Hassan G. Gomaa

Research Professor (Adj)

Ph.D. University of NB, Canada
M.Sc. University of Alexandria, Egypt
B.Sc. University of Alexandria, Egypt

Dr. Hassan Gomaa received his B.Sc. and MESc. from Alexandria University in Egypt and his PhD from the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada, all in Chemical Engineering. He did post doctorate studies at both UNB and Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. Gomaa has many years of industrial and consulting experience in different fields including nuclear power, process design and control, computer simulation, project management, and sustainable developments. He is currently a member of WesternWater Centre (WWC) and the Particle Technology Research Centre (PTRC) at Western University. His current research has been in the area of membrane processes with particular focus on Process Intensification (PI) for applications involving waste treatment and recycling, production of specialty products and emulsification. Intensification techniques used include hybrid reactors design, functionalized composite membranes, use of metal organic frameworks (MOFs), and turbulence promotion using flow modulations.

Dr. Gomaa has published many papers in referred periodicals and conferences and has written numerous industrial classified and confidential reports and papers. He has been awarded number of government research and industrial projects grants, and has supervised more than sixty persons including undergraduate, post doctors and research engineers. Dr. Gomaa has also taught courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, both in Canada and abroad including USA and China.