Electrical Engineering

After completing Western Engineering’s Common First Year, you can enroll in the Electrical Engineering program and choose from one of the following options: Wireless Communication, Power Systems or Biomedical Signals and Systems.

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication is one of the most dynamic areas of industrial development and research. Our program allows students to explore the operation and design of communication systems. Courses in theory and design of Communications Systems, Antennas, Data Networks and Digital Signal Processing form the core of this option.
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Power Systems Engineering

The world is looking to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly and diversified sources of electrical energy. There is also a significant demand in the power generation and distribution industry for renewal and expansion of technical personnel. This option offers students a solid background in design and the operation of conventional power systems, as well as insight into modern and alternative sources of electric power generation.
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Biomedical Signals and Systems

As society continues to age there is a higher demand for intensive upgrades and modernization of medical equipment, resulting in a greater need for engineers specializing in design, manufacturing and servicing of such devices. This option offers students a solid background in the fields of signal processing, imaging and biomedical systems.
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Dual Degrees

You can also complete a dual degree with Business (Ivey HBA), Law, and more than 50 major modules in faculties such as: Science, Music, Social Science or Arts & Humanities.

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