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Research Interests

Research in the Flynn lab is focused on the application of adipose-derived stem/stromal cells (ASCs) in new cell-based therapeutic strategies for soft tissue augmentation and wound healing, therapeutic angiogenesis, and musculoskeletal regeneration. As a regenerative cell source, adipose tissue (fat) is abundant, easily accessible, and uniquely expendable. ASCs can be stimulated to differentiate into mature fat, bone, cartilage, and muscle cells, and can contribute to regeneration by secreting a broad array of cytokines and growth factors that promote angiogenesis, limit apoptosis, enhance endogenous stem cell recruitment, and modulate the inflammatory response. However, key questions must be addressed before ASCs can be safely and effectively translated to the clinic, including how to best deliver the cells to ensure retention and survival, and how to more fully harness their pro-regenerative capacities to enhance healing and functional recovery. To address these challenges, the three central themes of ongoing research in the Flynn lab are: