at the Western Research Park.  Researchers from Canada and the U.S. will present at this event, including one of the pioneers in the field, Professor Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University.  For more information, please contact Jun Yang.
Berruti awarded 2012 Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice Western
Western Engineering News | June 5, 2012
Franco Berruti, Western Engineering of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering professor and director of the Institute of Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR), has been awarded the 2012 Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice.
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University Machine Services launches new website
Western Engineering News | June 5, 2012
University Machine Services (UMS) has launched a new website to offer further support and information about services to clients at Western University and in the community. UMS is an ancillary service located in the Thompson Engineering Building at Western University. Their goal is to provide assistance to the institution and industry through the design and manufacture of specialized components and equipment.
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Charles Xu awarded CSChE 2011 Syncrude Canada Innovation Award
Engineering Dimensions | May/June 2012
Charles Xu, associate professor of Chemical Engineering and NSERC/FPInnovations Industrial Research Chair in Forest Biorefinery, has been awarded the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering’s (CSChE) 2011 Syncrude Canada Innovation Award. The award is given to an individual under 40-years-old for a distinguished contribution to the field of chemical engineering while working in Canada.
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Western Engineering’s Chem Club awarded CSChE Student Chapter Merit
Engineering Dimensions | May/June 2012
Western Engineering’s Chem Club was awarded the 2011 Student Chapter Merit Award for initiative and originality in student chapter programming in chemical engineering by the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE). Also, Western Engineering student Sara Makaremi came in third place in the CSChE Graduate Student Poster Competition.
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Researchers Demonstrate New Groundwater Clean-Up Technology Using Iron Nanoparticles | June 4, 2012
According to Denis O’Carroll, a visiting scholar at the University of New South Wales Water Research Lab, iron nanoparticles coated with a rust-preventing polymer show promise in cleaning up toxic chemicals from groundwater.
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Nanoparticles seek, destroy groundwater toxins
R & D Magazine | June 4, 2012
Iron nanoparticles encapsulated in a rust-preventing polymer coating could hold potential for cleaning up groundwater contaminated with toxic chemicals, says Denis O'Carroll, a leading water expert who is currently a visiting academic at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).
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The Wind Whisperer
Canadian Underwriter | June 2, 2012
Who has seen the wind? Dr. Gregory Kopp has. Kopp is a professor in civil engineering at Western University in London, Ontario. His observations regarding the effects of wind forces on houses is a key factor in helping the Canadian property and casualty insurance industry advocate for building safer homes.
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Karakatsanis Appointed as Engineers Canada President
Canadian Newswire | June 1, 2012
Engineers Canada has appointed Catherine Karakatsanis, BESc'83, MESc'91, as its president for 2012-2013. Karakatsanis will lead the Engineers Canada Board as it works with the engineering profession's constituent associations across Canada, representing the over 250,000 members of the engineering profession.
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May 2012

Automotive research gets direct injection
Western News | May 31, 2012
Research led by Western Engineering professors Jeffrey Wood, Xianbin Wang and Weiming Shen is among three Western-led projects targeting smarter systems, better materials and safer roadways benefiting from a $22 million investment by Canada’s automotive research program, the AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence.
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Hydro One announces new research chair at Western University
Western Engineering News | May 29, 2012
Building on a decade-long relationship, Hydro One Networks Inc. continues to invest in teaching and research at Western University with the appointment of Rajiv K. Varma, associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as the Hydro One Chair in Power Systems Engineering, effective January 1, 2012.
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Badges from boats, bridges
London Community News | May 27, 2012
Western University's Faculty of Engineering welcomed 65 eager, young Girl Guides to the campus on Saturday, May 26, to better experience the world of engineering and to help them earn their Girl Guide engineering badges.
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Perfect summer running down perfect storms
Western News | May 24, 2012
This won’t be a summer at the beach for Maryam Refan. Three weeks into a summer-long stay in ‘Tornado Alley’, the Mechanical Engineering PhD student plans to spend her holiday chasing tornadoes – all in the name of research.
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Western Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards
Western Engineering News | May 18, 2012
Western Engineering held its annual Faculty and Staff Awards banquet Thursday, May 17 to recognize the accomplishments and successes within the faculty throughout the year.
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A funny thing happened on the way to the lab
Western Alumni Gazette | Spring 2012
Under the Western Engineering jacket of Jeff Burney beats the heart of a filmmaker, T-shirt designer and newspaper cartoonist.
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Making 'scents' of an engineering degree
Western Alumni Gazette | Spring 2012
Becoming a fragrance industry entrepreneur wasn’t even in the realm of possibility for Ashlee Firsten, BESc'06, when she arrived at Western.
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Opportunity to attend conference in Russia “will stay with me forever”
Western Engineering News | May 16, 2012
Second-year Electrical Engineering student Nikita Babailov and first-year students Nicole Wight and Ogo Velikonja, travelled to Russia to participate in the “Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources" forum, which was held on April 25-27 at St. Petersburg State Mining Institute-Technical University.
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Building the WindEEE Dome
Western Engineering News | May 16, 2012
Construction on the Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment (WindEEE) Dome is well underway at the Western University's Advanced Manufacturing Park. This video, filmed by Facilities Management project manager Mike DeJager, is captured from inside and outside the upper fan chamber of the inner dome.
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Western Engineering students trade textbooks for plane tickets this summer
Western Engineering News | May 8, 2012
From the United States, Russia and India to China, Tanzania and Madagascar, several Western Engineering students will be traveling abroad this summer to conduct research and gain hands-on experience. Some of the students will be blogging about their activities.
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Robinson named one of Ontario’s most promising researchers
Western News | May 4, 2012
Clare Robinson, assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and research director of the Geotechnical Research Centre, is a recipient of Ontario’s Early Researcher Awards for her work studying how groundwater contributes to pollution in the Great Lakes. The awards program supports world-leading researchers, such as Robinson, make new discoveries while helping to build their research teams.
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$1.125-million donation to Western key to environmental stewardship
Western News | May 3, 2012
A new donation of $1.125 million by Newalta Corporation will support research and development efforts at Western to discover technologies to protect the environment and create value from perceived wastes generated by industrial sectors such as oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, mining and manufacturing.
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Porter presented the Western Award of Excellence
Western Engineering News | May 1, 2012
Western Engineering technical specialist Eugen Porter was among the 2012 recipients of the Western Award of Excellence. He was honoured during a special ceremony on Feb. 16. Watch a video of the presentation of the internal award designed to recognize the tremendous work staff performs in support of providing an outstanding Western experience.
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April 2012

Western grad’s Sky Eye turns aerial photography into moneymaker
Metro News | April 26, 2012
Chris Bacik didn’t set out to become a business mogul. Truth be told, the 22-year-old Western University grad was more interested in earning a few extra bucks than making it big when Sky Eye Media started two years ago. Now, with a new bachelor’s degree in engineering and an honours in business administration under his belt, Bacik is toying with the idea of making the company his full-time gig.
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CPSX Spotlight: PhD candidate Raymond Francis
Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration | April 25, 2012
Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD candidate Raymond Francis steps into the spotlight at the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration for a interview on his research; what inspired him to study planetary science and study at Western; and offers advice to students interested in pursuing the field.
[Read more] [Read about his work with the Thames Valley District School Board]

Civil engineering graduate students recognized for commitment to the environment
Western Engineering News | April 4, 2012
Two graduate students from Western University’s department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have been awarded Ross and Jean Clark Scholarships.
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Getting the fastest education on four wheels
Western News | April 19, 2012
Tyler Ouellet and Jordan Dil have put hundreds of hours into one particular extracurricular activity on campus this past year. There’s no pay, they get greasy and, at times, don’t get home until after midnight. And they wouldn’t change a thing. The fourth-year Engineering students are part of the Western Engineering Formula Racing Team.
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Top students provide academic mentorship to first-year students
Western Engineering News | April 17, 2012
Anish Naidu may not have been the one to write the tests, but because of him fellow Western Engineering students are making the grade. Naidu is one of the faculty’s four Super Tutors, a program started in September 2011 to provide support and academic mentorship to first-year students.
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Chislett named to Ontario’s Clean Energy Task Force
Ministry of Energy | April 12, 2012
Michelle Chislett, BESc'03, (MBA York), has been named to Ontario’s Clean Energy Task Force, which has been established to help broaden the province’s energy focus. Chislett is chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Solar Industries Association, vice-president of Solar Development for International Power Canada, Inc., and a member of the Advisory Council of Western Engineering.
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Western project eyes lead in municipal drinking water
Western News | April 10, 2012
Western Engineering professors José Herrera and Clare Robinson will lead one of two new municipal research projects that will forecast lead levels in municipal drinking water, and develop sustainable wastewater treatment systems in First Nations communities in Ontario’s north.
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Students work to reduce barriers to accessibility
Western Engineering News | April 5, 2012
Western Engineering students demonstrated their inventiveness and creativity at the First-Year Engineering Design Showcase on Thursday, April 5 in the Great Hall. The 96 teams designed projects based on the theme, “Reducing Barriers to Accessibility.”
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Eldyasti recognized for commitment to environmental engineering research
Western Engineering News | April 4, 2012
Working with chemical engineering professors Jesse Zhu and George Nakhla, PhD candidate Ahmed Eldyasti is researching ways to improve biological nutrient removal (BNR) from municipal and industrial wastewater. He is the most recent recipient of the Julie Lassonde Scholarship, awarded to a full-time graduate student who demonstrates making a difference in Ontario, Canada and the world.
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Curnoe, Chambers proof great things can start here
London Free Press | April 2, 2012
If London had a poster boy, it could be Joel Adams, BESc/HBA’00. Born and raised in London, a downtown resident and Western University graduate, Adams now helms the research park, the university's economic development arm and an incubator for the who's who of London start-ups.
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March 2012

Zhu named a Distinguished University Professor
Western News | March 29, 2012
Jesse Zhu, professor and Canada Research Chair in Powder Technology Applications in Western’s Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, is a recipient of the Distinguished University Professorship (DUP) award. The DUP recognizes excellence in the areas of teaching, research and service over a substantial career at Western. As well, Western Engineering’s Ajay Ray and Jun Yang were named Faculty Scholars.
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Western Engineering showcases its research to university, industry
Western Engineering News | March 28, 2012
The Faculties of Engineering, Science and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University presented the Western Research Showcase March 21 in the Great Hall. The event is an opportunity for partnerships and networking between industry and university researchers.
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Capstone Design Competition winners announced
Western Engineering News | March 27, 2012
The 2012 Capstone Design Competition was held on March 23 at the Research Park in Sarnia. Fourteen groups from Western Engineering's Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Green Process Engineering participated in three categories. The event was sponsored by 14 southern Ontario companies, which donated $14,500 for the event and prizes for the winners of the competition.
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Mavriplis encourages young women to be leaders
Western Engineering News | March 22, 2012
Catherine Mavriplis delivered the 2012 Lynda Shaw Memorial Distinguished Lecture on “Advancing Women in Science and Engineering: What Can Be Done?” at Western Engineering on March 22. Mavriplis is an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa and NSERC / Pratt & Whitney Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for the Ontario Region. She encourages women to act as leaders, even at a young age, and sees room for engineers to improve their image in society.
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Oil Sands give Canada its world energy advantage, says Thompson
Western Engineering News | March 22, 2012
Don Thompson, Executive Advisor, Sustainability and Oil Sands Outreach, Canadian Oil Sands Limited, delivered a lecture at Western Engineering on March 21 on "Canadian Oil Sands - Canada's Energy Advantage." As Canada develops this resource, it must continue to work to achieve the balance between economic contribution, environmental sustainability and energy security, he says.
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Relationships are key, new Ontario Road Builders’ Association president says
Daily Commercial News | March 22, 2012
Newly elected Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) president Jim Hurst, BESc’87, Civil and Environmental Engineering, got his feet wet in the industry as a field engineer on the $1 billion Highway 407 project north of Toronto while employed at Armbro Construction Ltd.
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Funding boost for research into new crop option for Sand Plains farmers
Western Engineering News | March 21, 2012
Research by the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR) at Western Engineering into the economic potential of the Jerusalem Artichoke received an investment of up to $133,500 from the federal government. Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley announced the support for project to determine the plant's economic potential as an industrial crop and as feedstock to produce biofuels and biochemicals.
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Bridging the gap between city, university
Western News | March 8, 2012
A group of fourth-year civil engineering students could very well have their names on a Canadian first should the City of London run with their innovative bridge design.
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'Scary' experience twists research
Western News | March 8, 2012
Research met reality for Western Engineering professor Horia Hangan on a recent trip to the western United States. And that gave the WindEEE Dome principal investigator some new ideas.
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Western Engineering launches international web portal
Western Engineering News | March 6, 2012
Western Engineering has launched a web portal for international experiences and opportunities in Western Engineering. This site provides information about Western Engineering’s international activity at the university and globally for interested current students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as prospective international students and faculty and staff members.
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Engineering students offer designs for new city developments
Western Engineering News | March 6, 2012
Fourth- year Civil and Environmental Engineering students could see their designs for a footbridge over the Thames River at Harrison Park and a chemical treatment system at Greenway Pollution Control Centre put into action. Student teams Sigma Innovations, RDA Consulting and McENN Inc. topped the 2012 City of London Design Competition, held Friday, March 2 at Western Engineering. The winning designs will be shared with city representatives and consultants working on the designs of these projects.
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Options wide open for engineering grads
Edmonton Journal | March 2, 2012
Engineering graduates  are in high demand, says Western Engineering alumna Kirsten Petersen, an engineer-in-training at a major oil company, and Jessica Barker, a master's student in environmental engineering. The pair discusses how corporations are rapidly investing in young engineering talent to replace retiring baby boomers.
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Painting a bigger picture with microalgae
Western News | March 1, 2012
Wankei Wan, Biochemical Engineering professor, has found an unusual application for his research on the production of microalgae. Pigment produced from microalgae in his lab has inspired Western Visual Arts student Jesse Robertson to paint vibrant works of art.
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February 2012

Isyumov to receive Jack Cermak Medal for lifetime achievement
Western Engineering News | February 21, 2012
Nick Isyumov, consulting director for the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, has been named the 2012 recipient of the “Jack Cermak Medal” from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The award is for lifetime achievement in the field of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. ASCE will award the medal at the upcoming 2012 ASCE Structures Congress held in Chicago, Illinois March 29-31.
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Winning CEC 2014 bid was just the beginning
Western Engineering News | February 21, 2012
Making the case to host the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) at Western University put a lot of pressure on Gail Hayhoe and Michael Zawalsky. But the pair faced the challenge and won the bid for Western Engineering in 2014 during the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students Congress held in Whitehorse, Yukon, Jan. 4-10.
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PalmPass gets your ticket to ride
Western News | February 16, 2012
Software Engineering student Sajjad Haiderali and Kinesiology master’s student Bryn Jones have developed PalmPass – a mobile, e-commerce ticketing application allowing transit users to purchase and display bus passes and tickets on their smartphone. The app is gearing up for its September test run with the London Transit Commission (LTC).
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Western Engineering's Dean’s Office goes green
Western Engineering News | February 14, 2012
Western Engineering’s Dean’s Office, along with the Undergraduate Engineering Society, is part icipating in a Green Office Pilot Program launched by Facilities Management. The program is designed to raise environmental awareness among faculty and staff and to help the university reduce its environmental footprint. The will be expanded campus-wide in the fall.
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Five awards for the Western Engineering Toboggan Team
Western Engineering News | February 13, 2012
The Western Engineering Toboggan Team took home five awards at the 2012 Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race held in Calgary Feb. 8-12. The team was awarded Best Concrete Mix Design, Best Concrete Reinforcement Design, Best Toboggan Design, Best Technical Exhibit and Best Technical Report. The team blogged about their experiences on Western Engineering’s “What WE have to say” blog.
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WETT’s concrete toboggan hits the slopes in Calgary Feb. 8-12
Western Engineering News | February 6, 2012
Racing down the side of a ski hill on a concrete toboggan isn’t easy, but the design challenge has the Western Engineering Toboggan Team (WETT) excited to put their ideas to the test. WETT unveiled its design last month for the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) 2012, held in Calgary, Alta. Feb. 8-12.
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Porter named 2012 Western Award of Excellence recipient
Western News | February 2, 2012
Western Engineering technical specialist Eugen Porter is among the 2012 recipients of the Western Award of Excellence. Porter will be honoured during a special ceremony on Feb. 16. The internal award is designed to recognize the tremendous work staff performs in support of providing an outstanding Western experience.
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January 2012

Western Engineering students take tobogganing to a new level
London Community News | January 31, 2012
A team of about 50 engineering students at Western University have taken the concept of the simple toboggan and turned into a complex, downhill five-man sled.
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El Damatty weighs in on roof collapsing video
Western Engineering News | January 30, 2012
Ashraf El Damatty, professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, weighed in on the cause behind a collapsed roof in a minor hockey rink in Slovakia, caught on video. El Damatty, whose research focus is in the area of structural engineering, was contacted by Discovery Channel Canada’s “Planet You” to offer an explanation for the unusual video footage and his comments were featured during the “Trending Video” segment.
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Johnson appointed Graham King Research Chair at Schulich
Western Engineering News | January 25, 2012
Jim Johnson, director of Biomedical Engineering and professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, has been appointed the Graham King Research Chair in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry for a five-year term.
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Five WEC teams move on to the Ontario Engineering Competition
Western Engineering News | January 25, 2012
The Western Engineering Competition was held at The University of Western Ontario Jan. 13-15. The top teams in five categories will attend the Ontario Engineering Competition held Feb. 3-5 at the University of Toronto. See the list of winners and photos from the event.
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Research led by Sun and Zhou receives CFI funding boost
Western Engineering News | January 24, 2012
Two projects led by Western Engineering researchers Xueliang (Andy) Sun and Wenxing Zhou were among five at The University of Western Ontario and Lawson Health Research Institute to receive $1.2 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).
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Here comes the sun: Novel solar technology helps track sun’s movement
Western Engineering News | January 18, 2012
Solar farms are sprouting up across the country at an exponential pace and this push for harvesting greener energy has prompted a Western Engineering researcher to figure out a way capitalize on daylight hours. Kamran Siddiqui, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, along with his graduate student Hassan Hassan, has developed a smart solar tracker and a load compensator for solar collectors.
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Mandel Scientific Company Inc. supports Western Engineering
Western Engineering News | January 12, 2012
Western Engineering welcomed representatives from Mandel Scientific Company Inc. to campus on Oct. 27, 2011 to formally dedicate the Mandel Scientific Company Inc. Laboratory in the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion.
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El Naggar elected fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada
Western Engineering News | January 6, 2012
Hesham El Naggar, Western Engineering’s professor and associate dean - research and graduate studies, has been elected a fellow of The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). He will be awarded the honour on June 7 at the Shaw Centre in Edmonton during the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering/EIC awards gala to celebrate the 125th anniversary of both organizations.
UES students to blog from the Yukon
Western Engineering News | January 3, 2012
Undergraduate Engineering Society president Issi George and vice-president, external, Taylor Standring will be blogging about their experiences at the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) Congress, held Jan. 4-10 in Whitehorse, Yukon. The week-long conference serves as both the AGM for CFES and an open forum for engineering students across Canada. Follow their blog posts on the ‘What WE have to say' blog.
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