First Year Courses

Western Engineering has a common first year program, meaning that all first year students take the same courses as follows:

NMM 1411A/B - Linear Algebra with Numerical Analysis for Engineers
NMM 1412A - Calculus for Engineers I
NMM 1414B - Calculus for Engineers II
BUS 1299E - Business for Engineers
Chem 1302A/B - Chemistry for Engineers
ES 1021A/B - Properties of Materials in Engineering
ES 1022Y - Engineering Statics
ES 1036A/B - Programming Fundamentals for Engineers
ES 1050 - Foundations of Engineering Practice
Phys 1401A/B - Physics for Engineering Students I
Phys 1402A/B - Physics for Engineering Students II


First Year Timetable Example

Please note, this is only an example of a year one timetable. Your individual timetable may look different. 


Course Registration:

1. Western Engineering will select your first-year courses and ensure you are enrolled. You will be auto-enrolled into your timetable sometime between mid to late August - no additions are required and no changes are permitted

2. If you have International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, or transfer credits, and you would like to adjust your course load, please consult with your first year academic counsellor. 

3. Are you interested in applying for engineering scholarships next year?  First consideration will be given to students who are registered in 6.5 credits. 

4. Dropping Courses: If you would like to drop a course - consult with your academic counsellor to check the drop deadlines, discuss progression impacts and when you can next take the course. 





‘A’ is a first term half (credit) course (September to December)
‘B’ is a second term half (credit) course (January to April)
‘Y’ is a full year, half (credit) course

If a course doesn’t have a letter suffix, it is a full year course (September to April)

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