The concurrent degree is a limited-enrollment program. Upon completion, you will receive two degrees: vector_keyboard.jpgBESc in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, or Mechatronic Engineering; and a BESc in Biomedical Engineering. Admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. 


High School

You will apply to common first year at Western Engineering. Please see FAQ for admissions to Western Engineering.

First Year

While in first year, you will apply to one of the four Engineering + BME options through the Intent-to-Register process. The School of Biomedical Engineering, in collaboration with the department of the core engineering discipline chosen, will choose students to complete the BME 3201A prerequisite. Please see program progression here. 

  • All of the requirements of the first-year curriculum in the Faculty of Engineering must be completed with a minimum year-weighted average of 80% to be eligible. Students who are chosen for BME 3201A prerequisite does not guarantee admission.

Second Year

Students apply to the concurrent degree program during their second year in Engineering. To be eligible for the concurrent degree program, students must complete all of the requirements of the second-year program, obtaining a minimum year-weighted average of 80% and a minimum grade of 70% in Biomedical Engineering 3201A/B

Students who are not accepted into the concurrent degree program after second year will still be eligible to complete a BESc in the core Engineering discipline they chose, provided that they meet the requirements for progression in Engineering. In this case, the BME 3201A/B course may count as a 0.5 technical elective in the program.