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The current biomaterials program focuses on the design, creation and modification of new and existing biocompatible materials for medical devices. Devices being investigated include heart valves, vascular prostheses and artificial skin/occlusive wound dressing. Properties of soft tissues as related to the cardiovascular system are also studied.

Dental materials is an emerging area of biomaterials research. Through the University’s SFRI initiative, we have recently recruited a new faculty member who will initiate research programs in dental biomaterials. Specifics include dental adhesives, bioceramics, dental fillers and the study of the teeth/bone formation and calcification processes. It is expected that a significant research program will develop in this area within the next two years.

Work in this area is done in collaboration with members from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the Heart Valve Biology Lab at the Robarts Research Institute, the Integrated Manufacturing Technology Institute of the National Research Council and industry partners.

Research Projects

Research Objectives

Our graduate students will be trained in laboratories with the following research objectives: