Naomi Klinghoffer

Assistant Professor

BEng, Chemical Engineering, McGill University (2007)
MSc, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University (2010)
PhD, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University (2013)

Dr. Naomi Klinghoffer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and a faculty member at the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR).  Dr. Klinghoffer received her BEng in Chemical Engineering from McGill University and MSc and PhD from Columbia University in Earth and Environmental Engineering, in collaboration with the Ecole des Mines d’Albi in France. Following her PhD, Dr. Klinghoffer was a post doctoral fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the City College of New York. Before joining Western, Dr. Klinghoffer spent five years working at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in Des Plaines, Illinois, developing processes for CO2 capture and utilization. 

Dr. Klinghoffer’s research focuses on catalytic and thermochemical conversion of low grade materials, such as biomass, waste, and CO2 into valuable products such as fuels and chemicals. This includes developing gasification processes for biomass and waste, understanding and enhancing catalytic properties of biochar, and developing advanced catalytic reactors for renewable fuels synthesis and carbon dioxide utilization.