My research program focuses on multiphase reactor engineering, particularly for gas-liquid-solid fluidized beds. The specific areas of interest include: global and local fluid dynamics, upgrading reaction kinetics, and reactor modeling. My research is generally associated to heavy oil and bio-oil upgrading processes, where a fluidized bed configuration can provide many advantages (e.g., improved heat and mass transfer, online catalyst addition/removal). These upgrading processes are currently vital for global fuel production due to the increasing trend in upgrading heavier oil feedstocks and the simultaneous push towards sustainable chemical building blocks and energy carriers. 

Active research areas

  • Catalyst tuning for bio-oil hydrodeoxygenation in a gas-liquid-solid reactor
  • Gas-liquid transport phenomena in multiphase reactors
  • Fluid Coker fouling and reactor modeling
  • Study and optimization of a fluidized micro reactor for pyrolysis and physical activation 
  • Experimental investigation of inverse liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed hydrodynamics

Opportunities in my group

Active research projects are currently matched with graduate students. Nonetheless, I am always looking for excellent and motivated students for potential future projects. If you are interested in this research area, please send your resume/CV to