Awards and Scholarships

Engineering Need-Based & Merit-Based Awards & Scholarships 

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Western Engineering students are considered for awards and scholarships after each academic year. While some awards and scholarships are based on academic achievement, others have additional criteria.

Application Dates: January 22nd – April 30th, 2024

To apply for the Spring Convocation 2024 Faculty of Engineering awards and scholarships, please go to AwardSpring and sign in using your Western email address and password - the system will automatically put you forward for any award that you are eligible for. Should you have any problems logging in to the software, please send an email to with your name and student number.

No applications will be accepted after the deadline and they must be submitted online. The following document is a brief outline of the application process - Undergraduate/Applicant_Guide.pdf

Please submit any documentation in PDF format using the following naming process: 

Lastname_first name_ award

Last name_bio

You can use the same biography for each award you are eligible to apply for, but the first document is award specific.

*Please do not send any documentation to the engugrad email address as it will not be accepted.

Students must have a minimum of a 70% year weighted average in the previous year (unless stated otherwise in the award description) to be eligible for need-based awards. Students must also complete the Financial Assistance Profile via Student Center to apply for need-based awards. Students must have a minimum of an 80% year weighted average in the previous year (unless stated otherwise in the award description) to be eligible for merit-based awards. 

Academic year refers to the year you are in this current year.

Please note: values of awards are estimates and are subject to change. Additionally, some advertised awards may not be offered in any given year.

List of Western Engineering's Fall Awards

    • 125th Anniversary Alumni Award in Engineering
    • 3M Canada Company Award in Engineering Science
    • Alpine Civil Engineering Extracurricular Achievement Award
    • Andrea Bailey Memorial Award
    • Anna Toner Award for Academic Resiliency and Determination
    • Arthur S. Coveart Engineering Award
    • ASHRAE Award in Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    • BIZMO Award
    • Bluewater Power Distribution Corp Scholarship
    • Boris J. Jackman Award in Chemical Engineering
    • Callidus Engineering Award
    • Canadian Centennial '67 Class Award
    • Caterina Ligori Engineering Award
    • Charles Yip Memorial 125th Anniversary Alumni Award
    • Chorley & Bisset Ltd. Consulting Engineers Engineering Award
    • Christian Lassonde Scholarship
    • Chris Lakich and Family Engineering Award
    • Concentric Associates International Inc. Award
    • Craig O'Hagan Memorial Award
    • D.C. Buck Engineering Award
    • Dean's Scholarship in Engineering
    • Desjardins Award in Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering
    • Doherty Engineering Inc. Award in Engineering
    • Doreen Jackson Award in Engineering and Science
    • Dr. Andrew N. Hrymak International Scholarship in Engineering
    • Dr. Clement W. Bowman Award for Energy Innovation
    • Dr. Kwan Yee (K.Y.) Lo Undergraduate Research Award
    • Dr. L. Stuart Lauchland Scholarship
    • Dybenko Future Shaper Award
    • Emco Scholarship
    • Enbridge Award in Engineering
    • Engineering BESc. Class of 1978 Award
    • Frederick Weijerman Memorial Award
    • General Dynamics Engineering Award
    • General Motors of Canada Company Scholarship of Distinction in Engineering
    • General Motors of Canada Company Scholarship of Excellence in Engineering
    • Gonder Family Continuing Award
    • Gordon F. Chess Award
    • Greg and Malixay McKenzie Engineering Bursary
    • Hastings & Aziz Consulting Structural Engineers Award in Civil Engineering
    • Hazelview Engineering Award in Sustainability
    • Ian Duerden Memorial Award
    • Igor Lukac Engineering Award
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Inc. I.E.E.E. Award
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Power & Energy Society (PES) Scholar Award
    • Ivey Foundation Continuing Awards in Environmental Engineering
    • Jack Andrew Kwan International Award in Engineering
    • James E. Zajic Memorial Scholarship
    • JAMES Family Award in Engineering and Business
    • Jean Ann Maynard Scholarship in Electrical Power Engineering
    • Joan and Geno Francolini Award in Engineering
    • Jock Tindale Memorial Award
    • John Deere Foundation Award
    • John M. Thompson HBA/BESc Scholarship
    • Kenneth K.H. Wan Civil Engineering Continuing Scholarship
    • Konrad and Ruth Plumpe Scholarship in Engineering
    • Konrad Group Digital Innovation Scholarship
    • Konrad Group Women in Technology Scholarship
    • Lesley Mounteer Award in Student Leadership
    • Lieutenant Colonel David A. Quick, CD, P.Eng Award
    • Lincoln Environmental Consulting Scholarship for Women in Engineering
    • Lloyd W. Bracewell - Bracewell Engineering Inc. Award
    • London and District Construction Association Award
    • London Chapter, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Ontario Award
    • London District Sewer & Watermain Construction Award
    • Lynda Diane Shaw Memorial Award
    • Lynn Fordham Award in Science and Engineering
    • MacKay-Lassonde Award in Computer Engineering
    • Marcrest Manufacturing Engineering Bursary
    • Marvin DeVries Engineering Award
    • Michael Baldinelli Memorial Award in Engineering
    • Nick Aroutzidis & Family Award
    • NOVA Chemicals Indigenous Scholarship in Engineering
    • Ontario Power Generation Award Program
    • Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Scholarship
    • Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Entrance Scholarship
    • Phillip Nakahara MacLachlan Memorial Award
    • Robert & Linda Adams Award in Engineering
    • Ronald R. Mayo Award in Engineering
    • Shamrock Foundation Award in Engineering
    • Software Engineering Alumni Award
    • Spadotto & Greco Family Women in Engineering Award
    • Stantec Consulting Ltd. Civil Engineering Achievement Award
    • Steinmetz-Woonton Scholarship
    • TD Scholarship in Engineering
    • Teoh Family '3259' Award
    • The Parents Fund Award in the Faculty of Engineering
    • Tim, Jane and Brian Kwan Award in Engineering
    • Tom Ng Engineering Award
    • VanBoxmeer & Stranges Engineering Ltd. Award
    • Vander Laan Undergraduate Scholarship in Engineering
    • Vladimir Stritesky Engineering Award
    • Walker Wood Foundation Continuing Scholarship in Engineering
    • Wellington Financial LP Award in Technology Evaluation and Analysis
    • Westeinde Family Continuing Award in Environmental Engineering
    • Western Engineering Diversity Ambassador Award
    • Western Engineering Student Community Legacy Award
    • Wm. Hubert (Hugh) Peacock Award 

List of Western Engineering's Spring Awards

  • Doreen M. Dinsdale Memorial Award
  • Dr. Argyrios Margaritis Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. E. V. Buchanan Prize
  • Dr. Maurice Bergougnou Award
  • Wardens of Camp 11 Engineering Award
  • Western Engineering Student Community Legacy Award

Interview-Based Scholarships

Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering and Business

Awarded annually to a female student entering HBA 1 with the intention of completing the dual degree program in Engineering and Ivey (BESc/HBA) based on academic achievement and a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in engineering and business. Students will be required to complete an application form in accordance with the deadline announced annually by Engineering (approx. mid-February). A limited number of applicants will be chosen to participate in an interview in April. Final decisions regarding selected recipients will be mailed with HBA offers of admission to the program in June. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or eligible to work in Canada. This scholarship will continue for the second and third years of the dual degree program provided the recipient is accepted into the dual degree program in Engineering and Business. Applications will be reviewed by representatives from the Ivey Business School and Faculty of Engineering to select candidates for an interview. A Selection Committee made up of representatives from the Ivey Business School and Faculty of Engineering, together with a representative of Linamar Corporation, will short list applicants and interview potential recipients. All recipients will have an opportunity to participate in a summer co-op with Linamar Corporation following years 3 and 4. An offer of full-time employment at Linamar Corporation may also be extended pending successful completion of the program and co-op terms. A recipient is not obligated to participate in the summer co-op or accept employment at Linamar Corporation following graduation to retain the scholarship. If a recipient fails to complete the summer co-op for any reason, the recipient will still retain the scholarship provided that the conditions of the scholarship are met. This scholarship was created through a generous gift from the Hasenfratz and Newton Families and Linamar Corporation to promote and encourage women to pursue the dual degree program in Engineering and Ivey (BESc/HBA).

Application Deadline: February 16, 2024

Value: up to 10 selected annually each continuing for three years (value will be one half of tuition in each year*). *It is understood that the value of one half of tuition will vary by year of study within the program and overall tuition will likely increase over time.

Effective Date: 2018-2019 to 2031-2032 academic years 

For additional details, please visit:

RBC Scholarship in Engineering

Awarded annually to students in Year 3 of the Electrical, Computer, Software or Mechatronic Systems Engineering program within Western Engineering or students in Year 4 of a combined BESc/HBA degree that includes Electrical, Computer, Software or Mechatronic Systems Engineering, based on academic achievement and an interest in pursuing a career in big data, technology, or software engineering. Students will be required to complete an application form in accordance with the deadline announced annually by Engineering (approx. September 30). A limited number of applicants will be chosen to participate in an interview. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or eligible to work in Canada. This scholarship will continue for an additional year provided the recipient maintains an 80% average and full-time status in one of the eligible programs. If a recipient selected does not qualify to maintain the scholarship, a replacement recipient from the applicable cohort will be selected. A selection committee made up of representatives from the Faculty of Engineering will short list applicants for the scholarship. Short listed candidates will be interviewed by a representative of the Sponsor, a member of Undergraduate Services, Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and the Director of the Software Engineering Program, or designate. Final selection of recipients will be made by the Faculty of Engineering. Recipients will have an opportunity to interview for a work term or internship with the Sponsor in a technology position. Students are not guaranteed a work term or internship with the Sponsor. An offer of full-time employment with the Sponsor may also be extended pending successful completion of the program and work term. A recipient is not obligated to participate in the work term or accept employment with the Sponsor following graduation to receive or retain the scholarship. This scholarship was established by RBC to promote and encourage students in STEM to pursue technology careers in banking.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2023

Value: 5 at $12,500 each, continuing for two years, for a total of $25,000 per recipient

Effective Date: 2023-2024 to 2024-2025 academic years inclusive (final cohort of new recipients will
be chosen in 2023-2024)

For additional details, learn more.


Scholarships Requiring University Nomination

James Ham Safe Design Awards



As a result of the Covid pandemic and the lack of in person classes within Canadian post secondary schools, the 2021 and 2022 Minerva James Ham Safe Design competitions were cancelled. A review is currently underway on continuing this award in 2023 and selecting a venue, which would attract a maximum number of submissions and post secondary schools. More information will be available in Q1 2023.

Further information can be found here:

Direct Application Scholarships

Hydro One Women in Engineering Scholarship

Deadline: November 1, 2022

Applications are currently open for the Hydro One Women in Engineering Scholarship, which includes a $5000 scholarship and a paid work term. Preference will be given to electrical engineering students in second year, but other areas of specialization are also encouraged to apply.

Learn more at Additionally, if you have any questions, please email Kelsey Lavigne, Diversity, Inclusion and Community Programs Coordinator, at

J.D. Hole Global Opportunities Travel Award

Deadline: November 15th and February 15th annually

Awarded annually to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering with preference given to students registered in the Civil Engineering and International Development program, who are participating in a Western University international experience or study abroad program outside of Canada, for which academic credit or approval from their department or faculty will be obtained.

This includes academic exchange programs; approved study abroad programs; curriculum based international field courses/research, international community service learning; volunteer opportunities and internships led by Western University. To qualify for these awards, the experience must meet at least one of the following criteria: - Be organized by Western University staff, faculty or department - Be eligible for academic credit - Form a required component of the student's degree program.

Value: Number of $2,000 awards will vary based on funds available*

For more information and to apply, visit the Global Opportunities Awards webpage. 

The C.D. Howe Scholarship Endowment Fund National Engineering Scholarship | Les fonds de dotation des bourses d'études C.D. Howe

Please check The C.D. Howe Scholarship Endowment Fund National Engineering Scholarship 2023 Program Guidelines.

Expression of Interest Deadline to Western Engineering: May 21, 2023
External Application Deadline: June 7, 2023

Up to two scholarships will be available at the bachelor level.
These scholarships are valued at $7,500 CAD per year, available for up to three consecutive years or until a first degree is obtained.

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Be entering the second year of a first bachelor of engineering degree program in September 2023
  • Have completed the first year program in a Canadian faculty of engineering and intend to continue their studies in engineering*
  • Be nominated by an eligible institution; each institution may nominate 2 candidates
  • Have attained a first class standing as defined by the nominating institution

*CO-OP: Full-time engineering students in co-operative programs with a work term in the second term of the first year may apply before the start of their fourth study term.

Please submit your expression of interest to no later than the 21st of May as the deadline for the external application is June 7th.


Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship

The Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship consists of eight scholarships of $4,000 each annually to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in CEAB-accredited engineering programs.

These scholarships are awarded to undergraduate engineering students returning in the fall who have completed one year of engineering studies and who demonstrate potential to be leaders in advancing engineering in Canada.


Recipients must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • At the scholarship deadline, be enrolled full-time and in good standing with a CEAB-accredited undergraduate engineering program.
  • As of August 31, 2023, have completed at least one year of undergraduate engineering studies at an CEAB-accredited program.
  • Be registered for a minimum of two full-time semesters for the 2023-2024 academic year at an CEAB-accredited program.
  • Have not previously received the Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship.
For more information on the allocation, selection criteria, and how to apply, please visit CEAB's link:

Deadline: March 6, 2023

Engineers Canada Scholarships 2022 | Programme de bourses d'études 2022

Engineers Canada is accepting scholarship applications.

The deadline to apply is March 6, 2023.

Each year Engineers Canada awards scholarships in three categories: undergraduate engineering students, engineers studying at the graduate level in engineering, and engineers studying at the graduate level in an area other than engineering. In total, Engineers Canada awards 14 scholarships totalling $92,000 to engineering students and professional engineers returning to university.

For more information, visit:


The James Dyson Award

 The James Dyson Award is an international design engineering competition which rewards socially conscious, innovative students and recent graduates for developing meaningful solutions to real world problems. The brief: design something that solves a problem. 


The best invention internationally is selected by Sir James Dyson and is awarded $50,000 prize money. Two international runners up receive $8,200 each and $3,200 is given to a national Canadian winner.

But it’s not just about the cash prize. Through extensive media exposure many of our previous winners including  Petit Pli, expandable clothing for children to reduce fashion waste, Mimica, a bio-reactive food label to reduce food waste, and MANTA, a wave energy converter, have secured opportunities to turn their ambitious inventions into commercial products.

You may have seen 2018 international winner O-Wind Turbine on CBC, the BBC, Tomorrow’s World, The Guardian, Business Insider, and Fast Company.

For more information and to enter, visit and watch our launch video here.  


The Women in Nuclear Canada Scholarship

Deadline: May 15th, 2023

The scholarship information can be found here: 

Winners will receive $3,000 towards their education and complimentary registration to the Women in Nuclear Global Conference.

Applications are submitted through this online  application form.


Undergraduate Summer Research

Undergraduate summer research provides opportunities for undergraduate students to obtain research experience during the summer months (May to August) and stimulates research interests in the natural sciences and engineering fields. They also motivate and encourage students to pursue graduate studies in these fields.

These summer research awards provide financial support and the opportuntity for students to gain research experience by conducting research at the university under the supervision of a faculty member.

Click here for more information.