Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities

If you are a student at an institution other than Western, please submit an official copy of your transcript which includes grades from the Fall 2019 term.

Additional information:

  • You must not have not started a program of graduate studies in the Natural Sciences or Engineering, or currently be enrolled in a professional program (MD, DDS, etc.) or hold a higher degree in Natural Sciences or Engineering
  • Your faculty supervisor must hold a NSERC grant as a Principal or Co-Investigator (discovery, strategic, or research partnerships) either at the time of application or when the students holds the award
  • You may hold no more than one USRA per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31)
  • You may hold a maximum of three USRA’s throughout your university career

Interested in applying? All applications are submitted online:  Click Here

Deadline: January 27 2020
Recipients of these awards are expected to be selected by early March.