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Structural and Infrastructural

Structural Engineering

Structural engineers analyse, design, and construct structures for buildings, bridges, transmission towers, and other infrastructure. They also deal with advanced building materials such as fibre-reinforced composites and environmentally-friendly concrete, and rehabilitation and maintenance of structures.

Aspects of Structural and Infrastructure Engineering

  • Effect of earthquakes and wind loads on structures
  • Structural safety and code calibration
  • Finite element development
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Analysis, design and stability of shell structures
  • Dynamics of structures
  • Modular steel structures
  • Seismic evaluation of existing structures
  • Composite materials
  • Bridge assessment and rehabilitation


Faculty in Structural and Infrastructure Engineering

  • F.M. Bartlett 
  • A. El Ansary
  • A. El Damatty 
  • M.H. El Naggar
  • H-P Hong 
  • M.L. Nehdi 
  • T.A. Newson 
  • A. Sadhu
  • M.A. Youssef
  • W. Zhou

Here is a list of courses in Structural and Infrastructure Engineering offered in CEE.