Jason Gerhard


PhD - Civil Engineering, Queen's University (2002)
MSc(Eng) - Civil Engineering, Queen's University (1995)
BSc(Eng), Hons. - Geological Engineering, Queen's University (1993)

My Research Group

Dr. Jason Gerhard has nearly 20 years of experience leading research into the fate and remediation of organic contaminant in soils and groundwater.  As a Professor at Western, he leads the internationally recognized RESTORE (Research for Subsurface Transport and Remediation Group (http://www.eng.uwo.ca/research/restore/).   His innovative laboratory and field work, as well as numerical model development and application, has led to breakthroughs in understanding of contaminant transport and remediation in both unconsolidated and fractured porous media.  He has received more than $4.3M in competitively awarded funding and supervised more than 100 research students.  Dr. Gerhard is co-inventor of the STAR thermal remediation technology and leads its ongoing emergence as a widely applicable in situ and ex situ treatment as well as a waste-to-energy strategy.  He works extensively with industrial collaborators and has regularly provided expert consulting, including the design and optimization of remediation systems.  Dr. Gerhard is an internationally recognized expert in his field, which has been recognizes with major national and international awards for research excellence, collaboration, and innovation.  He regularly delivers invited scientific presentations as well as talks to non-technical audiences around the world.

Honours and Awards

  • Nominated by NSERC for the Governor General’s Award for Innovation
  • NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation:  Outstanding Academic/Industrial Collaboration (2017)
  • R. Mohan Mathur Western Engineering Award for Excellence in Teaching (2017)
  • Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science, Superior Achievement by Group (Best Overall), American Academy of Environ. Engineers and Scientists (2017)
  • Western Faculty Scholar Award for Internationally Recognized Scholarship  (2016)
  • Western Green Award, Individual Nomination Category (2014)
  • University Students’ Council Award of Excellence for Teaching (CEE 2217A) (2013)
  • Canada Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Restoration Engineering (Renewal) (2012)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, 3rd Prize (2012)
  • University Students’ Council Award of Excellence for Teaching (CEE 2217A) (2010)
  • Lord Ezra Award for Outstanding Achievement, Combustion Eng. Association (2009)
  • Canada Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Restoration Engineering (2007)
  • Discretionary Salary Progression Award for Research Excellence, U. of Edinburgh (2006)
  • Top Performing Proof-of-Concept Project, Scottish Enterprise (2006)
  • Outstanding and Innovative Teaching, Teaching Program Review Committee (2006)
  • Outstanding Student Paper Award (co-author, supervisor), American Geo.l Union (2005)
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (1996-1998)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (1998-2000)
  • Queen’s Civil Engineering Departmental Teaching Assistant Award (1996)
  • Queen’s University Graduate Award (1996-2000)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, High Performance Computing Centre Scholarship (1993-1995)
  • Canadian Geotechnical Society Award in the Undergraduate Thesis Competition (1993)
  • Gold Medal for Highest Overall Graduating Average in Geological Engineering (1993)
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Undergrad. Research Award (1992)
  • Queen’s University Rattray Memorial Scholarship in Applied Science (1991)
  • Queen’s University McNab Applied Science Scholarship (1989)

Membership of Societies

  • P.Eng., Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Member, International Association of Hydrologists
  • Member, American Geophysical Union
  • Member, National Ground Water Association


  • Gerhard, J.I. and Torero, J.L (2005).  STAR in-situ subsurface remediation technology, UK Patent Office, GB 0525 193.9, Filed 10/12/2005.

  • Gerhard, J.I., J.L. Torero, C. Switzer, P. Pironi and G.Rein (2006).  A method for remediating contaminated land. International PCT Filing, PCT/GB2006/004591, Filed 8/12/2006 (Priority Date 10/12/2005). Granted Patents: (a)  United States (US 8,132,987 B2); (b)  Australia (AU 2006323431 B9); (c) Japan (JP4934832); (d) China (ZL 2006 8 0052554.X); (e) Canada (CP 2,632,710) and (f) Pending: EU, Brazil.

  • Method for volumetric reduction of organic liquids. International PCT Filing, PCT/US12/35248, Files 27/04/2012, Pending.

  • Grant, G., JI Gerhard, D Major, G Scholes, J Brown, T Rashwan, JL Torero. Method for Generating or Recovering Materials through Smoldering Combustion.  US Patent Application 15/490415.  Filed April 2017.