Accelerated Master's

Our Accelerated Master’s program provides Western University’s top undergraduate engineering students the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in BME one year after completing their bachelor degree.

To qualify for the Accelerated Master’s program, students must have a minimum average of 80% in second- and third-year of their engineering programs.

How to Apply

  • Students should contact the BME office to indicate their intention to apply and identify their intended supervisors by March 1st of their third year.
  • Qualified students should submit their applications before August 1st between third and fourth year.
  • Students are expected to carry out research in their supervisor's lab during the summer after their third year. Students are required to apply for stipend awards (e.g. NSERC USRA) to support their summer research.
  • In fourth year, students must register for a full-year thesis course in their BESc program and continue their research in their supervisor's lab.
  • Students must maintain an average of 80% during their fourth year.
  • Students are allowed to take up to two graduate courses during their fourth year. The first graduate course will count as a technical elective in their BESc program. A second course may be taken as an overload. Students should consult with their supervisor for advice on selection of graduate course(s).
  • For students who are in the concurrent degree program, this process will take place in their fourth and fifth years of study. 

For more information about our Accelerated Master’s program or for details regarding financial support, please contact the Biomedical Engineering office.