About Us

The School of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Western University promotes teaching and research collaborations among clinical and basic science innovators in engineering, medicine, and the biomedical and health sciences.  More than 90 faculty members from Western’s Faculties of Engineering, Health Sciences, and Science and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry contribute to the scholarly activities of the School; this broad foundation is one of BME’s most unique features.  We provide research-intensive training experiences to 85 graduate students in our master’s and doctoral programs and via our new and growing undergraduate concurrent-degree programs.

Our Mission 

The School of Biomedical Engineering provides multidisciplinary training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students that emphasize exposure to real-world clinical problems and development of professional skills that are relevant to careers in industry, academia, and government.  BME students and faculty carry out translational research that improves health-care delivery and patient outcomes at every step from prevention to diagnosis to treatment.

Our Areas of Research

The School of Biomedical Engineering focuses on research challenges that bridge our five pillars: biomaterials, biomechanics, frugal biomedical innovations, imaging, and mechatronics. BME students and faculty are among the leaders in four of Western’s signature research strengths: imaging, materials and biomaterials, musculoskeletal health, and neuroscience/brain and mind.

The BME office is in the new Amit Chakma Engineering Building, room 2405.