Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering and Business

 linamar scholarships

The Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering and Business will support up to 10 female students entering HBA 1 with the intention of completing the dual degree program in Engineering and Ivey (BESc/HBA) with the following:

  • Half the Cost of Tuition

  • Summer Co-op at Linamar

  • Guaranteed Employment

After receiving the scholarship Linamar Corporation will assume half the cost of your tuition for the remainder of your undergraduate degree.

Would you like to complete a summer co-op at a global manufacturing company? Upon acceptance into this scholarship, you will automatically gain access to a summer co-op position with Linamar Corporation.

This scholarship removes the stress and confusion of job searching after graduation by guaranteeing its recipients employment at Linamar Corporation upon the conclusion of their degree.

This Scholarship will help you to succeed in school today and provide you with early career experience to go on to be an engineering and business leader of tomorrow.

Important Dates

Application due February 16, 2018
Shortlisted candidates notified First week of June, 2018
Interviews held First week of June, 2018
Successful AEO candidates notified Mid-June, 2018
Other successful candidates notified Mid-July, 2018

Application Information

Your application will include:

Your Résumé

An up-to-date résumé containing all relevant work, volunteer and extracurricular activity.

A 500 word Essay

Highlighting your extracurricular and work experiences that demonstrate leadership.