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Clean Technologies for Water Refining and Nutrient and Energy Recovery (TWNER)

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Berruti, Franco - Institute for Chemicals & Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR)

Current Projects
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Briens, Cedric - Institute for Chemicals & Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR)

Current Projects
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Charpentier, Paul


Flynn, Lauren

Design of naturally-derived bioscaffolds for soft tissue engineering and wound healing
Development of bioreactor systems for adipose-derived stem cell (ASC) expansion and lineage-specific differentiation
Tissue-specific ASC delivery strategies for cardiovascular or musculoskeletal regeneration

Gillies, Elizabeth

Development of Polymer Vesicles (Polymersomes) as Therapeutics, Delivery Vehicles, and Imaging Contrast Agents
Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Degradation via New End-to-End Depolymerization Mechanisms
Polyisobutylene-Based Biomedical Materials: Imparting New Properties and Functions
Biodegradable Poly(ester amide)s with Pendant Functional Groups for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering (E. Gillies, K. Mequanint)

Gomaa, Hassan

Preparation of  micro and nano emulsions using highly porous dynamic surfaces
Intensification of membrane micro and ultrafiltration processes using oscillatory motion
Development and characterization of hybrid membrane based systems for phase contact and product recovery
Interface transport intensification and modeling in presence of reversing shear layers

Hrymak, Andrew

Modelling of dip coating of particle dispersions in non-newtonian fluids
Design, development and validation of general surgery and urology simulators for surgical skills training (Hrymak, A.N.; Millon, L.)
Improving Galvanizing Bath Hardware: modelling dross particle agglomeration
Simulation of compression molding of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics
Simulation of compression molding of thermoset sheet molding compound
Production and purification of bacterial cellulose (Margaritis, A. ; Hrymak, A.N.)
Microinjection molding: studies of polymer structure and filled materials
Electrically conducting polymers through the addition of carbon and graphite fillers (Hrymak, A.N.)

Ray, Ajay

Intensified Purification and Refolding of Inclusion Body Protein in Multi-column Continuous Chromatography based Simulated Moving Bed Technology
Band-Engineered Photocatalysis for Hydrogen Production and Water Treatment
Numerical Modelling of Taylor-Couette Reactor for very ultra low-UVT Fluids and Ozone Disinfection
Extraction and Purification of Protein from Waste Milk using Simulated Moving Bed Technology
Modelling and Multi-objective Optimization of an Industrial Ammonia Plant
Dye-sensitized Solar Photocatalysis for Degradation of Pharmaceutical Compounds
Removal of Toxic Metal Ions from Wastewater
Production of Biodiesel using Simulated Moving Bed Technology

Rehmann, Lars

Pretreatment process development for lignocellulosic biomass
Process development for ethanol and butanol fermentation
Micro-algae processing: Development of genetic tools and physicochemical fractionation processes
Recombinant protein production and purification in insect cell systems
Bioassay Development for Emerging Contaminants

Xu, Charles (Chunbao)

Aqueous Phase Reforming of Biomass-derived Carbohydrates, Ethanol and Glycerol for H2 Generation with Minimized CO Formation for Fuel Cell Applications
Bark direct liquefaction for bio-phenols
Biomaterials and Chemicals from Lignin
Forest Biorefinery for industrial bioproducts
Continuous Acetalization of Glycerol in Subcritical Acetone Using Solid-Acid Catalysts to Produce Fuel Oxygenate
Development of new pathways and technologies for high value products from pulp and paper co-products and forestry residues
Hydro-liquefaction of high-water-content biomass and waste materials into high quality biocrude
Hydro-de-oxygenation of bio-crude/bio-oil for the production of advanced bio-fuels with internal hydrogen generated from aqueous waste stream
Fundamental studies of drying, combustion, and ash properties of biomass and impact on boiler and pulp and paper mill operations
Valorization of Syngas Derived from Municipal Solid Waste, Industrial Wastes and Biomass for Higher Alcohol Production – Feasibility Tests