Chunbao (Charles) Xu

Professor; Director, Industrial Bioproduct Laboratory; Co-editor-in-chief, International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering (IJCRE)

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Western Ontario, 2004
Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering, University of Sci. & Tech. Beijing, 1998
B.Sc., Metallurgical Engineering, Anhui University of Technology, 1993

My Research Group

Dr. Xu’s research is centered on development of bio-energy and high-value bioproducts (biofuels, biochemicals and biomaterials) from bioresources (e.g. agro-forest biomass/residues, municipal solid wastes and wastewater sludge) via thermochemical and catalytic conversion processes. In addition, Dr. Xu is active in upgrading of heavy residual oil via hydro-treatment and recovery of organics from oil sands tailing water.