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Activities in biomechanics are rapidly evolving. Much of this work is applied, and is already beginning to affect changes in clinical activity.

Under the leadership of Jim Johnson and his surgical colleagues, the orthopedic biomechanics group has developed new implant systems for use in the elbow and the wrist.

These advances for the elbow are now commercially available. Presently, intra-operative measurement systems are now being developed for the hip and knee, and these will be used to assist the surgical team in the reconstruction of these joints with special interest in the alignment, sizing and load balancing with implants. This will represent a major contribution to revolutionizing surgical methods.

Another major focus of the orthopedic biomechanics group is the development of in vitro devices to simulate joint function in the laboratory. Specifically, (robotic) simulators are currently being developed to produce both motion and force control of joints, permitting testing and evaluation of techniques prior to clinical implementation.

A wear testing facility to evaluate knee, elbow and shoulder implants is also being procured. Prosthetic limb replacement for amputees and cardiovascular biomechanics also represent significant thrusts.

Collaborators in this field include Western’s Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering and Surgery and Medical Biophysics in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the Hand and Upper Limb Centre at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

Research Objectives

Our graduate students will be trained in laboratories with the following research objectives: