Students Supervised

Master's Students

  • Lais Trento, 2015 – 2017,  ‘Geophysical mapping of subsurface remediation at a field site’.  Applying SP and ERT techniques on a field site undergoing remediation.  Collaborator: P. Tsourlos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. NSERC IPS.  Booker Award 2016.  Geosyntec Paper Award 2017.  Current Position: CH2MHill, Brazil.

  • Gavin Overbeeke, 2014 – 2016.  ‘Microbial repopulation following In Situ STAR remediation’.  Collaborator: Dr. Elizabeth Edwards, University of Toronto.  Current Position: Environmental Engineer, AEL Environment Ltd.

  • Rebecca Solinger, 2014 – 2016.  ‘STAR numerical modelling of field remediation’.  Modelling upscaling for field implementation of STAR technology.  Collaborator: G. Grant, Savron Ltd.  Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants Ltd.  Queen Eliz II Scholarship.  Chung Award 2015. Collaborative E&S Award of Excellence.

  • Laura Kinsman (2012–2016), "Upscaling relationships for STAR technology." Laboratory research to better understand STAR technology across multiple scales. Collaborator: J.L. Torero, University of Queensland. Current Position: Project Engineer, Savron Remediation Ltd.

  • Tarek Rashwan (2013–2015), "Innovative management of biosolids from wastewater treatment plants using smouldering."  Laboratory experiments proving the concept and mapping the parameter space for this novel concept. Collaborator: G. Grant, Geosyntec Consultants. Current Position: PhD student, Western University.

  • Mehrnoosh Ebrahimzadeh (2012–2015), "Self-potential for monitoring self-sustaining treatment for active remediation (STAR)."  Western University, 97 p. Collaborator: P. Tsourlos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Grant Scholes (2010–2013), "Ignition method development and first field demonstration of in situ smouldering remediation."  Western University, 146 p. Collaborator: D. Major. Current Position: Project Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants.

  • Tanzeer Hasan (2010–2013), "Multidimensional smouldering for remediation: experiments and modelling."  Western University, 181 p. Collaborator: G. Rein, Imperial College London. Current Position: Lecturer, Dhaka University.

  • Clayton Inculet (2009–2012), "Impact of varying groundwater flow direction on monitoring well concentrations downgradient of DNAPL source zones."  Western University, 272 p., Collaborator: B. Kueper, Queen’s University. Current position: Student at School of Medicine, Dublin.

  • Madiha Salman (2009–2012), "Remediating chlorinated solvents via STAR: vegetable oil smouldering".  Western University, 118 p. Current Position: PhD student, Western University.

  • Stephanie MacPhee (2007–2010), "Numerical Modelling of smouldering combustion for remediation of NAPL-contaminated soils."  Western University, 150 p. Current Position: Project Engineer with CH2MHill (Ontario).

Master's Students (Co-supervisor)

  • Stephanie Drake (2008-2010),"Wettability characterization of diesel fuels of two different origins."  Western University, 96 p.  Co-supervisor:  Dr. D. O'Carroll.  Current Position:  Research Assistant, Western University,  Current position: Project Engineer with WorleyParsons (Canada).

  • Ian Molnar (2007-2009),"The wettability of a DNAPL/surfactant solution on quartz and iron oxide surfaces,"  Western University 82 p.  Co-supervisor:  Dr. D. O'Carroll.  Current Position: PhD student, Western University.

  • Sasha Richards (2004-2006), "Numerical modelling of waterflooding to recover DNAPLs in unconsoidated porous media," Queen's University (Canada), 184 p.  Current Position:  Project Engineer with Golder Associates (Canada).

PhD Students

  • Chris Power (2008–2014), "Electrical resistivity tomography for mapping subsurface remediation."  Western University, 232 p., Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Cape Breton University.

  • Paolo Pironi (2005–2009), "Smouldering combustion of organic liquids in porous media for remediating NAPL-contaminated soils."  University of Edinburgh (UK), 159 p. Current Position: Research Engineering, University of Edinburgh (UK).

  • TiWee Pang (2005-2009), "Investigations of DNAPL remediation in fractured porous media." University of Edinburgh (UK), 445 p. Current Position: Research analyst with OST Securities (Hong Kong).

  • Ben Rotter (2003-2007), "Biogeochemical processes influencing the fate of radionuclides in the subsurface." University of Edinburgh (UK), 241 p. Current Position: Project Engineer with Coffey Geotechnical Consultants (Australia).

  • Gavin Grant (2002–2005), "The evolution of complex DNAPL releases: Rates of migration and dissolution." University of Edinburgh (UK), 427 p. Current Position: Project Engineer with Geosyntec Consultants Ltd (Canada).

PhD Students (Co-supervisor)

  • Ahmed Chowdhury, 2012 – 2016.  ‘In situ chemical oxidation enhanced by electrokinetics’.   Co-supervisor: Dr. D. O’Carroll.  Collaborator: Dr. D. Reynolds, Geosyntec Consultants. Current Position: Lecturer, Islamic University, Bangladesh.     NSERC IPS.  Soderman Award.  Quigley Award.

  • Ian Molnar, 2010 – 2015, ‘Exploring nano-silver transport through porous media using synchrotron x-ray tomography’.  Co-supervisor: Dr. O’Carroll.  Collaborator: Dr. C. Willson, Louisiana State University. Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, York University.  OGS.  Soderman Award, 2012. Booker Award 2013.

Research Engineers (Primary Supervisor)

  • Jorge Gabayet, 2015 – 2017.  ‘STARx Field Demonstration Project’.  Responsible for OCE VIP2 demonstration project.  Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Savron.

  • Ivo Fabris, 2012 – 2015, ‘Smouldering feces destruction – prototype design, build, test, and optimize.’  Full-time research engineer working on Gates Foundation ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ Challenge project.  

  • Daniel Cormier, 2015, ‘Smouldering emissions characterization and mitigation.’  Full-time research engineer working on Gates Foundation ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ Challenge project.  

  • Nizar Mustafa, 2013. ‘Smouldering experiments of feces destruction exploring sensitivity to key parameters.’  Part-time research engineer working on Gates Foundation ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ Challenge project. 

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Ahmed Chowdhury.  Electrokinetic-enhanced remediation.  Collaborators: Dr. Denis O’Carroll and Dr. Clare Robinson.  

  • Dr. Ian Molnar, 2016.  Nanoparticle transport in porous media.  Co-supervisor: Dr. O’Carroll.      Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, York University.  NSERC Postdoctoral Award.

  • Dr. Rory Hadden (2011-2013), Western University, Smouldering kinetics of organic liquids in porous media (funded through Ontario Research Fund Grant).  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Edinburgh.

  • Dr. Nizar Mustafa (2010-2012), Western University, Simulation of groundwater contamination to off-site receptors (funded through Ministry of environment best in Science grant).  Co-supervisor:  Dr. D. O'Carroll.  Current Position:  Research Associate at Western University and Senior Environmental Scientist at JFM Environmental Limited.

  • Dr. Paolo Pironi (2009-2012).  Western University, STAR remediation technology development (funded through Strategic Grant).  Current position:  Research Engineer, University of Edinburgh.

  • Dr. Kevin Mumford (2009), Western University, Wettability and dissolution of NAPLs in subsurface environments (funded through Strategic Grant); Co-supervisor:  Dr. D. O'Carroll.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Queen's University.

  • Dr. Irina Kouznetsova (2006-2009), University of Edinburgh, Developing a biogeochemical model for simulating bioremediation within the SABRE Project.  Co-supervisor:  Dr. Andrew Barry, Ecole Polytechnique Federate de Lausanne.  Current Position:  maternity leave.

  • Dr. Christine Switzer (2005-2008), University of Edinburgh, Project managment of STAR technology development including prototype field experiments in the UK.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.

  • Dr. Guillermo Rein (2005-2006), University of Edinburgh, Laboratory research and kinetic reactions associated with smouldering combustion for soil remediation.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Edinburgh.

  • Dr. Xiaomin Mao (2004-2006), Univeristy of Edinburgh, Numerical modelling of anaerobic dehalogenation of chloinated solvents.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Agricultural University of China.