Intensive Research Experience

A final-year research thesis, performed under the supervision of a faculty supervisor in a laboratory at Western or in one of London’s hospital-based research institutes, is a key experience of the concurrent degree programs.  Research projects are available in each of the School of BME’s four research pillars and often involve collaborations with clinicians and mentoring from BME graduate students.  The research project is supplemented by a thesis course that will build students’ knowledge of topics such as biomedical research ethics, formulation of hypotheses, the design of experimental studies, application of statistics in biomedical research, and best practices in scientific writing and presentations.

The research project is ideally performed over 12 months including a paid research placement in the supervisor’s lab in the summer before Year 5; however, students may also choose to compress the project into the fall and winter terms to enable them to complete a summer co-op or industrial internship placement.