Frequently Asked Questions

Student Centre

What is the Student Centre?

At the Student Center website, you can update your address, phone numbers, view the status of your application, view your class schedule, add/drop your classes, view your academic summary, view your special permissions, apply to graduate and view your transfer credits. You can also view your past grades, view your report comments, order a transcript, view your T2202A, view your financial information, apply for OSAP and Work Study and term activate for the next session/year.

What is the Student Central Office?

Student Central offers a wide variety of services for current students, future students, alumni, staff and faculty.  Services are offered virtually and can be reached by telephone, by e-mail, or online

How do I login to the Student Centre website?

Visit the Student Centre website and login using your Student ID and PIN, which were mailed to you with your admission package.

Do I need to do anything on the Student Centre website in first-year?

You need to ensure your mailing address and all your contact information is up-to-date. You will be able to access all your information within this website.


How do I register for courses?

Western Engineering has done all the hard work for you: you do not have to select your courses and figure out a timetable. Your timetable with all your required courses will be completed for you and available through your Student Centre starting in mid-July.

Follow this link for timetable information. You will be auto-enrolled in an Engineering timetable to ensure that you are registered in the proper courses.

Common First Year Courses:

When does Western Engineering enroll me in courses?

Western Engineering will select your timetable and enroll you in all your courses, so you don't have to. For students who are entering first year in September 2022, you will be auto-enrolled into your timetable sometime between mid-July and August. Please note that your timetable is subject to change over the summer, but will be final by September.

Where do I find the current Academic Calendar and Timetable?

Please follow this link for the online Timetable. The online version is always the most up-to-date and will reflect any scheduling changes. The online version of the Academic Calendar can be found here.

Do I have to take an essay course?

Engineering students are required to take an upper year 1.5 non-technical elective, but these do not have to be essay courses. Courses with the suffix "E", "F" & "G" are courses that have an essay component.

Can I make changes to my assigned timetable?

NO, you have been assigned a timetable to ensure that all Engineering students are accommodated.  Our numbers in each section are rigid and this ensures that there will be enough space in each of the classes for all our students. 

What average do I need to progress into second year and/or remain in the Faculty of Engineering?

Each program has different requirements for consideration of admission. Please see the following chart for more information.

How long can I take to complete my degree?

You must complete your Bachelor of Engineering Science (B.E.Sc.) degree within ten years of the start of your first time registration. This time limit ensures that all graduates have demonstrated sufficient knowledge of up-to-date technology, engineering concepts and professional practice.

Student Financial Services (Tuition/Fees/Scholarships)

How do I pay my tuition?

You can check your account balance when you logon to the Student Centre.

How will my scholarship be paid?

Western's admission scholarships are awarded automatically and are applied to your account. Therefore, if you have any fees owing, the amount will be automatically deducted from your balance.

How do I know if I received a scholarship?

Just check out your status on the Student Centre website.

Do I need a full course load for a continuing scholarship?

If you are in first year, you will need a full course load (6.5 credits) in order to maintain a continuing scholarship. If you have advanced standing or transfer credits, you may choose not to use them in order to maintain a full course load. Alternatively, you may decide to use the transfer credits and add other courses that interest you, however, these courses will NOT be counted towards your degree/average.

I need my student loan to pay my tuition - what should I do?

Tuition is deferred to OSAP if you have submitted your completed application by June 30th. If your OSAP is not sufficient to cover the first installment of tuition, you must pay the difference by the tuition due date. A late payment fee will be charged to your account if tuition is not paid by the due date. Click here for more information.


Do I need to bring a computer?

Please visit the following website for all your questions regarding our information technology group. A very useful list of frequently asked questions for first year students can be found here.

Once classes begin

Where do I go if I need help?

The Undergraduate Services Office should be the first place to come to if you need any type of help. Our office is located in the Spencer Engineering Building (SEB), 2097. We are also open throughout the summer on a virtual basis

What do I do if I have a timetable conflict?

You will not have a timetable conflict in first year. However, for future reference, you will have to fill out a timetable conflict form. Please note that conflicts between two lectures will not be approved.

Web registration is closed - how do I add/drop courses?

Courses cannot be added past the web registration deadline.  In order to drop a course after the web registration period has closed, you must fill out a drop form.

What are the deadlines to add/drop a course?

The last day to add a full course, a first-term half course and a full-year half course is September 16, 2022. The last day to drop a first-term half course or first-term full course is November 12, 2022. The last day to drop a full-year course or full year half course is November 30, 2022. The last day to drop a second-term half course or second-term full course is March 7, 2023.

Where can I find a list of codes for the building names?

Please click here for the Western University building acronyms.

I have a disability, how can I get accommodation?

The Student Development Centre has staff members who specialize in assisting students with various disabilities to adjust to the university environment. These disabilities include, but are not limited to, vision, hearing and mobility impairments, learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders. Please make an appointment to see them as soon as possible as space is limited for some types of accommodations.  For more information, click here.

What do I do if I miss a lab/quiz/tutorial/lecture?

First year students must contact the Undergraduate Services Office, to fill out the proper forms. For more information on this policy, please click here.

Where can I find a tutor?

To find a tutor, please visit the following website.

How do I contact my professor?

Email is the best way to reach your professor. All contact information for faculty and staff members can be found in the Western Directory on the Western University website. You can also refer to the course outline - all information should be included in this document.

How do I appeal a grade in a course?

Information regarding the policy on appealing a grade can be found here.

What time do classes end?

Classes end at 20 minutes past the hour, this will allow 10 minutes for you to get to your next class.

Will I have time to get from one class to the next?

Because classes end at 20 minutes past the hour and begin on the half hour, you will have 10 minutes to get to your next class.

Prepare for exams

What if I miss an exam because of illness?

All first year students who miss an exam for any reason, should contact the Undergraduate Services Office, as soon as possible. You will need to include your full name, student number, the course name & section number, the date & time of your exam and the name of your instructor.

More information can be found here: policy information.

I wrote an exam but was ill while writing it - what do I do?

If you are feeling unwell during an exam, you are to let the instructor/proctor of that exam know. You should then seek medical help. Once you are well enough, you will need to contact the Undergraduate Services Office, to fill out the appropriate forms. Please see "What if I miss an exam because of illness" above.

What should I do if I get nervous during exams?

Here are a few tips from the Learning Development and Success Centre

Set the alarm clock and then get a good night's sleep before the exam. Get to the exam on time - not too late but not too early. Be cautious about talking to other students about the exam material just before going into the exam, especially if this will make you more anxious. If possible, sit in a location in the exam room where you will be least distracted. As the papers are distributed, calm yourself by taking some slow deep breaths. Make sure to carefully read all instructions on the exam. As you work on the exam, focus only on the exam, not on what other students are doing or on thinking about past exams or future goals. If you start to feel very anxious in the exam, take a few minutes to calm yourself. Stretch your arms and legs and then relax them again. Do this a couple of times. Take a few slow deep breaths. Do some positive internal self-talk; say to yourself, "I will be OK, I can do this." Then direct your focus on the exam again, associate questions to their corresponding lecture and/or chapter. If the exam is more difficult than you anticipated, try to focus and just do your best. It might be enough to get you through with a reasonable grade! When the exam is over, treat yourself. If you don't have any other commitments, maybe you can take the night off. If you have to study for other exams you may have to postpone a larger break, but a brief break may be the "pick up" that you need.

What do I do if I have an exam conflict?

An exam conflict is:

  • 3 exams in 3 consecutive periods (consecutive refers to 3 exams within 23 hours of each other, for example: 9:00 A.M., 2:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M. OR 2:00 P.M., 7:00 P.M. & 9:00 A.M. OR 7:00 P.M., 9:00 A.M. & 2:00 P.M.
  • A student scheduled to write an examination that conflicts with a holy day of that student's religion which prohibits such activity should seek accommodation under the terms of the policy on religious holidays.
  • When 2 final exams are scheduled at the same time, or overlap for a period of time.

What to do?

If either case 1 or 2 happens, you must inform the Undergraduate Services Office,, as soon as possible, to make arrangements.

In case 3, you will be contacted via Western University email. If you do not receive an email, you MUST contact Student Central to make arrangements.

I am arranging travel plans during the exam period and need to know when my exams will take place. Can you let me know when my exams are scheduled?

Please make sure you DO NOT book any travel arrangements or anything that will take you away from the December exam period or April exam period.  See academic calendar for dates.  In the event of an examination cancellation, you will be required to write later in the exam period. Please note that travel plans are not a justified reason to miss an exam in any case.

Extended First Year Program

What is the Extended First Year Program?

The Extended First Year Program is a program in which the student reduces the number of courses being taken in second term and postpones completion of the courses that have been dropped until summer session. In addition, the student will not be adjudicated for progression into year two until summer session courses have been completed.

What is the purpose of the program?

Studies carried out over the last few years have revealed that one of the major reasons for the failure of first year Engineering students, is difficulty in adjusting to the heavy workload and academic demands of first year. In many cases the necessary adjustments are not made until second term, by which time it is difficult to redress the poor performance that has taken place in first term. Through the Extended First Year Program, it is possible to offset the poor marks awarded in first term and provide extra time to concentrate on selected courses in second term.

Who is eligible to participate in this program?

All first-time, first-year students are eligible. However, the program is intended primarily for students who have attained an average mark in the range of 55 to 59 at mid-year. All students with an average of less than 60% should consider participating in the program.

How does the program work?

After the winter break, your approximate average can be calculated based on your final grades for your half courses and your mid-term results in ES 1050 (Design) BUS 1299E (Business) and ES 1022Y (Statics). Lab marks are not used in this calculation.

It is recommended that any student with a first term average between 55% and 60%, contact Karen Murray, the First Year Academic Counsellors about the program details.

We recommend that students with marginally passing or failing grades sign up for the EXFYP.  This allows you to drop one of your full year and/or second term courses to lighten your load so you can spend more time on the remaining courses. If you choose to drop a full year course, such as Business 1299, we will backdate the drop to November 30, so that a WDN shows on your transcript instead of an 'F'. This only applies, however, if you agree to participate in the EXFY Program. Then you take the course that you dropped, at Western University, in the summer. We agree not to adjudicate you, i.e.,  look at your average to decide whether you progress to second year, until after your final grades are received in May, but will wait until you complete the summer course(s).

So, if for example, after your April exams your YWA is 58% based on 5.5 full courses, we don't fail you based on that average. We wait until you complete the summer school course, say Business 1299, then include that final mark in the average calculation and compute the YWA over 6.5 courses. Hopefully this is enough to raise your average over 59.5% and so allow you to progress to second year.

How do I proceed?

Check your marks on the Registrar's website in January.

Make an appointment to talk with your First Year Academic Advisor about your particular situation. You will have one week to decide. If you decide to participate in the program, you must sign a contract outlining the courses you will be taking in second term and summer sessions.  As you may need to discuss this with your parents, the deadline for signing up is January 25, 2023.  You must agree to participate in the program so that we can track you and remember, we will not adjudicate you at the end of April.

The summer school calendars come out in February, just before Reading Week. You can view it online. You must register for the summer course in March. Courses fill quickly - it is your responsibility to register for the course as soon as possible.

How much will it cost?

It is not possible to provide a specific answer to this question. The cost of summer session courses in 2022 was $1,274.25 per half course and $2,548.50 per full course. International Students pay higher fees. The International Students fees in 2022 were $5,441.75 per half course and $10,883.50 per full course. The maximum number of courses to be taken by Extended First Year Program students is one course at either Intersession or Summer Evening and/or one course in Summer Day. These courses must be completed at Western University and may not be taken on a letter of permission. In addition, it is recommended that students do not undertake full time employment while registered in summer session courses. Finally, for students whose home is not in London the cost of accommodation must be borne in mind.

What first year Engineering courses are offered in the summer?

All first year Engineering courses (or their equivalents) are offered in the summer, with the exception of ES 1050 - please note this is subject to change. Please check with the Undergraduate Services Office to confirm.

Must I enroll in the EXFY program to drop courses and register in Summer Sessions?

No, you may withdraw from Winter Session or “B” term courses by the deadlines noted in the Academic Calendar and register in Summer Session courses, without enrolling in the Extended Year Program. However you will be adjudicated for progression on the basis of your Fall/Winter Session performance. Your summer marks will not be included in your average. If your performance is unsatisfactory, that is, your average mark is less than 60%; you may be denied permission to register in summer school. You can certainly take a summer school course without being on the EXFYP but the course does not count in your YWA calculations and the extension of the drop deadlines will not apply.

Important information

1. The summer course(s) must be taken at Western:  to participate in this program you must be able to stay in London and take the course(s) here at Western.

2. If you drop a full course in January, agree to participate in the EXFYP and we backdate the drop so a WDN shows on your transcript, and then you decide not to participate, we will go back and put the failing grade in for the course. Therefore, if you decide not to participate in the EXFYP after signing the contractual agreement to do it there are usually very serious repercussions.

3. You may forfeit your chance to get into the one of the more popular programs by participating in the EXFYP. The first choice into a program is typically offered to those students who get through first year cleanly (i.e. those with a full course load who have not dropped or failed any courses). Therefore, if a particular program is filled by those students who have passed all their courses during the regular school year and you don't finish all of your courses until after the summer session, then you will be placed in your second- or third-choice program. Not enrolling in the program may result in your being required to withdraw from the Faculty.

When you drop a full year course and/or one of your second term half courses to lighten the load, you may then take the course(s) in the summer. If you failed a course in first term and sign up for the EXFYP, you must drop a full year and/or second term half course to lighten the load and then take the failed course and possibly the dropped course in the summer.

Note: If you fail a course in first term, you are not allowed to repeat that course in second term. You must wait until the summer session to take the failed course.

Every case is different, so you should come to speak with an academic counsellor to develop a unique EXFYP based on your specific circumstances.

Information regarding average calculations and the EXFYP?

The drop deadlines are:

Full year course - November 30, 2022

"B" term course - March 7, 2023

No mark is given to you for the course, but a WDN (withdrawn), goes on your transcript to show that you were registered in this course, but withdrew from it. No mark goes into your average calculation, so your average is calculated using only 5.5 credit courses instead of 6.5.

You have two averages - a Year Weighted Average (YWA), and a Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA). The YWA is used to see if you progress into the next year. It is a weighted average and is calculated as follows: each course you take is weighted - either 0.5 or 1.0.

The half (0.5) courses are Algebra, Calculus, Programming, Chemistry, Physics, Statics and Materials.

The full (1.0) courses are ES 1050 and Business.

To determine your year weighted average, your final grade in each course is multiplied by its weight. Then the sum of these is divided by the total of the course weights, normally 6.5. If you were to drop a full course, then the sum would be divided by 5.5.

To progress to second year, you must obtain a YWA of greater than 59.45%. The YWA is based on only those courses you take during the fall and winter terms. Courses taken in the summer are not used in the YWA (unless you have registered for the Extended First Year Program). Normally if you take a course in the summer at Western it only affects your CWA.

The CWA is the average of all the courses you take at Western for your Engineering degree and this must be 60% or greater in order to graduate.

Intent to Register

What is Intent to Register?

If you are planning on returning to Western in September 2023, you must submit an online intent to register (March 1 to March 31, 2023) so that you will have access to the web registration system during the summer months to register for Fall/Winter courses. If you don't submit an Intent to Register, you will not have access to the web registration system.

What do I have to do?

Step 1: READ the Academic Calendar for graduation requirements, program requirements, course requisites (pre-, co- and anti-requisites), plan your program for 2023-24 and any courses to be taken in Summer 2023.

Step 2: Seek counselling from a department counsellor, if you have questions about the program, courses or course selection process for the upcoming year.

Step 3: COMPLETE and SUBMIT your Web Intent to Register no later than March 31, 2023.

To submit your Intent to Register on-line, you must login to the Student Center website.

  • Click on Complete My Intent to Register (on the right hand side under the heading Student Services Links)
  • Follow the instructions listed
  • When you are prompted to list your program of choice, you will have to rank your preference for all program choices.

What are my program choices?

There are 16 program choices that need to be ranked in order of your preference:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering Option
  • Chemical Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering Option
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering Option
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering Option
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering Option
  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering
  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering  & Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering Option
  • Software Engineering
  • First Year Engineering (if you are planning on returning as a year 1 student)

What happens if I don't submit my Intent to Register?

To receive the highest priority for your preference of a program, you must submit your Intent to Register form on time. If you don't submit your ITR, you will not be able to use the online registration system to register for your fall/winter courses during the summer.

What if I change my mind?

You will be able to submit or revise your Intent to Register after the Intent to Register period, however, you may not get your first choice of program as they are filled up on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do I select my courses now?

You will register for courses during the summer after the department adjudicates your eligibility for the program you requested during the ITR period.

Where can I get a summer calendar?

You can view it online here.

When and where can I find the information sessions?

Please visit the first year ITR instructions page for more information on when each program will be offering their own information sessions. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to learn about the different Engineering programs available to you. They will also offer you a chance to talk with other upper year engineering students to get their perspective on each program. Everyone is welcome!


How do I find out what program I have been admitted into?

You can log in to the Student Centre website to check your adjudication comments. Here you will see one of the following: "Eligible for xxx Engineering", means you have been accepted into that program. "Required to Withdraw from the Faculty of Engineering" means that you did not achieve the 60% Fall/Winter Year Weighted Average (YWA) minimum to remain in the Faculty. Please see the following flow chart for further options. Please note that summer courses are not included in the Fall/Winter average calculation which needs to be 60% or higher to remain in Engineering (unless you signed up for the Extended First Year Program by the January deadline).

What average do I need to graduate?

You need a cumulative average of 60% to graduate. This is the average of all your courses required for the Engineering degree combined.

Summer Courses

When can I register for summer courses?

First you must summer activate your account. When you log onto the Student Centre website, click on "Summer Activation". Summer Term Activation requests are processed by the Registrar's Office and are not processed immediately. Requests are processed frequently from Monday to Friday. Requests submitted from Monday to Friday (before 2pm) are usually processed within 24 hrs. Requests submitted on a Friday (after 2pm), Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the next business day. For more information, please read the summer calendar.