Areas of Research Specialization for Graduate Studies


Biomaterials and Biochemical Engineering

A common theme in these areas is the application of biology, biophysics and biochemistry principles to the solution of the practical engineering problems. Research interests of this group focus on the bio-separation, bio-remediation, bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-polymers, bio-sensors, bio-reactor design, tissue engineering, materials for biomedical applications, and drug delivery.

Group members include Amarjeet Bassi, Paul Charpentier, Lauren Flynn, Beth Gillies, Dimitre Karamanev, Kibret Mequanint, Arghya Paul, Lars Rehmann, Amin Rizkalla, and Jin Zhang.

Environmental and Green Engineering

Research in this cluster focuses on the development of physical, chemical, and biological processes that control, reduce, and prevent pollution in the environment (air, water and soil). Researchers are working on emerging green products and process engineering to design sustainable and safe chemical processes, which integrate new environmentally friendly chemical routes and technical innovation to achieve green process development. Research activities in this area include green energy from agriwaste and hydrogen production by water splitting, biofuel cells, bio-refinery, solar powered degradation of air and water pollutants, green solvents and materials development, and chemical and biological wastewater treatment.

Group members include Amarjeet Bassi, Franco Berruti, Cedric Briens, Paul Charpentier, Hugo deLasa, Jose Herrera, Dimitre Karamanev, Naomi Klinghoffer, George Nakhla, Anand Prakash, Ajay Ray, Mita Ray, Lars Rehmann, Chunbao (Charles) Xu, Ying Zheng and Jesse Zhu.

Particle Technologies and Fluidization

Particle synthesis, handling and processing play a major role in a variety of industries, including: chemicals, food, coal combustion plants, pharmaceuticals, mining and minerals processing, oil, and petrochemicals. Fundamental and applied research is conducted in fluidization (gas-solid, liquid-solid, multi-phase, circulating fluidized bed), industrial crystallization, coating, drying and high shear granulation.

Group members include Amarjeet Bassi, Franco Berruti, Cedric Briens, Lauren Briens, Andrew Hrymak, Naomi Klinghoffer, Dominic Pjontek, Anand Prakash, Mita Ray, Sohrab Rohani, Jin Zhang, Ying Zheng, and Jesse Zhu.

Macromolecular and Materials Engineering 

Research in this cluster focuses on the production, manipulation, characterization and application of advanced materials. Fundamental research is carried out into controlling polymer and nanostructures using various synthesis and advanced characterization techniques. Multiple applications such as functional biomaterials, light weight composites and materials needed in alternative energy application are investigated in this cluster. Processing and testing is carried out in various scales ensuring industrial relevance.

Group members include Michael Boutilier, Paul Charpentier, Jose Herrera, Beth Gillies, Andrew Hrymak, Kibret Mequanint, Arghya Paul, Lars Rehmann, Sohrab Rohani, Amin Rizkalla, Jin Zhang, and Jesse Zhu.

Reaction and Process Systems Engineering

Deals with chemically reactive systems of engineering significance and provides intellectual leadership in complex design and operational issues faced by process industries. Our underlying approach focuses on the development of new catalytic materials and innovative reactor design for multiphase and multifunctional reactors. Moreover, our research goals is based on developing and advancing systematic modeling and solution methods for the optimization and advanced control of multi-scale process systems, ranging from molecular level to the enterprise level.

Group members include Paul Charpentier, Hugo deLasa, Jose Herrera, Andrew Hrymak, Dimitre Karamanev, Naomi Klinghoffer, Dominic Pjontek, Anand Prakash, Ajay Ray, Mita Ray, Sohrab Rohani, Chunbao (Charles) Xu and Ying Zheng.

Water and Energy

Research in this cluster focuses on the connection of water and energy. Current technologies for the production and recovery of energy carriers requires large quantities of water (bitumen extraction, hydrolytic fracturing, biofuel production), while increasing industrial pollution and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements result in more energy intensive water treatment technologies. Some of the high-rate wastewater treatment technologies such as photocatalysis and ferrates; bio-solids & odor; combined sewer overflow treatment; water Reuse; microbiology & ecotoxicity.

Group members include: Amarjeet Bassi, Franco Berruti, Cedric Briens, Paul Charpentier, Hugo de Lasa,George Nakhla, Anand Prakash, Ajay Ray, Mita Ray, Lars Rehmann, and Charles Xu.