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Some of Western Engineering's top students are available to help first year students with FREE peer-to-peer tutoring in any of the first year courses. All first year Engineering students are welcome!

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These tutors are not employed by the Faculty of Engineering so we cannot guarantee their performance. The arrangement you make, including any fees, is completely between you and your tutor.

Some of these tutors are course instructors or graduate teaching assistants (GTA). They are not able to tutor you in a course that they have been assigned as a course instructor or GTA. If the Faculty knows this is happening, both parties will be committing an academic offence and subject to severe academic penalties.

Please allow a 1-3 day reply time frame.  Be sure to place in the subject line: Tutor Assistance Request.

If you are interested in adding your name to the list of available tutors, please fill out the online form.


Name Email Subjects Courses
Ahmed Hussein ahusse48@uwo.ca Soil Mechanics and Hydrogeological Engineering,Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering,Geotechnical Engineering Design CEE 3321a,CEE 3322b,CEE 4426a
Safwat Ramadan sramada6@uwo.ca Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Design, Soil Mechanics and Hydrogeological Engineering CEE 3322b, CEE 4426a, CEE 3321a
Ibrahim Ibrahim iibrah6@uwo.ca Engineering Statics, Theory of Structures, Structural Dynamics CEE 2220a , CEE 2221b , CEE 3344a , ES 1022y
Mohammad Mohajer msheikhb@uwo.ca Applied Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Science,Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering ES 1022y - Engineering Statics, CEE 2202a - Mechanics of Materials, CEE 3344a - Structural Dynamics I, CEE 4491a - Structural Dynamics II, CEE 2220a - Introduction to Structural Engineering, CEE 2221b - Structural Theory & Design
Pengpeng HE phe27@uwo.ca Math, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering CALC 1000, MATH 1228a/b, ES 1022y, CEE 2221b, CEE 3322b
Ahmed Shehata ashehat7@uwo.ca Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Engineering Science,Structural Engineering Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1500A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, Mathematics 1230A/B, Applied Mathematics 1411A/B, Applied Mathematics 1413, Physics 1401A/B, ENGSCI1022a/b, CEE 2220A/B,CEE 2221A/B, CEE3340a,CEE3343b, CEE3344a, CEE2246b, CEE 3369b
Anant Gairola agairola@uwo.ca Calculus, Applied Math, Physics Calculus 1000A, Calculus 1301b, AM 1413, PHYS 1301A/1401A
Loabat Kavan lshojaei@uwo.ca Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Engineering Science AM 1411A/B, AM1413 A/B, ES1021 A/B, AM 2270 A/B, AM 2276 A/B
Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed wabdelha@uwo.ca Analysis of Indeterminate Structures, Finite Element Methods and Analysis of Buildings under Lateral Loads CEE 3340A, CEE 3343B
Muveno Mucaza mmucaza@uwo.ca Applied Math, Engineering Statics, Fluids AM 1411A/B, AM 1413, AM 2270, AM 2276, ES 1022Y, MME 3303
Anwar Awol ademsis@uwo.ca Engineering Statics ES 1022y
Kimberley Adamek kadamek2@uwo.ca Communication, Sustainability 2130
Moustafa EL-Assaly melassal@uwo.ca Statics ES 1022 y
Abdelrahman Aly afayez@uwo.ca Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Theory of Structures, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Statics, Finite Element Analysis ES 1022y, CEE 2202a, CEE 2220a, CEE 2221b, CEE 3340a, CEE 3343b, CEE 3344a, CEE 3369b, CEE 4491a
Cristiano Kondo ckondo@uwo.ca Applied math, Engineering AM2270, ES1022, PHYS1401, PHYS1402, AM1413, AM2276, MME2204, AM3413A
Vahid Mehdipour vmehdipo@uwo.ca Statics ENGSCI 1022Y 001 FW19
JI BAO jbao23@uwo.ca Strucutral Engineering, Finite Element Analysis CEE 2220a, CEE 2221b, CEE 3343b, CEE 3346b
Jason Gharibo jgharibo@uwo.ca Applied Math, Writing, Business AM1413, AM1411, AM2270, AM2276, MME2204, BUS 1299, BUS2257
Didulani Salwathura Acharige dsalwath@uwo.ca Physics : Applied Mathematics: Math: Calculus PHYS 1301A/1401A:AM 1411A/B, AM1413 A/B:PHYS1401, PHYS1402
MAJDI FLAH mflah@uwo.ca Calculus, Linear Algebra, Physics, Statics. Calculus 1000A/B, CALCULUS I FOR THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, Applied Mathematics 1413, Mathematics 1225A/B, Physics 1401A/B, Physics 1301A/B
Marco Gallone mgallone@uwo.ca Calculus, Linear Algebra, Physics, Statics, Dynamics, Electrical Circuits and Machines, Mechatronics Design and Analysis, Control Systems AM1413,AM2270,AM3415,AM1411,PHY1401,PHY1402,ES1022,MSE2213,MSE3381,ECE2205,ECE2233,ECE2277,MSE3310,MSE2202,MSE3302,MSE3360,MSE4401,ECE3330,ECE4469
Murad M Ilomame milomame@uwo.ca Reinforced Concrete I, Reinforced Concrete II, Statics, Structure Dynamics I, Structure Dynamics II CEE 3347a, CEE 3358b, ES 1022y, CEE3344A, CEE 4491A
Marianne Suwalski msuwalsk@uwo.ca Medical Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Physics CHEM1000, BIO1000
Engy Abdelhadi eamin6@uwo.ca Physics for Engineering Students I PHYS 1401A
Nima Farasat nfarasat@uwo.ca Engineering Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Soil Mechanics Engineering, Earth Structures Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Design. ES 1022a/b/y, CEE 2202a, CEE 3321a, CEE 4424a/b, CEE 4426a.
Shan Gao sgao283@uwo.ca Computational Methods for Mechanical Engineers; Mechanics of Materials; Finite Element Methods in Mechanical Engineering; MME 2221; MSE 2212; MME 3360
Ali Rabiei arabiei4@uwo.ca Electronics, Electrical Circuits, Control Systems, Power Systems, Machine Learning, Power Electronics 2231, 2205, 4450, 3333, 4457
Vinura Galwaduge vgalwadu@uwo.ca Applied Math, Calculus AM 1411 A/B, AM 1413 A/B, CA1000 A, Mathematics 1225 A/B
Roman Koval rkoval2@uwo.ca Computer Science, Software Engineering CS 1025a/b, CS 1026a/b, CS 1027a/b, CS 1037a/b, CS 1046a/b, CS 2033a/b, CS 2211a/b, CS 3120a/b, CS 3305a/b, CS 3307a/b, CS 3319a/b, SE 2202a/b, SE 2205a/b, SE 2251a/b, SE 3309a/b, SE 3313a/b, SE 3314a/b, SE 3316a/b
Daksha Sathananthan dsathan@uwo.ca Business: Accounting and Business Analaysis Business 2257
Leah Norman lnormn5@uwo.ca Business Business 2257
Dominique Robinson drobin92@uwo.ca Physics for Engineers, Engineering Statics Physics 1401A, ENGSCI 1022Y
Liam Zonneveld lzonneve@uwo.ca Astronomy 2021A
Nadia Dominguez ndoming5@uwo.ca Mechanics of Material (Torsion, Bending and Shear), Applied Math (Laplace Transform), Fluid Mechanics NMM2270, CEE2220, CEE2224
Julian Coleman-Hilke julian.zev7@gmail.com Statistics for Geographers GEO 2210
Mithila Sothynathan msothyn@uwo.ca Programming Fundamentals for Engineers, Algorithms and Data Structures, Scripting Programming Language Fundamentals, Software Design, Software Construction, Web Technologies, Software Requirements & Analysis, Software Engineering Design I, Computer Science Fundamentals I, Computer Science Fundamentals II ES1036, SE2205, SE2202, SE2203, SE2250, SE3316, SE3352, SE3350, CS1026, CS1027
Jennifer Kiala jkiala@uwo.ca Fluid Mechanics, Structural Theory and Design, Computational Methods CEE 2219, CEE 2224, CEE 2221
Abby Maxwell abby.maxwell2015@gmail.com Physics 1102b
Archan Metha ameht5@uwo.ca Control Systems, Calculus, Linear Algebra, mechanics of material, material engineering, Engineering graphics 2276A/B, 4424A/B ,Calculus 1000A/B, CALCULUS I FOR THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES,1413, Mathematics 1225A/B, 3303A/B, 2202A/B, 2259A/B