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Prof. de Lasa is the author of 170 peer reviewed publications, 4 books, and 11 U.S. and Canadian patents. He is an innovative teacher who has been actively involved in the training of graduate students with the successful supervision of 23 PhD and 26 MESc theses. Prof. de Lasa’s activities have been of key importance for furthering the understanding of the science and the technology of chemical reactors. His original work deals with the application of chemical reactor engineering to environmentally friendly processes and products. Examples of Hugo de Lasa's inventions are the CREC-Riser Simulator, the Pseudoadiabatic Catalytic Reactor, the CREC-Optiprobes and the Photo-CREC reactors. In 2003, de Lasa funded Recat Technologies Inc ( with the goal of commercializing CREC innovations and patents.