The School of Biomedical Engineering offers four concurrent undergraduate degrees. See the Western Calendar for up-to-date details on modules, academic progression, and prerequisites.


First Year

All students will complete a common first year. During your first year at Western, you will take a variety of introductory courses to build a solid engineering foundation. At the end of your first year, you will be prepared to make an informed decision on your degree path.

Second and Third Year


Beginning in second year, you will take courses on one of the four core engineering disciplines, as well as fundamentals in biomedical engineering. In third year, you will complete the majority of the required courses for your core program, as well as general Biology 1001 and Biology 1002.

To see the academic progression of each option, click on the program name below.

Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Fourth Year


In fourth year, all BME undergraduate students will take the required BME and biomedical sciences courses together. Students will also take biomedical science and health-care related non-technical electives.

In the summer following your fourth year, you will participate in a research placement, co-op, or industrial internship related to BME.

Fifth Year


In your final year, your two degrees are integrated. You will complete a capstone design project within your core program and a research thesis within biomedical engineering.