Chemical & Biochemical Engineering offers financial support for eligible graduate students through research grants, contracts, scholarships and teaching assistantships.

Funding is provided for full-time students for the first two years of the MESc program and for the first four years of the PhD program.  Financial support details will be provided in individual offer letters.

Scholarships - Student Finances

  • Tuition is set by the Office of the Registrar. Click here to see current tuition amounts.
  • The minimum funding provided for full-time research students is:
    • MESc students: $14,200 + tuition fees per annum in the first two years of their program
    • PhD students: $17,000 ($18,000 after completion of PhD Comprehensive Exam) + tuition fees per annum in the first four years of their program (five years for students undertaking the Ph.D. as a first graduate degree).
  • Each student will receive a letter of offer from the Research Advisor agreeing to supervise the research project and provide financial support prior to commencing studies. This letter states the total annual funding to be provided by Western University to the particular student.
  • Continued funding beyond the two or four year periods is conditional on satisfactory performance in research and the availability of funds. There is no guarantee of funding beyond the period stated in the letter of offer.
  • Funding is not provided for course-based Masters in Engineering (MEng) students. 

Additional Funding Resources