Civil Engineering

After completing Western Engineering’s Common First Year, you can enroll in the Civil Engineering program. In your third year of study, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the following options: Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or International Development with Structural or Environmental Engineering.

Structural Engineering

In our established Structural Engineering option, students take courses in areas such as Structural Theory and Design, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design, Steel Design, Structural Dynamics, Finite Element Design and Tall Buildings, Soil Mechanics, Business, Engineering Ethics, Sustainable Development and Law.
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Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers minimize society’s impact on the environment, playing an integral role in designing a sustainable future. They develop solutions for a wide range of environmental problems including adapting to the effects of climate change, restoring polluted environments, and managing increased demand for clean water.
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International Development with Structural or Environmental Engineering

These options introduce students to the complex societal, environmental, political and economic issues associated with building safer communities in Canada and in the developing world. A centerpiece of the International Development option is the Summer Community Development Placement and Design Project where students have an opportunity to work for four months in developing countries, or in-need communities in Canada.
View courses for the International Development with Structural Engineering Option.
View courses for the International Development with Environmental Engineering Option.

Dual Degrees

You can also complete a dual degree with Business (Ivey HBA), Law, and more than 50 major modules in faculties such as: Science, Music, Social Science or Arts & Humanities.

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