Slobodan Simonovic

Professor Emeritus

Personal Website

Slobodan P. Simonovic is globally recognized for his unique interdisciplinary research in Systems Analysis  and the development of deterministic and stochastic simulation, optimization, multi criteria analysis, and other decision-making methodologies  for addressing challenging system of systems problems lying at the confluence of society, technology and the environment. His research has been applied with a sustainable development perspective in water resources management, hydrology, energy, climate change and public infrastructure. His main contributions include modelling risk and resilience of complex systems.  Professor Simonovic has influenced academia, industry and government via university teaching, publication of leading-edge research, mentoring of young people, delivering stimulating research seminars at institutions around the world, carrying out joint research projects, and consulting work. He has received awards for excellence in teaching, research and outreach. Dr. Simonovic has published over 550 professional publications (over 240 in peer reviewed Journals) and three major textbooks. He has been inducted to the Canadian Academy of Engineering in June of 2013.